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Title: Query re: 3 hour E.A.S.Y
Post by: Lewie on August 15, 2005, 10:25:04 am
Hi everyone!

I am new to the site and have a query re: 3 hour E.A.S.Y

I am a first time mum to a beautiful 3 week old baby boy.

We have been on E.A.S.Y since he was 6 days old and he has taken to it really well with many ups and downs.

My query is that we seem to have got the 3 hourly feeding in place really well, but his wake up times first thing in the morning are varying between 6:30 and 7:30am. There doesn't seem to be a set time at the moment. Is this Ok if he is still napping and feeding Ok through the day?

Also he can nap in the day for as little as an hour and wake up and I have to feed him at 2 1/2 hrs rather than 3 hrs or he can nap for 2 hrs at a stretch. Is this Ok too?

Am a Project Manager by profession so probably too hung up on times but would appreciate some advice.

He is very good at night apart from last night. It took an hour of shush pat to get him to sleep with him screaming every 10 mins!

Tracy's book is wonderful and it's a tragedy that she was taken so young.

Mum to Lewis - 3 weeks today!
Title: Query re: 3 hour E.A.S.Y
Post by: thitz on August 15, 2005, 13:15:10 pm
Hi Catherine,  it sounds like your doing a really good job to me.  If your lo's wake up time vary's between 6:30 and 7:30 I think that's an excellent way to start the day.

Also, if he occasionaly sleeps for only an hour so you feed a little early, that's okay too.  I would just watch that all his naps don't start going this way.  I used to turn the mobile on in the crib and found that this could happily delay a feeding for about 10 mins. after an early wake up.

Title: Thank you....and another question!
Post by: Lewie on August 15, 2005, 13:55:54 pm
Hi Tarri,

Thank you so much for your reply. I feel very reassured. I hope that you look back on the board as I have another question!

When I put him down to sleep he really fights it, and takes up to half an hour to go into a deep sleep. Once he is in that sleep he rarely wakes up until it is time to feed. It's very frustrating sometimes as he can be totally in the zone then I try to swaddle him all hell breaks loose!

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?!

Thank you so much,

Title: Query re: 3 hour E.A.S.Y
Post by: thitz on August 16, 2005, 00:01:36 am
Hi Catherine,

I'm glad I helped a little.  I'm not sure what you mean about the zone :? .  Is he very sleepy already before you swaddle and then he wakes up?  If that's what you mean, you have to swaddle before he starts to go into sleepy mode.  Also, make sure you put him in the crib before he's asleep otherwise he won't learn to fall asleep on his own.

About taking half an hour, I think you'll just have to live with that for a little while.  My dd also did the same thing.  Some naps I had to pat sooooo long that my arm felt like it was going to fall off.  Just stick with it and you'll find in a few days that he'll need less and less patting.  And it's very worth it in the end.  Keep up the good work. :)

Title: SUCCESS! - I think!
Post by: Lewie on August 16, 2005, 07:22:12 am
Hi again,

Well we had another great night....for us night time seems to be easier. Cluster fed at 7 and 9 then dreamfeed at 11 and he didn't wake up until 3:45am, then 6:45am.

As you said I have been making the mistake of letting him get too sleepy then swaddling and he wakes up cos we are messing him around.

I have just tried what you advised and swaddled on the first yawn even though he had only been awake roughly 15 mins. We put him in the cot and he virtually went straight down, that's never happened before  :D

Not a peep out of him and over half an hour since I left the room so fingers crossed!

I have just remembered the books info on sleep alerts and I think we are going to have to act on the first one in future.

Thanks so much for your advice.

Catherine - feeling a little more relaxed this morning!