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Naps / Re: 5 mo old not taking last nap!
« Last post by Aimi on Yesterday at 15:04:00 »
I think (and hope) so, she seems hungry all the time! But last night she did 2 4hour streches at least. I'm thinking I should start adding protein and fat to her foods so she'll get more calories. So far she's only getting fruit and rootvegetables. What foods are you giving Aria?

Yay for the long naps! 😀 but NW are no fun. 😳 The other night L woke up 2,20 after her dreamfeed and I thought that she can't be hungry so I tried to put her back for half an hour but then she started trying to eat me so I gave up and fed her. Don't know if our NWs are hunger or not but  for now I just feed her..🙄

I'm wondering if the 3:2 and difference in how long tve days are is resulting in NWs, it's certanly confusing for L. When we do 2 naps she usually wake up after 30min as if it was a catnap..

We do the same A before bed or a little longer since we did that accidentaly once and it worked very well. Just try and see what happens!
General Sleep Issues / Re: My 7 WO takes forever to fall asleep
« Last post by NZG on Yesterday at 13:06:33 »
Thanks, Katet!
Did you find there is anything that calmed him quicker? Did you manage drowsy but awake once he was older?
General Sleep Issues / Re: My 7 WO takes forever to fall asleep
« Last post by Katet on Yesterday at 08:26:48 »
It might feel like he's 'older' but it may not be until past 3 months that he falls asleep faster, but having had a spirited/grumpy I found he never did the lovely 5 min routine I had with my it maybe that it's the long haul. The good thing is by 6 or 7 months it's only 2 naps and bedtime.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Wake to sleep for early wakings
« Last post by Katet on Yesterday at 08:23:14 »
It may work, but some children are wired to be early riser. I know my youngest woke between 5 &6 until he gave up naps ND then woke around 6 until he hit 13years old! Now at 14 he wakes after 7 even on weekends and Holidays, which is early for a teenager
General Sleep Issues / My 7 WO takes forever to fall asleep
« Last post by NZG on Yesterday at 08:09:51 »

We have a beautiful 7wo spirited/touchy boy. We tried for EASY from the beginning. I always BF after he wakes up and try not letting him fall back asleep. Up to 6 weeks he had colic and seemed to be OT every time we put him down. There was no way we would try putting him down drowsy but awake. Now, the colic has resolved but he still seems reluctant to fall asleep for naps. I start the routine (going to the bedroom, swaddling, a bit of cuddles) about 50 min after he wakes (after I see yawns again- he yawns immediately after he wakes up, too). He then naps anywhere between 30 min to 2 hours (that is if I stay in the room for at least 15-20 mins after he is asleep). The issue is I have to carry and bounce him for at least 20 mins and then try to put him down asleep. If I try awake, he always starts crying. Most of the times he also starts crying as soon as we get to the bedroom... I don't want him to have a negative association to sleeping, but there is no way he falls asleep without crying.

Our nights are mostly OK- he falls asleep at about 8:30, wakes about every 3-4 hours, if we don't need to change the diaper he usually falls back asleep. At about 4 AM he has gas every night, sometimes I take him to rest on my tummy, as that calms him. He sleeps until about 7:30.

How can I shorten the lulling to sleep?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Wake to sleep for early wakings
« Last post by Gella75 on Yesterday at 06:38:36 »
Hi everyone. My 18 month old has been waking up early for months between 5am and 6am. I have tried earlier bedtime, later bedtime, moving naps around but nothing has worked. So as I last resort I tried the wake to sleep method. I went in at 4.30am and disturbed her and she then slept untill gone 6am most mornings. However, after doing it for 3days I missed a day and then did another 2 days and then stopped. She’s gone back to waking before 6am. Should I start again? Or is this a sign that it won’t work! I don’t know what to do next! Any advice please
Naps / Re: 5 mo old not taking last nap!
« Last post by JennVanessa1083 on August 15, 2019, 14:36:05 pm »
Oh no!! Do you think she’s going through a growth spurt?

We are still doing 2 meals a day about 2 tablespoons at each meal. Thinking of transitioning to BLW since I got the ok from the pediatrician. Should be interesting since she’s not quite there in her grabbing skills and loves to eat lol

We got 2NW last night. I fed at both and she settled quickly for the first one at 11:30 but then at 4:30ish she took about a half hour to fall asleep again. Then my DH told me she woke up again at 5:30 fell back asleep at 6 then was in and out until about 7:30 am.

We did two long naps yesterday on 2.5-2.75 A then 2.25 to bed. She fell asleep rather quickly but maybe too little A? It was an 11 hour day.
Night Wakings / Could someone check night routine
« Last post by Julie777 on August 15, 2019, 04:55:04 am »
My LO has had her ups and downs in her 11m4w 😂
She was a very temperamental baby, cried a lot, rarely napped and when she did it was between 10mins and 1h but more towards the 10min side
I was desperate and bought every sleep training book, watched every YouTube video, did PUPD for almost a month with no success, gradual retreat was the same, tried cry it out onenap and crumbled over how hysterical she got 20m in, the health visitors talk to me as if I’m refusing to sleep train despite showing them and telling them the lengths we have gone to try and get her to self soothe but with no success

Over the past 2m her naps have improved, with 2 naps at 8am and 1pm between 1-2h 🎉

However, naps are no longer the issue but she has NEVER been able to sleep through the night and often wakes at least 2x and get wide awake time is between 430-5am

I work evenings till midnight, husband works mornings at 6 so it is slowly stripping away at us and wondered if someone can check we aren’t doing something silly that is causing this because we are being spoken to by people telling us how easy sleep training is😕

Age:1w away from 1y - dark room and “rain on tent” white noise on constant

Wake:430/5am - changed/7oz bottle
Nap: 730/8am - shows signs of tiredness / crabbiness
Wakes:930/10am - up, changed, breakfast(oats and fruit) then playing and walks and bottle close to nap time
Nap: 12/1pm
Wakes:2ish pm - lunch (solids), milk, playing, walks

This is all fine, now is where the trouble starts

530pm gets dinner - slowly begins to wind down any stimulation before bedtime routine
7pm - bedtime routine - bath, 8ozbottle, cuddles, uses pacifier but often rejects it when about to fall asleep.  She will not go down unless she falls asleep in arms / if you put her down even just asleep or drowsy, she wakes up and is more alert than before.

She usually stays sound asleep but wriggles up the cot and at 11pm often has hit the top of the cot and wakes.
She won’t settle until we give her a bottle, we have began lowering her formula in her water (is 5oz water,3scoops) as we think she is Dependent on the milk

After an hour, same as bed routine, asleep when she is put in cot

130-2am wakes again often because she’s made her way up crib again, cuddles, changed, cuddles (can’t change her straight away as she wakes up and cries 🤷‍♀️

Again, at times an hour or more to get back down

4-5am wide awake

We’re at a loss,drained and just given up and accepting this is just how it is.  We’re envious of friends babies who are same age  who sleep all night without sleep training

Today, I’ve introduced a breathable blanket, tucks sides in andof course movement monitor on for every sleep
Feeding Solid Food / 7 Month old Starting to spit up now
« Last post by DaniRose on August 14, 2019, 17:49:24 pm »
Hi. My son is 7 months and has been on solids for 6 weeks Now. He always nurses prior to eating solids and I don’t feel like his milk intake has changed.  However, over the last few weeks he has started spitting up substantial amounts, when he wasn’t this way before.  Sometimes the spitting up doesn’t bother him but other times he groans and doesn’t seem happy until he spits up and then seems relieved. This doesn’t seem to be related to a specific food either and nothing has changed in my diet. Has anyone else experienced this?
Naps / Re: 5 mo old not taking last nap!
« Last post by Aimi on August 14, 2019, 11:15:08 am »
Well, I think she's doing quite well, we're doing three times a day now and I've started increasing the amount since she opens her mouth for more 🙂 I'm not quite sure how much of it actually makes it in to her though as a lot seems to be in her face and unfortunately her hair..😳 she's not gaining as quickly and is up every 2,5-3 hours at night so I'm thinking she might need more calories, will se if the increased solids will help cause I'm going a bit crazy with these nights..migjt be a growth spurt I guess. She weighs about 7 kilos now and was 3,5 at birth. How about Aria? She seems to be lasting well at night!

We're also in the 3:2 facing the same problem, and when I put her to bed early she wakes up earlier aswell (yay) and then the next day gets even more screwed up. 🤯
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