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Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 21mo...should i change anything?
« Last post by airam on Today at 07:15:40 »
I for got to add, I tried the PUPD method around 9/10 months I think and it worked but developmental changes, teething, sickness, etc...and I had to start over. its hard to deal with that when I'm depressed so I was very weak although I tried. the last time he was sleeping on his own was around 17 months. we were not home and I allowed him to sleep in the bed with me and that started only about 6months. but his sleep is sooooooooo much more consistent and better. he actually doesn't cry now when he wakes up because hes finally getting enough on the days he takes 2hr naps and 12hr nights...hes soooo much more calm and happy.

anyway, yes, he only wants to make it easier for me for when the baby comes. I just hate to change something that finally feels ok and not too bad except for the days he takes 2hrs+ to sleep at night because I accidently put him down earlier or hes too hot/cold.
Hi there my 5 yr old was a getbin with us at 4.30 am from when he was 2.5 until prob 3.5 and he sleeps perfectly well alone in his own bed now. Not saying this is how itís done but just so you know it doesnít always last.

Whatís her eventual WU and BT?

I'm afraid that I don't have any advice but hopefully someone will soon. It sounds like such a hard situation! I'm just bumping you up the posts board so your post will get more notice. Hope the friendly nudge gets you some help! X
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 21mo...should i change anything?
« Last post by becj86 on Yesterday at 21:52:48 »
Hugs xx What an ultimatum!

Given there's a new baby coming into this mix in the next 2 months, its probably worth thinking about how what you're currently doing will work with a newborn around as well. Perhaps formulating a plan (maybe together with your DH, so he sees there's another way) to reduce LO's time to sleep for BT will help?

I agree with creations that CC / CIO is not the best way to achieve anything here and that there are more gentle methods however they will not take 2 days (neither, probably will CIO) when LO has been going to sleep one way for the last 21 months.

FWIW, my DH said that he was buying formula and we would bottle feed DS when I was really struggling with BF shortly after his birth. He was trying to help, yk, by taking the decision because I had been so sure I would BF and he wanted to fix something for me to help me feel better. I ended up BFing til DS was 2.5 years old. Is it possible he's trying to make things easier for you by saying he'll do it for you because he thinks its the necessary path to lighten your load? Maybe I'm being too optimistic here...
Naps / Re: 5.5 mo old, ready to drop the cat nap?
« Last post by becj86 on Yesterday at 21:30:16 »
Sorry, yes. It is a deviation from her previous normal. It may not happen again tomorrow I guess is what I'm saying. There are ways to shift it later too if it does become a trend. The thing to concentrate on now is sorting the timing of the routine.

Can you post perhaps the next 2 days' EAS so we can see where we are?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Are we ready to drop final nap?
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Yesterday at 21:29:29 »
Fingers crossed x
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Are we ready to drop final nap?
« Last post by katerinask on Yesterday at 21:11:53 »
Took a "strategic drive" as you suggested today, which resulted in a 1 hour nap and much better afternoon. Tomorrow is another day...!
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 25 month old sleeping advice
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Yesterday at 20:54:26 »
My turn to apologise for missing your reply. How are things going?
We settled after the last Ďphaseí!! Now onto the next one at 2.5!! Ewu are back with a vengeance and an attitude to die for!!! Coinciding with another hubby work trip of 10 weeks!!
Whereís the Prozac?!
Just found my old post and ironically Iím going though the same again now at 2.5!! Hubby is also away again and my delightful dd has turned into a very unpleasant child to have around. It pains me to say it but I really am not enjoying her company right now.
Sheís back on early wake ups, well before 6 am, regardless of what time she goes to bed. We had settled back to 12 hours in 24 of total sleep and now weíre lucky to get 10.5!!
I wouldnít mind if it was her sleep needs but she is one miserable madam.
I know this age is difficult and I guess Iím feeling it more being home alone for 10 weeks!!!
Itís worrying me that itís making my anxiety raise its ugly head again and Iím having early wake ups and canít settle back off again. I canít even bring myself to talk to my hubby on the phone for fear of just breaking down crying. I know itís a phase but Iím still struggling x
Breast Feeding / Cluster feeding and falling asleep at the breast
« Last post by Tabyria on Yesterday at 19:53:38 »

My LO is 14weeks and she still cluster feeds in the evenings. She's an efficient feeder, usually eats in 15min max during the day and never falls asleep on the breast anymore. She settles mostly by herself for naps and bedtime.

However in the evenings now she's started doing a long feed of 45min. When she detaches I burp her, sing a lullaby and put her into her cot. She then often cries until I pick her up and put her back on the breast. There she eats easily for another 30/45min, more or less energetically, eyes closed, like proper cluster feeding behaviour.
I've now started keeping her with us after the burp and put her back on the breast and she happily eats again after the break so it's real need to feed, not anger at being in bed.

My questions are:
1. Is this indeed real need or have we created a comfort habit? She does swallow, more or less energetically as I said, falling slightly asleep then suddenly sucking and swallowing with frenzy so I think she needs it and I shouldn't try to curve it.
2. But then she tends to fall asleep on the breast! I try to keep her awake and detach her when she slows down but it's very hit and miss and every other day I end up putting her to bed asleep now. I just don't have the heart to wake her up on purpose, especially as she's so tired by then that waking her really makes her scream. If I continue to teach her good self settling habits for naps etc, do we think that's ok? I've never fed her to sleep except during newborn stage when there's nothing else to do.

Also, I'm starting to find it a bit lonely as we're doing a routine starting at 7.30pm and that means I'm in bed, with lights low by 8am, feeding her until 10pm. We don't have any evening. We're trying to progressively bring bedtime earlier but in the meantime I think it's better if I swallow my frustration and focus on a quiet routine for her, instead of doing the cluster feeding in front of a film in the living room, right?

Thanks.for your opinions!
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