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Title: Should I cancel our swimming lessons?
Post by: Elphyrafire on April 26, 2006, 15:24:15 pm
Hi there
Before I started the 4 hour EASY with 5 month old DS, I signed up for swimming lessons with him. They haven't started yet. It's once a week at 9:15 am for 45 mins. I cannot figure out how to adjust his schedule.Maybe I should just cancel it for this time around? BTW, he has terrible nightwakings and since being on this schedule they have decreased so I don't want to mess with it much!
Here's our schedule on a good day:

S- 9-11
S- 12:30- 2:30
E- 3
S- 4- 4:45
E- 7
s- 7

Here is a variation of the schedule we end up doing a lot:
S- 8:30-9:45
E- 11
S- 12:30-2:30
E- 3
S- 4- 5
E/ S- 7
So as you can see, during 9:15 on both schedules he is usually sleeping. I am afraid of pushing his morning A time past 3 hours. ANy suggestions would be great!
Title: Re: Should I cancel our swimming lessons?
Post by: LŠuren on April 26, 2006, 15:27:36 pm
NO don't cancel  :)

How will you get to the lessons, bus, car, walk?  Can you get a nap in before the lessons either on the way or earlier?

LO are very flexible and in my experience you will find even if he is tired he will still enjoy the new experience and sleep after.
Title: Re: Should I cancel our swimming lessons?
Post by: Elphyrafire on April 26, 2006, 20:23:03 pm
Well I might be able to get a half hour nap in before (we're going by car- 5 minutes away) but is that enough? When we come home from the lessons it will be 10:25 and he'll probably want to sleep anyway. I just don't know if it's worth it to mess with his nap times!
Title: Re: Should I cancel our swimming lessons?
Post by: HeatherC on April 27, 2006, 01:40:07 am
One thing you could do would be to get him up earlier on the mornings of the lessons so that he would need his nap earlier.  Then, you could either put him to bed earlier, or throw in a short catnap to get him by until regular bedtime. 
Title: Re: Should I cancel our swimming lessons?
Post by: kim&savannah on April 27, 2006, 02:19:07 am
I would say do whatever feels best to you.  At that age, I wasn't willing to plan anything on a specific schedule precisely because nothing was working well yet with naps and nights, I was exhausted, and it was just too stressful for me.  I wouldn't have enjoyed it.  And its not like they need that type of activity at that age.

But if you think you can enjoy it and not worry too much, then I would say to go for it.  It is nice to be out with other people.  I know that was the age I started to get depressed, probably partially from so little contact with anyone else all day except a non-sleeping baby.  But I just tried to go places that I could go whenever and not have to plan ahead of time.

Title: Re: Should I cancel our swimming lessons?
Post by: Mum of girl, boy, boy on April 27, 2006, 18:32:44 pm
Hi ya,

We didn't start swimming with DD because she was quite a sensitive little baby and I had to choose carefully what I did on the "out days". She would get overtired so easy. With DS though we have managed to find a slot that suits us to take the both of them at the week ends although they are not lessons at this stage. We have been going after the second nap / feed. He tends to have a cat nap on the way home. DS loves the water and giggles like mad (I can't say I remember DD being quite so giggly and responsive!)

Is there anyway you can ask for a trial or is it one of these things you have to pay up front?

For me the other thing I have to be careful is that I don't go out two many days in a row so I can keep the routine going. I think the more structure naps you have in the bank the quicker they return to the routine. I guess what I am saying is consider the whole week. For me it was important to meet up with the post natal girls rather than do the swimming but if you haven't met two many people with LO's the same age it might be a good thing for you.

I think it really is a personal choice and you have to take into consideration what you will enjoy and what your baby will enjoy. Perhaps you will only know by trying.

Good luck.