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Title: Looking for ideas/thoughts/suggestions...
Post by: Katet on February 11, 2006, 10:22:46 am
Liam doesn't appear to have any allergies, BUT looking back I think Aiden had a mild dairy allergy (bf) - he was quite unsettled as a baby & spat up lots & definitely was intolerant when I introduced cows milk at 12mo (didn't introduce yogurt/cheese until 9months )... held off milk for 3months & was fine at 15months - in that he stopped throwing it up, but I actually think it is only now at 2.5yo that he has finally grown out of it as he is sleeping really well & for the most part a happier child... although I can't rule out other (emotional) factors.

Anyway to my point... I had a dairy intolerance/allergy that caused me to get lots of ear infections & went off it for 3 years 6-9yo. Thus why I held off cheese/yogurt with Aiden.

Liam has mild eczema, mainly on his belly, I thought it may have been due to him being a commando crawler & thus on his belly, but I'm now wondering if it isn't a solid food (wheat &/or pumpkin or sweet potato are my guesses at the moment).

Anyway that aside, Liam is almost 9mo & I was kind of thinking about the cheese & yogurt.... BUT now I am thinking I might be best holding off maybe until 12mo for the long term benefits... Love some thoughts on that.

 I bf, but haven't cut out dairy in my diet, as he is (unless sick) a very happy & settled baby

Also if you don't offer cheese/yogurt & Liam doesn't seem to be that keen on meat as yet (unlike his carnivour brother  ;)) what do you do about protien... Liam is a very big boy... almost 24lb & 32 inches (I think I have that imperial conversion right - as he is 10.8kg/80cm) So I know he needs more protien... waking at night when he wasn't before & takes lots of solids & back at 5 day bf + night ones.

Title: Re: Looking for ideas/thoughts/suggestions...
Post by: Mom to M&M on February 11, 2006, 18:14:08 pm
Hi again Kate!

Re Liam, the mild excema could definitely be a food allergy or intolerance to one of the solids and/or to the milk in your diet. Maybe try 2 weeks without and see if clears up? As for protein, what about beans? Also tofu? Based on family history of allergies, I would DEFINITELY hold off on the dairy until 12 months if I were you. And then start out slowly...
Title: Re: Looking for ideas/thoughts/suggestions...
Post by: GraceKellysmom on February 12, 2006, 02:30:43 am
I held off on yogurt (and he's never had cheese) with Max until after 12months, but I knew he was MSPI. It wasn't the end of the world, he ate a ton of fruits and cereals. The volume of what he could eat amazed me. He had a ton of nightwakings around 9 months or so.

With the excema, you might try holding off the dairy yourself. Also consider your detergent and bath soaps, if something gentle is available or scent-free too.
Title: Re: Looking for ideas/thoughts/suggestions...
Post by: JacobMarksMummy on February 12, 2006, 10:44:11 am
I think if there is a family history of dairy intolerance your right to hold off for alittle longer. Maybe till a year?

I think fish is high protein have you treid that? If not soybeans are great!