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E.A.S.Y. Forum / EASY and the school runs!
« Last post by MiniNs on Today at 21:29:50 »
DS2 is 8 months and currently has an A time of around 3hrs.
We are currently dealing with EW (separate post) but our day is:
WU: 5:30
S: 9:00-10:30/11
S: 14:00-15:15
BT: 18:30

However, 3 days per week I have to do a preschool run for DS1. I have to go in the car as itís about a 20min drive away. This inevitably means DS2 has a 10min (sometimes longer) CN ok each journey - at 8:50am and 12:50pm. Then I canít get him down for his naps, end up APOPíing and it clashing with feeds or him CN because heís UT/OT. It ends up like this:

WU: 5:30

S: 8:50-9:05
S: sometimes 9:30-10:30 when I get home. Sometimes 10:00-11:00, where I wake him for a feed

S: 12:50-13:00
S: normally fights an afternoon nap then but I can use APOP to get him asleep by 14:15/30, but heíll often only have 45mins and is OT at BT.

Does anyone have any advice on how I could work this into routine better?
Naps / 8 month old EASY advice
« Last post by MiniNs on Today at 21:15:39 »

DS2 has just turned 8 months and our current EASY looks like this:

WU (EW): 5:30 (i leave him as long as possible and then ssh/pat until 6:00)
S: 9:00-10:30/11
S: 13:45/14:00 - 15:15/15:45
BT: 18:30/45

As you can see, his afternoon nap is a bit sporadic. Iím trying to work on 3hrs A time, approx.

He mostly STTN, although we do have nights with NWs, but he is now consistently EW and I *cannot* get him to resettle.

Is there any advice on our current routine that can help?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2.5 yr old - routine change?
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Today at 17:31:44 »
Hi, I think at this age day starts to rob from night so Iíd be capping the night or pushing BT later. Both mine were well into the 1-0 transition at that age and DS2 had dropped his completely. All are different of course x
i eventually worked on extending her A time... and tried the "sleep training" again every few weeks.
at one point it just started working.
Sleeping For Toddlers / 2.5 yr old - routine change?
« Last post by Abbyw on Today at 15:56:26 »
my DD1 is almost 2.5, and has been a pretty amazing sleeper.
she has started waking up early and I'm wondering if ts time for a routine change.

she used to wake up between 7 and 7:30 and now it ranges from 5:45 to 6:45...on average between 6 and 6:30.
she naps at playgroup at about 11:30 and I've asked the to cap her nap at 1.5 hours. (she would sleep for 2 hours or more if I'd let her) and she goes to sleep between 7 and 7:30 PM.
I know her nap should technically be later in the day but that's when all the other kids nap and she doesn't really want to stay up after them.

should I be capping her nap at 1 hour? Will that help with the early waking?

Sleeping For Toddlers / Same problem... No success
« Last post by LaraAndrea on Today at 00:38:58 »
I cannot get on top of my LO's OT.

She is 2.5 she does short nap at daycare 45 I think, they have not been very specific. At home we have more success with a 60-70 min nap.

We have been trying to get her down by 7, but she just fights for over an hour which is often accompanied by an early wake... Which just makes the next day worse and worse.

It is not too often that I have enough time after work to feed her and get her to bed much earlier than that (forget taking a bath).. the few occasions that I could and tried between 630-645... She just goes to the bathroom 6 times instead of 4 and still fights.

It is so exhausting and frustrating... When this first started she was still averaging 11-11.5h/day... And I seemed more affected... But this past week she is averaging 10-10.5h and the OT seems to be piling up.
Naps / Re: 5 mo old not taking last nap!
« Last post by Katet on Yesterday at 22:08:01 »
If she's screaming later in the day try slightly shorter A times in the day to see if it's not over tired by later in the day. Growing can make them need more sleep at random times (my almost 16yo is eating like a bottom less pit and yesterday he got home from school and slept an hour and went to bed earlier than normal too... I suspect hell grow another couple of inches in the next few weeks. If the last almost 16 years are anything to go by he needs more sleep at a growth spurt, so stands to reason for a 5mo.
Naps / Re: 5 mo old not taking last nap!
« Last post by JennVanessa1083 on Yesterday at 15:00:55 »
I completely agree with your advice about tons of cuddling and baby wearing. It wouldnít concern me if it werenít for the screaming that is happening bc she isnít taking a proper 3rd nap and is super tired during the bedtime routine. We have been putting her down at 6 but I really donít want it to creep up anymore. She seems to need at least 15-15.5 hours of total sleep. Thatís her average. On the days she is clearly OT itís been 14.5. I guess she is high sleep needs total opposite of my older son lol

I can try the top up today to see if it helps.
Naps / Re: 5 mo old not taking last nap!
« Last post by Katet on Yesterday at 06:49:15 »
If sheís unsettled and not sleeping definitely try feeding esp if you are BF Aís supply can drop off later in the day.
Itís also not abnormal to have unsettled periods that come and go at different ages, so it could be a stage that passes.
Be mindful too that sometimes they just need emotional connections and being awake is about getting more Ďcuddlesí to strengthen the attachment. Western culture is very hands off and clock watching, while many other cultures are much more baby wearing and donít see problems where western cultures do. Sometimes itís not food or sleep a baby needs but bonding and being unsettled is sometimes the only way they can communicate that.

Itís quite easy to get caught up in feeling comfort in the quest for the Ďidealí, but in the journey of parenting itís more how we connect in times of the challenges that help us the most. The feeling Ď I must be doing something wrong that Iím not getting sleep like the bookí is a damaging one, where a Ďif he/she wonít sleep, cuddles will never go astrayí attitude is a positive one for everyone.
Any tips on how to squash the frequent night wakings? We average 8 to 10 a night and I'm a zombie. I've tried to feed only evey 2 to 3 hours, but LO still wakes more frequently than that
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