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Title: Can't crawl, won't crawl - help !!
Post by: Laura1973 on September 22, 2005, 07:56:15 am
My lo is 10m and although "talks" a lot doesn't say any 2-syllabel words like ga-ga etc and also can commando crawl on his belly backwards but cannot go forwards (I have tried incentives etc)

I know it is silly but all his "friends" of his age have been crawling since 6 months, are talking and trying to stand and am worried he is backward (he is also not very inventive with toys like the other babies)

i love him very much and feel bad that i don't think he is einstein but am i being silly and have other mums had the same thing ??
Title: Can't crawl, won't crawl - help !!
Post by: maggieruth on September 22, 2005, 08:14:58 am
although my ds is only 4 months, in my other life i was a children's OT and can tell you that everything is probably FINE with your lo.  kids get interested in things at different rates (how many other los are as communicative as yours?)
one of the moms at our playgroup had an 11 month old who still comando crawled (painstakingly slowly) and now he is crawling well and pulling up to stand.  some kids just work on different skills at different rates.
you said that you lo is comando crawling though and that is good!  from a neurological standpoint he is using reciprocal movement to get from a to b.  maybe if your lo is lying on his tummy sometime and pushes up onto his hands you can tuck his knees underneath him and see how he reacts.  is he happy to take weight through his legs and feet if you are holding him?
from a mom's point of view though, i know its hard not to worry. i am having (mild) anxiety about my lo's weight.  its always something and i think that being a mom means a bit of constant low level worry!
Title: Can't crawl, won't crawl - help !!
Post by: Macey&Finlay'sMummy on September 22, 2005, 09:25:37 am
Hi Laura. My DD is over 9 months old and shows absolutely no sign of crawling or even wanting to crawl.

I am sure you have nothing to worry about- all babies are different!
Title: Can't crawl, won't crawl - help !!
Post by: ryan's mum on September 22, 2005, 09:56:43 am
i wouldn't worry at my opinion you shouldn't compare you're baby to any other.ryan sat up at 6mths but never rolled over ,hated tummy time.he only started bottom shuffling at 13mths!!!!it may be that you're lo won't crawl at all.ryan had very loose limbs where he didn't bounce on my knee like most babies,he didn't pull himself up till 15mths but at 17mths within a week he did 5 steps and then just walked like he had been doing it for months.i had it easy compared to my friends as i didn't have to run around after him and he never managed the stairs.there is a little bot at ryans nursery who talks away and can repeat everything his mum says,ryan tries but is not so clear and his words are limited.i'm not worried as he is trying and that's ryan he will do it when he's ready.
Title: thank you
Post by: Laura1973 on September 22, 2005, 10:26:45 am
thanks for your responses, i know it is silly to do the baby olympics with other mums but you can't help it and i want him to be happy (which he is except for his stinky cold, teething and missing me when i was away for a weekend - business !)

thanks again, samuel appreciates the encouragement

Title: Can't crawl, won't crawl - help !!
Post by: Mariek on September 22, 2005, 11:01:40 am
Hi Laura

As the other ladies have said I wouldn't worry about it. My DD didn't crawl until after she'd taken her first steps!!! She was a bottom-shuffler. Not Crawling didn't seem to stop her getting from one end of the living room to the other before I could blink ;)

He'll get there in his own time.... if he's anything like Grace the more you try to get him to do it, the less likely he'll be to do it (I think they just have this instinct for things they know we want them to do..... and it brings out their stubborn streaks ;) ).

Title: Can't crawl, won't crawl - help !!
Post by: pow on September 22, 2005, 12:27:58 pm
Thought my story might cheer you up.  I never crawled, just bum shuffled, didn't walk until 26 months and stayed largely mute until 22 months. Mum cried daily anticipating that I would never walk or talk!  A few years later she was crying because I wouldn't stop either of these still favourite activities.  Incidentally I was very late to read and quite clumsy as a toddler but still went on to be a national standard swimmer and runner, grade 8 flautist, high academic achiever (with an English degree!)...  My hubby did all of the developmental things early, our baby is only 2 weeks but I wont worry if he is a slow developer as Ican't see that it predicts anything.