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That is defo a bonus as today is miserable!

Thanks so much for all your help the information you sent was really helpful 😀 I will post over in the sleep forum as I think if the sleep gets better then the feeding may slot into place aswell 😀

These months have been hard and as soon as you think you understand it all goes wrong again! But Iím sure it will get easier eventually haha! 😀
General Sleep Issues / Sleep problem?
« Last post by Jemma27x on Today at 07:09:15 »

I apologise in advance for the long message  ;D

I posted over in feeding with regards to my babyís issues with EASY but really it has come to light that it is more of a sleep issue which stems the whole routine. I have been trying EASY now since LG was 8 weeks and she was 14 weeks on Monday and although I learnt lot about awake times and preventing her from being over tired she has been a lot Ďnicerí in the evening but we are not really any closer to a routine or any predictability ish.

I have fed on demand since baby was about 2 weeks as I tried sticking to a time but LG was such a hungry baby she would scream and scream and itís just what worked for us but her feeding still is a bit all over the place sometimes she wants it every 2 hours sometimes 4 but the main issue is her reflux - when she lays down she gags and is sick if within an hour of a feed and she gets upset with it unless she is asleep so I canít follow the typical E A I have to do A E but thatís okay if itís how it has to be it really depends on her sleep as sometimes it does fall the typical E A it just means I have to try and keep her sat up with activity.

Her main issue though is sleep and In the day itís nearly impossible to get her to self settle - I have tried hand on chest - patting - but unless she is in my arms she wonít sleep. Once she is in her deep sleep I can put her down but she will wake at 45 mins on the dot and will never self settle back for another cycle unless in my arms rocking her - I try to keep her downstairs for her sleeps in the day so she associates her snuzpod with night time sleeps but I think maybe that may be something I should do and start making all her naps in the snuzpod for quiet and calm unless we are out then the pram/car seat? The only issue with that was I didnít want her to start needing her crib to settle to sleep as if we are out that would be an issue and worried about leaving her upstairs while I am out of the room or am I maybe looking into that a bit too much?

Her day can be so varied so itís hard to send an example of times but I know 100% she will have a long Awake time from when she gets up in the morning usually 1 hour 45 mins sometimes longer - her first nap of the day will always be 45 minutes after this even if Iím out in the pram or the car she will wake up - she then has another large awake time for around 1 hour 45 mins and then she tends to be sleepy in the afternoon and will sleep an hour and a half have a bottle and short activity and then again sleep an hour and a half but will only sleep that long if Iím holding her or pick her up and put her down otherwise she has 45 minutes but i can tell she is cranky and she doesnít give many smiles hardly any eye contact etc. She then will have a long Awake time again about 1 hour 45 this is usually at  around 5ish and she is quite happy on this one and then will have a 45 minute nap and then itís anyones guess if she will be happy or moody in the evening but she tends to go to sleep around half 9 so sometimes she even has another 45 minute nap depending how the day has gone but I have tried getting to go to sleep earlier but she just wakes up but when she goes to sleep at 9 half 9 thatís her out for a few hours. She then will generally sleep untill half 3 and then stir a bit - i put my hand in and can prolong her for a bit but it depends really but we have had some random sleeps untill 5 - after that she is very restless untill I give up around 7ish.

I saw something which said they shouldnít really be awake longer than an hour 45 so I try to get her to wind down a little if itís getting to a long time awake but maybe Iím overstimulating?

I think she clearly can self settle herself at night for her to be able to go a long time so there is something Iím doing in the day which she just isnít settling - a few times I have tried her up In her crib in the day if Iím pottering around upstairs but she still wakes up after 45 minutes itís only when holding her she goes longer.

I know she probably wonít ever be perfect I just donít want her to get a bad habit of me settling her to sleep- I think itís probably since she has had bad reflux I have always had to keep her up and hold her for 15-20 minutes before laying her down when she was little so in that time she has fallen asleep and so she has probably gotten used to it now.

Sorry again for the long message I hope it makes sense and any help is greatly appreciated..

If you do want me to send a weeks rough example then I can do  :) :)
Bottle Feeding / Re: 11 month going off milk
« Last post by Tilsley1471 on Today at 05:43:34 »
Thank you for your reply  :)

She has her milk in a sippee cup - she refuses the bottle which I guess makes it easier for me in terms of weaning her off them.

I tried spacing the evening milk last night so it was 2.5 hours in between and she still only took 3oz. This morning I've tried it in her sippee cup (with valve), sippee cup without valve, her free flow cup and her munchkin cup but she wasn't interested at all. I did try an oz of cows milk too but again she didn't want that.

I did wonder teething but she has 8 now so I think her next ones are her molars but other than her putting her hands in her mouth, she's not showing any other signs and happily takes water from her cup and is eating but I will give a gel ago and trying milk at snack time - thank you
Naps / Re: Losing the way to naps
« Last post by Ssa on Today at 03:17:55 »
Ok great - thanks very much for all your help!
Night Wakings / Re: 13 weeks old having frequent night wakings
« Last post by Katet on Today at 00:38:34 »
The 3 month growth spurt is a big one...with my second it lasted for almost 2 weeks, which was a shock after how easily he slept before that. I didn't know that much withy first but I do remember between 3 and 4 months his feeding time and frequency changed a lot.
A lot of mums used to give up BF at 3 months saying 'I dont make enough milk' the reality is more they weren't prepared for  growth Spurt that was even more demanding than a newborn, so the problem is probably that you havent reached the end of the growth spurt.

FYI a growth spurt in a BF baby is to change the consistency of the milk not the volume and so lots of feeding sends messages as to what is needed. Rather than being totally about the baby growing lots.
Naps / 1st time parents w/5 month old -- Multiple sleep issues
« Last post by Krisberg on Yesterday at 23:52:40 »
After reading some of the interviews here, my wife and I are guilty of accidental parenting  :'( . Our 5 month old won't nap in the crib at all, he stares at the mobile and rolls over for a while before throwing a fit.  The only way he naps when at home with dad is being driven around in the car.  My wife can settle him down after 10-20 mins of pat/shh but he only stays napping for about 30-45 mins and most of the time he wants to BF to get to sleep.  The nights have gotten worse once he hit 4 months and now only sleeps in 45 min - 2hr intervals at night and we are going crazy.  He was using a pacifier when he was younger but now refuses that and instead seems to be using my wife as the pacifier.  Occasionally he will nap during the day for a 3 hr period if he is being held.  All in all, it seems like everything I've read here we are doing is wrong.

How do we get him to nap in the crib?

How can i get him to nap without having to drive him around?

How can we get him to sleep for longer than 2 hr stretches at night?

How can we get our sanity back?

Please help us with some of the issues if you can.  Thank you.
Bottle Feeding / Re: 11 month going off milk
« Last post by Lolly on Yesterday at 21:29:40 »
They do start doing all sorts of things when they get to the 1 year mark!

Although you do still need to push the milk for the next few weeks at least, you can give more dairy products in her food so she still gets the nutrients. Can you move her dinner a bit earlier and the bed time bottle a bit later to space them out a bit more? Is she having the morning and bedtime milk in a cup or the bottle? If it's still the bottle, try the cup instead.

The other thing that could be having an impact is teething, that often puts them off their bottles. You could try teething gel just before a bottle to see if that helps. My DD got very fussy with her morning bottle around 1 so I gave her breakfast first, usually cereal with milk so a few oz there and then a snack mid morning with a drink of milk. That suited her a lot better. There's not rules to say when they should have their milk so you could play with the timings a bit.


Bottle Feeding / Re: Help needed as everything is going wrong with routine!
« Last post by Lolly on Yesterday at 21:22:03 »
Hope you have a lovely holiday, I appreciate your help 😀 x

We did thanks! We went to North Wales and the weather actually behaved for us which was a bonus! ;D

Sounds like you need to work on independent sleep and stretch that A time to a more appropriate length consistently. Have a look at this link, there's lots of info for the age your LO is now.

I would start by letting her get drowsy in your arms then laying her down before she's asleep and then using shh/pat to help her get to sleep. It does take a bit of work but it's worth it. You can also use it for extending naps by patting when she starts to stir, but you need the A time long enough for that or she won't be tired enough to transition into another sleep cycle.

Here is a shh/pat link

I think your sleep issue is probably more of a priority than the bottle issues really, if she is gaining weight and is alert when she is awake she will be getting enough milk. My DD was a refluxer and was taking less than half the recommended amount for her size for a very long time but she stuck like glue to the 91st centile and gained weight just fine ::) met all her milestones on time or early and generally thrived on fresh air (wait until the toddler years when they really do live on fresh air... :P). You would probably be better starting a post on the sleep boards, the ladies there may be of more help as my sleep deprived days are long gone... ;D Not that I'm trying to get rid of you, I just think you'll get more help in sleep!! You are welcome to keep posting here if you prefer though!

You are doing really well though, these early months are just plain tough.

Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Multiple night wakings - 19 months
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Yesterday at 18:58:57 »
No problem, itís all about the tweaking 😁
Night Wakings / Re: 8.5 mo wakes up 3-5 times and not resettling
« Last post by foreignmom on Yesterday at 18:50:08 »
Thanks a lot Creations and Becj86. You both are so helpful that I cant thank enough. Its been three days and I did like that :
Wake up: ~ 7.00
Nap 1 : 11.00 to 12.25 ~
Nap 2 : 16.30 to 17.00 or 17.10 ( he woke himself )
Bt: 20.00
Roughly this routine. I plan to move to one nap by decreasing rhe cat nap gradually. I did a long am and short pm nap because his pm nap is always unpredictable. Lots of times he napped suprisingly short after short am naps so I prefer long am short pm nap to guarantee. Good news is he wakes at night but goes back to sleep after quick night feeds again.He doesnt wake fully and cry. I know its not an ideal situation for a almost nine month old baby to feed two or three times at night but even this improvement relieved us a lot.
He doesnt associate breastfeed with sleep for naps or bed time. Sometimes fully independently, sometimes a little shht pat. But when he wakes at night he wants bf. Thats why Im sending dh. He gives him water and shh pats sometimes goes back to sleep sometimes doesnt go back to sleep and I feed. For example: at 12- 3 and 5.30 am.Or 12-4 and 6 am. Always changes so I think he is hungry but refuses more solids or formula at daytime. Only breastfeed and very little solids. How can I night wean without making him cry? I try Pantleys gradual method bu he woke even more times.
Thanks in advance.
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