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Sleeping For Toddlers / 3 year old early wakings
« Last post by Mumof2munchkins on September 13, 2020, 10:25:21 am »
My youngest is 3y and 8m. She has never been a good sleeper at night. Previously used to have night terrors from ages of 1ish and would constantly wake hysterically crying  multiple times in night.She also used to have a dummy till she was 3.

I cut her nap (which was about half hour  long) which used to be at 1pm till about half 1:30. But this hasnt helped either.She wakes at 5ish and refuses to go back to sleep. I usually sit in her room at bedtime and most of the time within 5 mins she is asleep. She has continued to wake around 5 and refuses to sleep again and will toss and turn and complain.If i dont go to her room she would get out of bed and wakes my son up too down the corridor with her crying.Her gro clock comes on at 6, at which point I let her get out of bed. But she is constantly tired and tries to sleep even for 5 min car journey even on dining chairs! She usually asleep by half 7. She is usually in bed for 7:15ish.

Last night was the worse she kept waking from 11 till 12:30 and finally went sleep properly at 1.but then was wide awake from half 4 :(

She usually starts bedtime routine at 6:45 at weekend.on weekdays we do bath and pjs and then pick up my eldest from after school activity at 7.Straight upstairs at 7:05, nightlight on and then story and brush teeth and sleep. I usually have white noise on from 10pm ish for her.

Overall she is very stubborn and independent and likes to do everything herself.

I Don't know what to do as I thought she would sleep better when I dropped her nap about 4 weeks ago :(. Today i have resorted to letting her have 15 min nap at 11 am as she was so tired.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Eat, burp, repeat nightmare at BT
« Last post by 1stimer on September 07, 2020, 01:53:36 am »
That makes sense. I feel like we have a solid routine and I just can't see what would cause him to be so unsettled..he has a witching hour starting around 4 but that's when all he wants to do is having an "unsettled" period would add up.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Cannot get second nap time right for 5 month old... Ever!
« Last post by deb on September 03, 2020, 10:53:59 am »
Sorry for the long silence - I just started a new job and remote teaching takes about ten times as long to get anything done as in-person. LOL

At this age I'd probably be cutting back to two naps, lengthening the A time if possible. I'm wondering if the unsettled sleep might be due to teething pain. Have you tried pain meds before sleep times to see if it makes a difference?
Breast Feeding / Drop cluster feed to make bedtime earlier or just keep feed in?
« Last post by sunny90 on September 01, 2020, 15:20:49 pm »
Currently my almost 8 wo is cluster feeding at 4, 6 and 8.
The thing is it takes her a while to go to bed and I only manage to get out around 9 which is really late and I think she's OT at bedtime. Because she feeds at 6 and then has her bath around 7:15/30 and eats close to 8 but doesn't really sleep in between.

I want to move her bedtime closer to 7 but wondering if that means I should drop the feed between 4 and 7 - it's usually more of a snack (one side only).

The only reason I hesitate is that she's a good night sleeper generally, waking up about twice a night. I don't want to ruin it, but I work in the evenings and really need to start my evening before 9 pm.

Should I move her bedtime earlier to like 7:15 and keep the feed? Drop it?
General Sleep Issues / 22 month old EW
« Last post by Han12345 on September 01, 2020, 14:12:15 pm »
Hi all,

I did a post and now canít seem to find it 🙈

Just looking for some help with my 22 month old who is early waking and I think waking during the night too. Sheís been waking early for a few weeks now, she happily sits in bed and doesnít shout so itís not too bad but then I find she is horrible in the day. Constantly moaning, hard work and not listening. She naps around 12.30 but we sometimes push it to 1/1.30pm.

I donít know if I should be letting her nap for longer to catch up or making it shorter. She usually does about 2 hours in the day (I often have to waker her as she sleeps so well) and then is great form in the afternoon but then takes quite a while to go to sleep at night. Bed time is usually 7pm but she can often be messing around till 8pm-ish.

We have just been away and her nap/ sleep hasnít been great so in all honesty I thought she would totally crash now home not waking even more.

Should I be shortening or even cutting her nap? Iím not sure if she can cope without a nap but I just need my happy little girl back.

My eldest slept 1-3 at her age and then bed 7-6.30pm. She didnít drop her nap till 2.5yo so surely this one doesnít need to drop her nap already?
General Sleep Issues / Re: Eat, burp, repeat nightmare at BT
« Last post by Katet on August 31, 2020, 08:16:31 am »
It's his unsettled period...I was told, one 2-3 hour unsettled period (mostly in the witching hours of evening) a day, one unsettled day a week and one unsettled week a month was pretty normal and average. Also with 36week babies, often they 'catch up' quickly and it could easily be a growth spurt.
General Sleep Issues / Re: One Week Old - Long Stretches At Night! Help With Routine!
« Last post by Katet on August 31, 2020, 08:11:56 am »
Having a newborn is anxiety inducing when you feel because you've got older children you should be able to get it 'right'... Thing is early weeks are  never the same. 3-4 oz is plenty 6 times a day in a 2 week old, so 3 hourly would be fine.   

My best advice would be enjoy... It may change, but changing too much may backfire.

Look at what is important to you in terms of the routine of yourself and the other children and enjoy the bliss of the early weeks.

No matter what you do now it won't effect, what your baby's like at 2yo, 5yo or me, just enjoy, my eldest is 17 and it's gone way too quickly.

My almost 2 week old has been sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches at night and while I am thrilled this is happening at such an early age, I cannot help but stress out about a few things:

I have been reading Baby Whisperer and it does say that babies this age (0-6weeks) might be able to do 4-6 hour stretches at night, but then I donít know how to adjust the day. Should I feed him every three hours or 2 and a half so he can compensate? I have been trying to do that since I want the bath to be at the same time everyday (i have two other daughters to attend to) but during the day Iíve been constantly waking him up every 2 and a half hours to feed and make him do 7 feedings during the day, but he seems not interested. Everytime, I have to wake him up and he doesnít eat that much or gets fully awake and Iím afraid that by doing this he is snacking and not taking a full feed. Should I cut one feed and let him be more hungry by feeding every 3 hours during the day?

It is important to say that he is 3.700 kg (or 8 pounds) and takes 3-4 oz of expressed breastmilk when in bottle.

This past few days have been like this:

9:45 am - i wake him up, breastfeed
12:30pm - i wake him up, breastfeed
3:20 pm - i wake him up, breastfeed
6:00 pm - i wake him up, breastfeed
8:30 pm - i wake him up, breastfeed, bath
2:20 am - he wakes up by himseld, i feed him 3-4 oz of expressed breastmilk
6:30-6:50 am - he wakes up by himself, i feed him 3-4 oz of expressed breastmilk
Should I keep doing this? Should I keep waking him up to maintain 7 feedings a day or should I cut one feed and hopefully this would help him be more hungry and encourage him to take full feedings?

I dont know! I really love the way heís sleeping and wouldnt want to disturb that! What would you recommend?
E.A.S.Y. Forum / 6 week old - struggling with naps and bedtimes
« Last post by sunny90 on August 25, 2020, 16:59:39 pm »
My baby girl (after 4 boys, and after a 4.5 year gap) is 6.5 weeks old and I've been trying to keep to EASY since she was born.

A few problems:

  • I don't have time to shush pat her because frankly I have 4 other kids who JUST went back to school and my youngest is still only in school til 1.
    So I'm only able to keep her sleeping through the entire S time if she's in the baby carrier. I've tried rocking her in the stroller in the swaddle, but then I basically need to rock her the whole time, and it's very hard to keep her asleep even being rocked.
    I don't know when to make her bedtime. Til now I've been feeding her at 8 for bedtime until she's asleep and then she was sleeping til 1-2 ish (a couple of nights she even went til 3 am!) but for the past few nights she's waking between 11:30-12. The thing is her last nap is til 6 so really 8 pm is a very long time to go but I feed her at 4 and 6 so should I be putting her to bed at 7 and just feeding her an hour later? How do I work out the feeds? I always nurse before bedtime to differentiate between that and naptime.
    She was having problems nursing at the beginning (her latch wasn't good) and she still falls asleep while nursing. The lactation consultant told me to feed on both sides because of this, to make sure she feeds enough. So feeding can take about 40 min sometimes. So I can't figure out her A time because she falls asleep while she's nursing.

This is what our schedule basically looks like.

630/7 - E (she usually drifts off during this feed)
830ish - S (I often put her in the baby carrier around 8:15 and she ends up falling asleep in the next 15 min)
10 - E
1130ish - S
1 - E
220ish - S
4 - E
515 - S
6 - E
715/730 - bath and pjs
745ish - E and put to bed

It sometimes can take me til close to 9 to make sure she's all the way asleep and now that she's waking up just a little over 2 hours later is completely exhausting me.
When can I start moving her towards independent sleep? Can I start doing PUPD? With my other kids at least I'd rock them in the stroller and they'd sleep for 45 min before I had to work on keeping them asleep, with her she's maybe sleeping for half an hour before stirring and having to be jiggled back to sleep in the carrier.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Cannot get second nap time right for 5 month old... Ever!
« Last post by mothergoose on August 21, 2020, 20:10:23 pm »
So to update you the second nap is now more consistent but nights are still bad... No matter how the naps go nights seem to stay bad and I wonder is it accumulated overtiredness?! Her A time in the morning is also very variable and if she has been up a lot the night before will show tired signs even before 1.5hrs.
Will you take a look at yesterday and tell me what you think.....
Awake 7.45
Fed 8.30
Sleep 9.40 - 10.20 seemed tired but unable to resettle
Eat 11 could not hold her off longer
Activity 1hr 40
Sleep 11.40 for ten minutes woke crying 15min to resettle sleep 11.55 - 1.20
Eat 1.30
A 1hr 45
Sleep 3 .15 to 5.20 resettled at 45min
Bed 7.20...numerous wakings 8.30...9.20...10...11.30...eventually stopped counting and brought her in beside me where she settled but early waking at 4.20 eventually resettled until 7.30

Any thoughts?

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