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Title: Bumps and bruises
Post by: klt on October 28, 2005, 14:30:53 pm
don't know where to put this but today my lo was scrambling over herself and fell forward on the side of her face onto the raised lip between the bathroom and the landing.  So I think she is going to get a black eye! :(  :oops:  :(  :oops:
She wouldn't let me put ice on it or anything.  She is such a little trooper that she only cried for just about a minute and then she was off again.  Please tell me this is part of growing up - my mum would freak if she heard about this, she is always going on about how her kids never broke any bones, got lost, got sick blahblahblah!
Title: Bumps and bruises
Post by: Gareth - Harvey & Theo's Dad on October 28, 2005, 16:24:35 pm
It's a part of growing up :D

I'm not sure there's a week gone by where Harvey hasn't managed to draw blood from himself, or get some nasty bruises.  I was just thinking last night as I was playing with him that he was remarkably bruise free, then he lifted his arm up for me to grab him, and sure enough, there was a lovely friction burn.  :roll:

Get used to it :D :D
Title: Bumps and bruises
Post by: Mariek on October 28, 2005, 16:35:50 pm
Gareth's right, it's par for the course I'm afraid - and girls aren't any better than boys.

Grace's latest ones are incurred because she insists on twirling around for ages and then shouting "dizzy, dizzy" as she stumbles round the living room in a twirl-induced intoxication bumping into all the furniture in the process  :roll:

Title: Bumps and bruises
Post by: sa on October 28, 2005, 16:40:35 pm
Title: Bumps and bruises
Post by: matthewsmama on October 28, 2005, 16:51:26 pm
Well, when my ds was 12 months old he was walking and ust tripped on his foot, smashed into a wall and cut his lip wide open, had to get 6 stitches, then 12 months later he did the same thing and had 4 stitches on hisforehead.  he climbs all ove rthe place, and then just by walking needed stitches, nearly drove me nuts.  he is now a lot better and still climbs, jumps, and runs like crazy!! So yes, I hope it is normal too!!! They are kids, and they need to eperiment and learn.,
Title: Bumps and bruises
Post by: klt on October 31, 2005, 15:44:55 pm
Ah thanks guys for your input!  she didn't get a black eye  :D but we are keeping a watch out for that step again! No doubt this won't be the last knock and I do want her to explore and not be bundled up in cottonwool the whole time - she's a spirited little adventurer.....  Funny to hear your stories  :lol: thanks for sharing