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Title: Help, suddenly started night waking
Post by: Emma's Mum on September 04, 2005, 07:43:39 am
Help! My almost 8 month old dd has always been a good sleeper and when she has woken I have always been able to settle her with a quick hug. The last few weeks she has started waking at all different times for anything from a few minutes to 2.5 hours! She seems to want to play, if I pick her up she just laughs so I leave her in her cot where she thrashes around and talks to herself. She only gets upset if I leave the room so I'm stuck there until she falls asleep again!
I tried offering her a feed but she wasn't interested so she can't be hungry, she eats well during the day anyway.
She naps well usually, about 20-30 minutes mid morning then 1.5 to 2 hours after lunch. She was then going to bed at 8.45 and sleeping through until 8 am. Am I expecting her to sleep too much?
I can't understand what's gone wrong. Is it just developmental? If so how long is this going to last, I'm knackered. :?
Title: Help, suddenly started night waking
Post by: SandyGal on September 05, 2005, 01:19:05 am
I don't think she is sleeping too much. Does she fall asleep independently at the beginning of the night?

What happens if you don't go to her right away? Is she crying a distress cry? Sometimes when we go into lo's room, they wake up completely and then it can take a while for them to fall asleep. Have you tried giving her some time to settle herself back to sleep or is she just crying very hard immediately? 

I might be a little concerned that she is starting to enjoy your night time visits and you may need to teach (reteach) her that night time is sleep time. If she realizes that mom is not going to come spend hours with her, she won't wake you for the visits.
Title: Help, suddenly started night waking
Post by: Emma's Mum on September 05, 2005, 12:54:16 pm
Thanks I think you're right. I think I've been rushing in a bit too quickly and then staying if she doesn't settle straight away. I always used to give her 10 minutes to settle herself, she's been so good for ages that I forgot about that.
She usually falls asleep having her last feed and I just put her straight down. Last night she woke after 1 hour so I sent hubby up to check and resettle her. She cried for about another 10 minutes then hey presto slept through until 8am!!
Title: Help, suddenly started night waking
Post by: JaneD on September 06, 2005, 23:55:48 pm
Hi Emma,

My 9 month old has just started doing exactly the same thing.  Josh normaly sleeps from 7pm to about 5.30-6.30am but now can wake around 1am.  He just grizzles and protests for a while but this escalates if I don't go to him.  Once I do, he settles a bit but tosses and turns and falls asleep only to wake within a few minutes, especially if I leave the room.  After a while he starts to cry and it can take up to 2 hours to settle him properly back to sleep.  Josh has his top teeth coming through so I am not sure if this may be disturbing him.  Other than this night waking, he is sleeping for 2 x 1 1/2 hr day naps and putting himself to sleep so it is a mystery to me!

Title: Up all night the last 4 nights
Post by: schulzelaurie on September 07, 2005, 20:16:24 pm
I have a similar situation and am desperate for help with my 6 month old.  She has slept through the night for the last 2 months, rarely waking at all.  On Sept 2 she got her 6 month shots and slept ok that night, every night since then she has been waking every hour or so, crying and crying.  She has also been eating less than normal during the day, she refuses to eat more.  I think she is hungry at night but I am afraid to go back to a 3 am feeding every night.  She has become very hard to soothe and has a very hard time getting to sleep as well.  Its almost like she doesn't want to sleep, but is very tired.  She doesn't try to play either, she just tosses and turns and kicks her feet and kind of whines.  I have tried everything I can think of, I would appriciate any advice.  Thanks!