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Title: 16 MO old Wake To Sleep Success Story
Post by: cliffrose on September 20, 2006, 00:19:45 am
I wanted to share my Wake to Sleep success story—yes, I said Wake to sleep…

OK, so you think that W2S is crazy? Why would you want to WAKE the toddler?! Well, think about it this way—you go in about 5-10 minutes before he normally wakes up- if you DON’T go, he will get up anyway. If you try, he might go longer. It’s worth the risk, believe me. I finally have a little sanity back in my day, and if my LO isn’t sleeping quite as long, it’s still long enough for me to exercise, recharge, and shower (without a toddler in the room!).

The thing is, you don’t WAKE him. You just stir him enough to reset that clock. If you open his door and he TWITCHES- you leave (that happened to me once). That’s all you need. The other time, I just went in and touched his foot ever so lightly and he sucked on his binky a couple times- out I went.

Here are my notes.

6/28-7/18 Nap getting shorter… intermittent 2 hour and 1 hour naps- he also had an ear infection, learned to walk, and visited two grandparents’ residences.

By early August, I knew things weren’t going to get better by themselves. He clearly was on a one-hour nap jag, and I needed to step in. So, after doing research, I decided W2S and later napping/earlier bedtimes would help. I tried the later napping—that didn’t solve the problem. I tried earlier bedtime – he slept 14 hours one night (that was nice), but it didn’t solve the short nap problem. So, I tried Wake to Sleep (W2S).

8/6 Did W2S 50 minutes in, slept for 90 minutes.
8/7 Woke him trying to do W2S
8/8 Woke him again!
8/9 50 minutes: W2S successful, slept 90 minutes.
8/10 Fell asleep and forgot to do W2S (was trying to go for 3 successful days in a row), but LO slept 90 minutes without. Will skip W2S tomorrow and see if I’ve done it enough.
8/11 slept 1.75 hours
8/12 slept 2.5 hours
8/13 slept 1.75 hours

Since that time, he has been sleeping his two hours again, give or take 10 minutes.

Good luck!

Title: Re: 16 MO old Wake To Sleep Success Story
Post by: *Natasha* on September 20, 2006, 04:00:59 am
Well done  :D
Title: Re: 16 MO old Wake To Sleep Success Story
Post by: Florencia on September 20, 2006, 18:30:50 pm
Thanks for sharing your story! I'm gona sticky it so many moms are able to see it and take courage from it!