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E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Sticking to EASY while traveling
« Last post by creations on Today at 09:33:00 »
Hi there
Sorry to see you didn't get any replies yet.

There are some travel tips  (at the top of the board in the sticky section) here, perhaps these will help:

Perhaps if you could do with additional tips you could start a new post with your baby's age and what sort of travel it will be in the title and you may get more responders.
Hope this helps
Thanks for stopping by Katherine x

J-mum - sorry to hear your LO is getting OT and miserable. It's totally exhausting when they need so much help to sleep isn't it.  I hope things are improving a little for you now.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Routine check 22 month old
« Last post by Mum2lucy on Today at 06:29:28 »

I was looking for a routine check if possible as I'm getting shortnnight due to late bedtime and early wake up.

The routine was:

Wu: around 6.45
Nap: 12.30/1 - and woken by 14.30
Bt: 7.30 falling asleep around 8

However she is often messing around at nap time and now crying again at bedtime and won't ss.

Recently the routine has been messed up looking more like

Wu: 6.15/6.30
Nap: some days she won't nap until 1.30-14.45 (woken by me)
Bt: 7.45 sleep 8.15/8.30

8.30-6.15 is a rather short night. The routine about seems like a loooong day on that nap.  I know from when the routine works she likes about 12-12.5 hours a day.

Any ideas? Thanks very much

Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: HELP~!28 mth NW, nap dropping
« Last post by sszskristy on Today at 03:55:34 »
Hi - there could be some OT creeping in here - could you try a really early BT on no nap days? Like maybe 6pm?
Hi hun another question, what if she naps, like 1.5 or 2 hrs, when should I put her down for bedtime?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: HELP~!28 mth NW, nap dropping
« Last post by sszskristy on Today at 03:47:40 »
Hi - there could be some OT creeping in here - could you try a really early BT on no nap days? Like maybe 6pm?

Since she started NW, she would nap the next day for 2-2.5hrs to catch up, except the day care day. So I am not sure if it is not enough.

Today she goes to day care and if she doesn't sleep, I will try to put her down around 6:30, thank you.

First time posting on here and need some help. I've been weaning my 15 month old from her pacifier for like 2 weeks now. The problem is now at nap time and bedtime, she can not settle down, she wants to keep playing. Her bedtime routine was diaper change, change into PJs then some slight rocking with lullabies and pacifier then put into crib for sleep. We would lay her down sleepy but awake and she would pretty much just roll over, hug her stuffed animal and fall asleep. Her naptime routine was pretty much the same but without the PJs. After a few minutes she would spit out the pacifier and fall completely asleep and would not wake up looking for it and would sleep for 2-3 hours for her nap and about 11 hours at bedtime. Also, this is the only time she would use the pacifier, was during her bed/nap time during her lullabies and right before she felt asleep in her crib. Once she was asleep I would take it out of the crib so that when she woke up after her nap or in the morning she wouldn't see it and use it and she doesn't use it during the day.

When I started weaning from the pacifier there were a lot of tears the first few days but then it stopped. Instead now she just won't sleep. I could rock her for an hour and she just goofs off or if I put her in her crib she immediately stands or sits up and starts playing. If I put her in her crib and walk out she immediately starts crying. Every time she stands up I lay her down and sush/pat but she basically just lays there staring at me. What used to be a 20 minute bedtime routine (starting at 8pm, asleep no later than 8:30) is now a 1-1.5 hour routine before she eventually get so tired she starts crying and then falls asleep. To top it off, for the past 4 nights in a row, she has started waking up at 3am crying her head off, not the normal whimpers or fussiness of resettling, these are full blown screaming crying fits. She has also started waking up around 6am whereas before she would sleep til about 7:30am.

Finally last night, we gave her the pacifier at bedtime like we always used to do and she went right to sleep, no goofing off, but she did still wake up at 3am crying. Is it possible we took the pacifier away too early and she's not quite ready to settle down on her own? It feels likes like she was using the pacifier as a trigger to indicate its time for sleep now and sucking motion helped to settle her down.

Sorry for the long post but I'm desperate and any help would be much appreciated!
Sleeping For Toddlers / Advise on EW for 13 month old
« Last post by peanutmom on Yesterday at 20:59:48 »
I have been here before, and your kind words and awesome advises helped me so much, so now, when we have lost our mornings, I decided to come back here again hoping to find some answers.

My 13month old for the last 2 months slept beautifully 7pm-6.30am with 1 hour nap at 9.30am and 1 hour around 1.30pm. Sometimes naps were 30min or up to 90min. But for the last 5 days its hell  :'( She is up at 5am-5.30am... Screaming for 5-10min and then off and on again till we get her. We have tried to shhh her but it only makes it worst. Tried to shorten her morning nap to 30min, but omg.... she is not herself when we wake her up. And whole day is just a mess. I am ready to try anything! Please any advice would be so helpful. Some notes - walking, almost running, eating solids 3 times a day, and milk right before bed 7-8oz, no pacifier. 
General Sleep Issues / Re: Almost 7 months need schedule help
« Last post by Twosweetgirls on Yesterday at 19:16:35 »
Thanks so much for the reply. I am struggling to make the normal nap times work. I am gonna try a tiny bit longer activity time and maybe that will help the afternoon. I'm sure I'll be back for help again!
Naps / 8 month old and long A times; how do I fit in 2 naps?
« Last post by VnessMorris on Yesterday at 16:10:45 »
Hi ladies,

DD2 is an Angel/textbook and has been STTN well. Since Easter Weekend, her activity times started to bump out with each subsequent AT slightly shorter than the previous (3:30's in 1st cycle, 3:20's in the 2nd and 3-3;10's before BT). With these longer ATs, how would you fit her 2 naps? Currently, she has a 1.5 hour morning nap and if I can, give her a 1:00 - 1:15 afternoon nap.  Sometimes the afternoon nap is only 45 mins due to long ATs.  This leads to a cranky baby!

Coincidentally, with these longer ATs, she mantra cries A LOT after BT, sometimes at every sleep transition (every 40mins to 1.5 hours!).  It doesn't last long (1-3 minutes) and she will fall back asleep; but it keeps us awake...and does this mean she's getting enough deep sleep?

Other points: developmentally, she's cruising, pulling up to stand, and starting to balance on her feet. And she's not in a Wonder Week, yet.

Any thoughts?  TIA!
General Sleep Issues / Re: 6mo frequent night waking
« Last post by VnessMorris on Yesterday at 15:57:18 »
Can you post his EASY schedule for the past few days? Maybe there's something there we can tweak a bit?

Looking back, I'm noticing that DD2 started giving me 7-10 hour night stretches once the CN was dropped. This coincided with her taking in more solids during her meals. I'm guessing the solids were helping her stay up longer during activity time, which helped drop her CN gradually. Is he still taking a CN?

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