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He sleeps (naps) on my bed so putting him in the playpen for naps would be a big change. lol

Maybe just nighttime in playpen at first?

My older son (top bunk) could share a bed with his big sister (queen bed) or with me temporarily (king bed)
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Yesterday at 19:54:50 »
Oh sorry was confused with when daddy returns/returned!

Definitely good to be able to go with the flow a bit as the 1-0 nap transition is a bit wing it and see 😉
Breast Feeding / 6 day trip away from 11mo...
« Last post by Jaybo227 on Yesterday at 16:03:18 »
Hi mama friends... Iíd love your advice. My husband and I have to travel out of state for a family wedding just a few days after my ds turns 11 months. We were planning to take him, but itís going to be very difficult travel days and long flights... for reasons I think we can all understand, it might be better for all if we can leave him with family. Weíre exclusively bf (4 times daily right now) but he LOVES solids and is rocking finger foods at almost 10mo.

Hereís my question... is it reasonable to partially wean him to 1-2 feedings by then? Is that enough milk to be healthy? We were planning to totally wean between 12-13 months anyway. Iím just trying to calculate how much milk I would need to have pumped in order to leave him, and obviously 2 bottles a day is easier to store up than 4 bottles a day!!  Thoughts? This my third but for the life I canít remember how much my girls were nursing at 11 months! Lol!
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Short naps!
« Last post by Carly11 on Yesterday at 14:10:30 »
Thanks Deb! I thought she was going through a growth spurt too as we were down to two feeds per night (without DF) and recently had gone to 3! When she gets so tired full feedings go out the window so what you did does sound like it could work!
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Catch up for OT 2.5 year old?
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Yesterday at 12:38:57 »
No advice really but support as we are going through similar with our dd at almost 33 months. Weíve just this week cut the nap to 45 mins from an hour in the hope we can wean her down that way. We were having ew as opposed to delaying bedtime, although a longer nap would result in delayed by and ew!!!  :o
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Nearly 3 year old wake ups
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Yesterday at 12:35:47 »
Does she still nap?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Yesterday at 12:33:38 »
Hi, daddy wasnít back at that point so wasnít that. Weíve done a few days of shorter naps, yesterday at Nursery was the shortest at 30 mins and she happily went to bed at her usual bedtime. Not sure what time she woke this morning as her monitor wasnít working so I couldnít check. Sheís been in a good mood, no major meltdowns so I think Iím just gonna go with the flo. I donít really want to move bedtime earlier if I can help it cos she loves to watch bedtime hour and knows she has her bath after and then to bed. If she looks really tired I may shorten bathtime by 10 mins or so.
Fingers crossed she manages to tag extra sleep onto her mornings 🤦‍♀️
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Short naps!
« Last post by deb on Yesterday at 11:22:52 »
This was our experience around that time:
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Short naps!
« Last post by Carly11 on Yesterday at 08:11:15 »
I use a dummy sometimes but it doesnít seem to make a difference whether she goes to sleep with or without it, but I should be more consistent really.
Dark room, white noise, bassinet in bedroom. I always try and extend when she wakes up sometimes it works sometimes it dosnt.

If I try and extend A times she just gets worked up and thatís when I get the 30mins.

I also think sometimes like youíve said, Iíve reduced the A time to make up for the short nap but ends with a UT nap  :o
I'd prob move the play pen into the other room too and I'd prob continue to use it for a while if there is space in the room.  The transition to BBB always has a chance of LO getting up out of bed where as I'm assuming he is staying inside his playpen (or perhaps not? is he climbing out?).

Whichever way you go the disturbance is probably only going to be 3 days or a week before things settle down. Things may not be perfect after the first week but would be significantly better.  Just try to keep that in mind when you start your transition.  I always worried about big changes like this but the worst was 3 days/nights before settling which really isn't so bad.
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