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Title: Nightwakings and restless naps
Post by: Maddy's Mum on September 19, 2005, 18:15:58 pm
Hello, I was hoping someone would be ble to offer me some advice on my little monkey. Mads is 19 months, sweet placid little thing who has always beena pretty good sleeper once we ironed out a few issues.

She is working on her eye teeth at the moment and they really seem to bother her more than any of the others - so much so that some days, she just won't eat, which I am trying to remain calm about!! However, this then has a knock on effect to the night because she is hungry and she has started waking for a bottle. Yesterday morning she was up super early for a bottle and this morning she woke at exactly the same time - I am not rushing in to her - as she mainly shouts when she wakes up, but as soon as she starts to get upset, I go in. I am worried about her getting into bad habits with these wakings and would appreciate any advice.

Many thanks
Title: Nightwakings and restless naps
Post by: Katet on September 20, 2005, 00:26:35 am
Dee, I wish I could offer advice, but I will send HUGS... Eye teeth were the pits for us & I can tell you being 6-9m preg at the time & Aiden won't take any form of pain meds... I did heaps of accidental parenting & I really am paying the price now - I had all but eliminated the Paci from night sleeps & then in a few short weeks it was in use almost all day... we are working back to loosing it again, but it is 7months down the track.

So my best advice is keep offering food lots during the day (more smaller meals) & don't resort to the early morning bottle if you can avoid it- maybe offer water/milk in a sippy, lo's seem to be less interested in that. Give pain meds if that helps.