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Title: 9 month growth spurt
Post by: diyasmom on October 23, 2005, 18:05:11 pm
My DD is about 9 months old(actually in 3 days). She seems more hungry for the past few days. Only a week ago, I moved her to a 4hr EASY for the first 2 feedings. Should I give her solids if she is hungry and if it is not 4 hrs or should I offer the breast. I think it is a growth spurt because she seems hungry than usual.
Thanks in advance
Title: 9 month growth spurt
Post by: annamum on October 23, 2005, 22:44:57 pm
How many feeds does she have right now? If she is on 5 or 4 I would increase solids but not to the point of her now being hungry for milk. If she takes less than that, I would have her have one more nursing session in a day.

It really depends, in my opinion, what is her current milk intake and whether you have plans on weaning anytime soon. Babies under one year old need to have milk as major part of their nutrition, here is an excerpt from
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Sometime between six months and a year (as solids are introduced and slowly increased) baby's milk intake may begin to decrease, but breastmilk should provide the majority of baby's nutrition through the first year. Because of the great variability in the amount of solids that babies take during the second six months, the amount of milk will vary, too. One study found average breastmilk intake to be 30 oz per day (875 ml/day; 93% of total intake) at 7 months and 19 oz (550 ml/day; 50% of total energy intake) at 11-16 months.

If you plan on weaning soon, it is definitely a good idea to offer more solids now. Is she generally eating solids well, interested in it?
If you plan to continue nursing for some time, then I would probably be careful about keeping a balance between solids and breastmilk so your supply doesn't decrease too suddenly.