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Title: What does Tracy suggest 0-4wks for bf EASY?
Post by: Guava on September 08, 2005, 01:58:06 am
My first daughter started a 3 hour EASY at three weeks that saw us through reflux and really worked, but does anyone know what Tracy had suggested the EASY schedule would probably be for 0-4 weeks for a bf baby?  I am due in a week and never did this right from the start last time because I allowed the hospital to guide me because of the reflux.  The hopital I go to promotes on demand feeding at least every two hours and I want to have an idea in my head before I go in as the last time Tracy immediately switched us away from much of the hospital advice. I seem to recall that she said three hours was fine, but I am not sure if she meant literally from day 1 even though I also remember her saying to start as you mean to go on.
Title: What does Tracy suggest 0-4wks for bf EASY?
Post by: GraceKellysmom on September 08, 2005, 02:06:44 am
Have you had the opportunity to reread the book? You still have time!  :wink:

I fed on demand for the first 6 weeks, but "on demand" was more like every 1.5-2 hrs. The first four days I fed off both sides, but after my milk came in well, I switched to one side per feed. I never let him go more than 3 hrs between feeds during the day, usually every 2. Supply is SO important during those first 6 weeks, if you don't get it established well, you might still do ok, but you will probably notice low supply issues later. (Around 4 months ironically!)

We started EASY right away, Max loved the routine. He ate, he slept. He knew what to expect, that when he woke up, he got to eat. Start as you mean to go on! (And enjoy every tiny cuddle and chunky wrist!)  :D