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Title: Please help 3 hr EASY
Post by: stopjo on August 11, 2005, 17:23:22 pm
I started 3 hr EASY with my son who turned 6 wks yesterday.  Yesterday day time went on kind of smooth.   He had 3 oz every 3 hours.  Had around 1-1.5 hours nap between feeds.  I fed him 3 oz at 4:30 and then at 6:35 pm.  We usually sleep between 9:30 and 4:30.  So, I put him in the bassinet @ 7:30 and rocked him until 8:00.  He woke up at 11:30 took one hour for feeding and putting him back to sleep and he woke up at 2:30 took one hour to feed and put him back to sleep and then at 5:30 he was up.  It looks like he got into the 3 hour routine during the night too.  He woke up at 5:30 am and had only 30 minutes nap here and there.  He won't sleep, I rocked in the bassinet, swaddled, walked with him on the shoulder, sang to him.  He won't take a pacifier.  Finally the only thing helps is putting him down on his tummy with a pacifier kind of works.  But I am scared of  SIDS.

He is trying to put his thumb and sometimes gets frustrated.  Is it too late for him to learn thumb suckling?   Is there a way I can teach him?

He is a 9 pound baby.  He got 21.5 oz between 3:00 AM and 6:35 PM yesterday.  What am I doing wrong?  Please help!  I am really tired.

My husband is willing to help but I don't want to disturb him because he has to go to work and he has some interviews.
Title: more...
Post by: stopjo on August 11, 2005, 17:30:18 pm
I forgot to add that his total sleeping time adding 10 minutes here and there together in 24 hours is only 11-12 hours. 
Also, to differentiate between daytime and night time, I switch on the TV during the day and he sleeps on a sheet on the floor.  During night time, I put him in the bassinet with a night light and it's quite.