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At my wits end. This is happening too much lately. Any help please? She will be 9 years old in October
Glitches & Forum Help / Activation email
« Last post by Sammy33 on June 01, 2022, 14:36:41 pm »
Hi I didnít get activation email checked junk spam and have requested it a few times still no email x
Glitches & Forum Help / Registration
« Last post by Sammyh on May 26, 2022, 17:57:47 pm »
Not receiving activation email 😢 really want to log in love info available had an old account years ago trying to set up new profile with new email Iíve had a new baby
Naps / Nap extension not working
« Last post by Seachelle1512 on March 21, 2022, 16:24:27 pm »
LO is 8wks old today. Been on an EASY pattern for weeks now. Not a schedule yet, but definitely a pattern. He sleeps pretty good at night so far. The last week each night went like this: a 3-5hr sleep stretch, eats and sleeps another 2-3hrs, eats and sleeps another 2-3hrs. Around 10-12 total night sleep hours.

Daytime naps have been diceyÖ example of what happened today:
10:05 asleep for first nap
10:50 I heard the first awake noise on monitor
10:50-11:00 HTTJ for about 10min, I think I about have him asleep then 11:00 he starts fidgeting hard and cries
11:00-11:10 I get him resettled in the crib (small, short-lived win) so I pat his back and hold him through the squirms
11:10-11:35 this process continues for 25 more minutes, he never resettles into a deep sleep. He yawns, eyes stay mostly closed, no hardcore crying, some whining. But no deep non-moving sleep. Constant jolts and squirms.
11:35 I finally pick him up after his agitation starts to increase. He rubs his face into my chest, I have to bounce him a bit to calm him down, then he becomes still.
12:15 heís asleep in my arms as Iím writing this and has only twitched twice for the last 40 minutes. Guess this is his deep sleep cycle finally (?) after 40 minutes of failed nap extension.

Heís on reflux meds, I gave gas drops prior to this nap and right before the gas drops he passed gas during tummy time. So I donít think tummy problems are the reason for his nap troubles.

Why can he go to sleep on his own for nap but not stay asleep on his own? What am I missing?

Iíve tried every awake time combination imaginable over the last week (anywhere from 50 min to 1hr15min) and it seems he canít get past the 45min hump on his own anymore. I have maybe 10% success rate extending his nap fully in his crib, 10% of the time he continues napping on his own, the other 80% he finishes his nap on my chest or the swing after a failed attempt to nap extend.

Am I wasting my time? My back and sanity sure arenít thanking me 😞 If he doesnít resettle in 15-20 minutes should I just hold him for the remainder of the nap? I have 4 more weeks on leave and could enjoy them more not hovering over his bed for hours each day doing something that isnít fruitful.
How much longer do I try? Or just try for one nap a day then do what I need to do for the rest?
Bottle Feeding / Re: 3 month old refusing a bottle
« Last post by Beyeraident1999 on March 17, 2022, 11:57:00 am »
Bottle refusal is a common problem that can occur at any age. If your baby refuses to take a bottle from you, then it may indicate that they are not getting enough nutrition through breastfeeding. This could be due to insufficient milk supply, improper positioning of the nipple, or even a lack of interest in nursing
Breast Feeding / Rough guide by age of feeds?
« Last post by Crispysage on March 06, 2022, 17:07:38 pm »
My LO is 13 mo and doing great. She is still on 7,11,3,7 (plus a 5am one Iím trying to drop.) maybe this is an EASY schedule question but Iíve forgot when they start dropping day feeds?
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