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Title: Problems switching to a 4hr EASY
Post by: mlindsey on August 06, 2005, 07:03:19 am
I have recently tried to switch my 6 mth old daughter to a 4 hr EASY schedule.  It worked for a few days...but then she started waking up early after her first feeding.  She started going back to sleep after the 6am feeding & waking for her morning around 8:30am.  I let her play in her bed for 30 min or until she gets fussy before I get her up.  Then she is up early for her 2nd feeding.  After she eats, she can stay awake for awhile...but after her nap, she wakes up early & this process continues throughout the day.  This worked okay for a 3 hour schedule...but it doesn't work with a 4 hr schedule or she will be eating before nap time.  She can stay awake for 2 hours so i know that she would do well on the 4hr schedule.  Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.  How can i get her on an EASY schedule?  Should i really work to get her to take a nap before her 2nd feeding...this sometimes works?  Or should i try wake-to-sleep to get her to sleep longer in the morning?  I have tried it in the past, & she always wakes up at 6am.  Or could i start her schedule over at 8:30am...trying to feed her at this time & feed her every 4 hours from this time?  i would like to keep her feedings consistent because i think this really helps her to sleep better at night. 

Here's an example of her schedule now:

- 6am Eat 5oz
  8 - 8:30am Awake (sometimes awake at 6 or 7am & then i can get her to nap at 8:30am & on schedule)
- 9:30am Eat 4 1/2 oz & play
  10:30am Sleep
  12 or 12:30 pm Awake
- 1pm Eat 4 1/2 oz & play
  2 - 2:30pm Sleep until 4 or 4:30pm
- 4:30pm Eat 4 1/2 oz & play
  6pm Short nap
- 7pm Eat 4 1/2 oz & bath
- 8:30pm Bedtime
- 11pm Dreamfeed 5oz

Hope this is not too confusing.  Thanks!
Title: Problems switching to a 4hr EASY
Post by: mlindsey on August 06, 2005, 09:16:07 am
just had another idea.  Should i try to keep her awake at 6am for at least an hour?  Then she might sleep until the next feeding time.  i would love any suggestions.
Title: Problems switching to a 4hr EASY
Post by: thitz on August 06, 2005, 23:43:14 pm
Hi Misty,

My dd has been on about a 3.5 hour schedule since almost 4 months.  I am a little confused with your schedule but at first glance I suggest doing your darndest not to give the first feed till around 7:00am and make this your wake up time and the start of your first EASY cycle for the day.  Everything might fall into place after that.

Good luck, Tarri
Title: Problems switching to a 4hr EASY
Post by: mlindsey on August 07, 2005, 00:13:42 am
Thanks!  i know it's a little confusing.  i'm alittle confused by it right now too.  :)  But i will try to stretch out her 1st feeding soon.  but i think i might try keeping her up at 6am...until she gets used to this new schedule.  & see how that goes for a few days.
Title: Problems switching to a 4hr EASY
Post by: kate585 on August 08, 2005, 15:14:43 pm
I'm having trouble, too.  My problem is Ryan doesn't like to stay up more than an hour or so for the A period.  He'll be 5 months old on Thursday, so I know he should be staying up longer.  When I try to extend it, he gets a bit cranky.  I downloaded some logs to track what he is doing so I can decided what to do.  I am concerned about keeping him up too long and then not being able to get him to sleep.  Any suggestions?