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Hi, thanks for your reply! 

Yes, I am sure teething definitely has some play in his sleep issues currently, as well as his demeanor during the day.  He literally has never given me a full night of sleep though, so I can't imagine that is always the issue.  His naps have been quite crummy the past week too.  DD is 3 and had many bouts of sleep issues so lack of sleep is unfortunately not new to me, but it is definitely taking a toll on my attitude in general during the day being so overly sleep-deprived. 

As far as BT goes, for a while I was taking him up to nurse and bath at 6 and he would be asleep by 6:45/7, but then I stopped nursing him before bed when I was giving him the oat milk, so his routine wasn't taking as long and I started taking him up for bath at 6:30 and laying him down right around 7.  He was always pretty quick to fall asleep, usually within 5 minutes of laying down.  Not that I stopped the oat milk he just gets water right before bed.  I thought that maybe slowly moving his BT later would adjust his morning wake-up later (as I would for a time change), but that doesn't seem to be the case.  His shorter naps aren't helping either, since that makes his A to BT longer.  I can definitely try putting him down earlier again so he is asleep by 6:45/7 and see if that helps.  I'm always afraid that he will wake up for the day even earlier then though. 

With a set nap time, should he theoretically take the same length nap regardless of whether he wakes up at 5:55 vs 6:20?  Or would I end up with UT or OT naps?  He will be starting daycare in August when I start back at work, so he will have nap at 12:45/1:00 then. 

Here are the last few days:
WU 6:20, nap 12:40-1:45 woke crying and tried to pat/rock back to sleep but no luck (OT?), Sleep 7:05, woke 11:35, 2:30, 4:55
WU 6:20, nap 12:30-2 woke unhappy but wasn't going to go back to sleep, Sleep 7:25, woke 12:15, 5:15
WU 6:00, nap 12:20-1:35 woke crying and tried to get him back to sleep but no, Sleep 7:20, woke 2:00, 5:45
WU 6:20, nap 12:40-2:10 (not long but was happy when he woke-UT?), Sleep 7:15, woke 12:05, 2:40, 4:10
WU 6:00, nap 12:15-1:35 (not long but woke happy)

Not sure why he is taking these short naps all of a sudden because he was on a good streak of 2hr-2hr45min naps for a while.  At first I thought it was UT, so I increased his A time by 15 mins like I did previously when short naps would occur but that doesn't seem to be helping.  Will the set nap time sort this out?

I have been nursing him every time he wakes because I just want to get back to sleep, but I think now he just expects that.  And when he wakes at the 5:00 times I always just keep him on me in the rocking chair until he wakes for the day.  I'm not sure that he is even taking in much milk during the night feeds since I can't possibly be producing as much with only one feed a day.  And his diaper isn't that wet when he wakes in the morning either. 

With solids, he was having issues for a while with swallowing whole foods, so he was getting mostly purees up until a week or two ago when he finally figured out how to swallow the whole food.  But he eats a decent amount at each meal and throughout the day now.  I do hate that he has the dairy allergy because that eliminates so many higher calorie foods that would normally be my go-to.  He eats a decent amount of meat, and we give him coconut milk or almond milk yogurt which is comparable to whole milk yogurt in macros.  I have offered him coconut milk, hemp milk, and almond milk to drink but he was not a fan of any of those like he was of the oat milk.  And the almond milk has basically no calories anyways.  We actually started tracking his nutrients in an app today to see exactly what he is getting, so I'm interested to see what he is actually eating. 

I would rather not continue nursing him, mainly because I have been eliminating dairy for the last 5 months and would like to go back to eating normal foods again without putting him at any risk, although I know that is selfish of me.  He didn't have any significant reactions when I was eating dairy, but I don't know if me starting to eat it again and continue nursing him would put him at a higher chance of not outgrowing the allergy or if it would cause more eczema and gas flare ups.  I suppose I could try reintroducing the feed before bed for a few days in hopes that it might eliminate the middle of the night feeds, and then try to introduce another type of "milk" or drink to replace it once he starts sleeping better? 

The other issue is that we are going to the beach in a few weeks with extended family, so to have him waking up multiple times a night when we are all sleeping in the same room is going to wreak havoc on everyone's sleep, DD's being of the most concern to me as I don't need her waking up and then having a vicious cycle of them keeping each other awake.  He already wakes her up too early here when he is up at 6 playing around in his room. :(

Would it be worth it/fair to him to try getting him back to sleep without nursing him when he wakes earlier in the night and just deal with the screaming and crying, and wait to nurse til the 5ish wakings if necessary?  I don't want to deprive him of any nutritional needs or comfort, but we all need to get back to sleeping a full night.  He definitely doesn't need to be nursing 2-3 times a night at this point, does he?  I do only nurse him on one side each time he wakes so it's not a full feed when he wakes. 

Thanks for your help!
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Today at 18:05:31 »
😂😂😂 glad its not just mine thats horrific on a car journey 🤦‍♀️
Im happy with a car nap too, especially as we are meeting relatives camping with us so littly will be wired anyway so at least wed not be overtired and going well past it.

Shes had a much happier day today so fingers crossed for a better night. I think weve had a build up of ot all week. Shes been waking early every day were normally shed been having at least one or two lie ins to catch up. She slept in til 7:45 this morning so at least made up for her night wake up.
Threenager and nap drop combined, happy days 😳🤦‍♀️🙈
Shes definitely playing power games though. She can be happily eating her meal then decide she wants to put herself in the naughty corner! Then has a benny when I say she isnt being naughty. Talk about button pushing eh? 😂
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Never ending "Growth Spurt" ??
« Last post by creations on Today at 17:33:14 »
. She then woke up from her nap at 45 min and I resettled her... It took quite a while, but she did eventually go back. She rarely needs resettling, so I'm not sure if this was hunger or UT because we shortened her A a bit....
What was the reason for shortening her A time before this nap?  I wonder if it's worth trying again what you did today but with the regular A time and see how she goes hunger wise.  That nap sounds more like UT than hunger to me - but you are there with her so really only you know.

.I panicked and woke her up with 3hs S. She was in deep sleep!!!
Wow that's a long nap!  I think I would have woken her at 3hrs too, she was probably hungry by then, yes?
I wonder if she has some OT built up from having all naps capped each day.  She might not really "need" 3hr nap ordinarily but could have taken the opportunity to catch up a bit if she's had a sleep deficit for a while.
I'm crossing my fingers for you that the rest of the day went okay and that you all have a good night.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Today at 16:45:04 »
Just think 6 hours awake in the car could be horrific lol Id take a nap and late bedtime x
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Never ending "Growth Spurt" ??
« Last post by alanconceicao on Today at 15:39:17 »
Oh, i forgot to mention that she woke 2:40am, fed and stayed awake in her crib till around 3:30am... Not crying, just making fussy sounds...

So..I panicked and woke her up with 3hs S. She was in deep sleep!!!
Now we're planning to get a catnap in and then BT with a shorter A. We'll see how it goes tonight....
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Today at 15:25:46 »
All teeth accounted for darn it, cant blame them anymore. Im thinking maybe a little or build up maybe. She was tired yesterday. Seems in a better mood today so fingers crossed for a better night tonight. Not sure if she got too hot at one point as her heater temp had been upped, little fingers fiddling!! Weve dropped it now so hopefully that wont play a part 🙄
Shes just keeping us on our toes before our holiday. 6 hour car journey on Friday 😳. Doubt well manage to avoid any kind of naps 🤦‍♀️
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Never ending "Growth Spurt" ??
« Last post by alanconceicao on Today at 14:36:44 »
Hi creations, thank you for your reply!

This morning she fed when she woke up and from both breasts, which she doesn't always do... So that was quite a lot. We decided to watch closely for hunger signs and because they weren't so clear in this first A, I didn't repeat the feed before her nap. She then woke up from her nap at 45 min and I resettled her... It took quite a while, but she did eventually go back. She rarely needs resettling, so I'm not sure if this was hunger or UT because we shortened her A a bit....
I then left her to wake up by herself and she woke up with 2h10.
Again I fed her and it was a full feed. But this second A she got fussy at around 1h (she does 1h30/1h40 A) and I ended up feeding her before her nap. It was a full feed!!  :o
We decided not to wake her again to see what would happen and I'm freaking out because she's been asleep for almost 3hs!!!!!  :o

I'm very confused...

Last night was really bad. She again woke up after 30 min after BT,. I fed her, she took an hour to go back to sleep, then did another 30 min catnap! 40 min later she finally managed to sleep for the night.....  :-\
Breast Feeding / Re: Rooting 10 minutes after full feed
« Last post by Mrskwok on Today at 13:58:57 »
The nappies are good. Lots of pee and poos.
I tried swaddling and putting him down for naps and he seems to fall asleep ok!

He hasn't been checked for tongue-tiedness but I went to the breastfeeding clinic and they said he was latching on ok.. we weighed him before and after feed that time and he seemed to have taken enough. But this was before he startrd rooting like this since it only happened this week.
Breast Feeding / Re: Night weaning?
« Last post by eva026 on Today at 12:02:25 »
Shes also refusing some of the daytime bf but Im not pushing it. Figured shes 2 weeks off 12 mo anyway. I offer solids if she wont bf. Is that ok ?
Today she bf 7.30am, breakfast solids, tried bf 12 but she refused so gave her lunch. Tried bf around 2 but she refused, she bf at 4, snack, dinner then tried to bf for BT but she refused again.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Cuddling to sleep
« Last post by creations on Today at 10:05:42 »
Hi there

To be honest I'm not sure I would change much.  When a second LO comes into the mix the first LO needs lots of attention and cuddles and reassurance that they are still as important as they were before and allocating some special mummy (or daddy) time to LO1 is probably even more important than it was when they were the only child.  The new LO will need heaps of time and attention and really 10-20 mins of BT dedicated to LO1isn't so much to put aside for him.
I can understand that starting in one room and carrying him to another to put him down may become increasingly harder as he gets bigger, heavier, and perhaps will be too much after giving birth perhaps change this up to get it all happening in his room, perhaps cuddling on his bed so you can just lay him down right there, and gradually shift so that he gets a really good cuddle and then is awake enough to be helpful with the physical moving and laying down.  Perhaps you can lay on his bed with him?

If he was waking and unable to self settle in the night I'd probably be thinking differently but it seems it is only the10-20 mins of wind down and falling to sleep that is the issue and to be honest most kids would have 10-20 mins of wind down for sleep even if they are independent sleepers.  As a LO gets older the 10-20 mins might change from cuddles and nodding off to reading a bed time story, but it is all still paving the way to relaxed sleep full of love and happiness, it is setting the scene for sleep.

My own LO is 7yo now.  When he was a baby and toddler he was never cuddled to sleep, he had a cuddle and song and then into his bed, it was pretty fast as he didn't like a long wind down. But when he was 4yo I moved him from his small toddler bed to a double bed - big enough for us both to snuggle in and read at bed time.  Now we snuggle for 10-20 mins with a book, then when the light goes off he has his regular night time song and a cuddle in bed.  He never ever falls asleep, he is fully awake (awake enough to take his pjs off by himself after the song so he can sleep in just shorts) but the time we have together is precious.  I honestly never thought we would progress from cuddles on a chair to me actually getting into bed with him, but it's lovely.

I think if you wanted to shift the routine into yourLO1s room I would begin by talking it through during A time when sleep is not about to happen. I would talk about it and then invite him to the room to demonstrate how it will happen, describing all the time how you will cuddle him and be there with him.  Make it a nice experience but let him process it a bit before the actual sleep time begins.

hope this helps
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