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Night Wakings / Re: 5.5months transitioned to 2naps but still NWs
« Last post by ZanesOTmom on Today at 19:24:04 »
Just an update. He slept 4.5hrs to eat last night then slept for another 6hrs. Woke up at 0640, picked up at 0700. AT was 3.15 before am nap, still wanting to play at 3h. That seems to be the magic AT as he slept for 45mins (I tried almost hugging in crib but he got more alert and started pushing and kicking me :-S). Once he's resettled (picked up then crib when drowsy, took 4mins) he slept another 1.15h and I had to wake him. AMAZING! Will try again tomorrow and hopefully this is not just a fluke. Maybe I can replicate in pm, we'll see. Maybe he's finally maturing sleep-wise? I've been waiting for this day to come!!!!
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Any ideas around nursery run?
« Last post by creations on Today at 19:09:51 »
3 night feeds for an almost 1yo is really not needed. you will probably have a few sleepless nights to drop them but you can be safe in knowing that he just doesn't need it. Those calories need to be taken in the day.
I would start with cutting down to 2 NFs, be consistent, decide which you are going to resettle for and go for it, feed at the other 2.  After a few days cut the next one, and so on.
Be prepared to feed more during the day. At this age solids is the primary source of food, I know your LO is not quite 12 months yet but almost.  So, 3 good meals, 2 snack (solids) and 2 servings of milk (usually WU and BT but doesn't have to be).

Good luck
E.A.S.Y. Forum / 16 weeks & 4 hour EASY?
« Last post by Jlamarie on Today at 18:53:26 »
Hello! First time poster, long time lurker/fan of BW here :)

My LG is 16 weeks old and has been on EASY since birth. She's been a total angel for the past 4 weeks, which I completely credit BW and these forums for! I started shh/pat at 6 weeks, and starting from ~12 weeks on she's slept through the night completely, no NW, self-soothes to sleep for all naps & BT and can for the most part connect her sleep cycles on her own (although we did have a rough week or so of serial cat napping). We had been on a 3 hour EASY but I then noticed she wasn't hungry at the 3 hour mark, and occasionally even stretched to 4 hours (due to extra long naps) with no issue. So we're currently on ~3.5 hour EASY.

Our issue is in the last 2 days, it's as if she's completely un-learned how to self soothe and is NOT settling for naps, resulting in crazy long AT. She's swaddled with one arm out (I tried both arms out in a sleep sack a week ago and she just flailed and wouldn't settle, so I'll try again a bit later) and we've had the same sleep time wind down routine since she was 6 weeks old. I'm really not sure what this could be - is it the 4 month regression? Is she telling me she needs more AT? Do I need to re-evaluate my wind down routine?

If someone could have a look at our routine below, and let me know what I'm missing, I'd really appreciate it. I'm hoping she's just telling me she needs a schedule change!

Here's what our routine looked like before:
WU: 7am
E: 7am
S: 8:30-10:30am
E: 10:30am
S: 12:10pm- ~1:50pm
E: 2:00pm
S: 3:40-4:30pm
E: 5:00pm
BT: ~6:30pm

Here's yesterday:
WU: 7:30am
E: 7:30
S: 9:40-11:45am (whoa!! She would not fall asleep, she did her normal chat to her invisible friends but took about 30 minutes with this and then started full on crying, I went in and SP until she finally went down)
E: 11:45am
S: 2:12-2:47pm (yikes, again a crazy long AT! same as before, just would not self-soothe and worked herself up to a full cry)
E: 3pm
S: 4:37-5:17pm
E: 5:50pm
BT: 7:08pm (I tried an extra long wind-down routine and she fell asleep within 3 mins of laying her down)

Here's today so far:
WU: 7:15am
E: 7:20am
S: 8:47-11:15am (she was yawning & rubbing her eyes like crazy and was asleep within a few mins of laying her down awake)
E: 11:20am
S: 1:23pm - ... (absolute scream fest to get her to sleep! She nearly fell asleep on me during our wind down routine starting at 1h 30 AT, but the second I laid her in the crib it was a total nightmare. I can hear her now making noises in her crib, and it's only been 26 minutes!)
Breast Feeding / Re: 4months old- wakes up frequently at night
« Last post by lololove on Today at 18:27:16 »
During the day, he gets pussy when he is sleepy then I put him down on bed and give him a paci. He is pussy & cranky but falls asleep after a while.

Recently I changed a night feeding method.
- 8pm feeding putting him down
- 12pm DF
Then he wakes up 3-5times like 2am 4am 6am.
And I give him a paci and let him cry without feeding.
He cries 10mins to 30mins(first night was a challenge..) but he slowly goes back to sleep quickly.
(Or, he doesn't even cry but pussy when he wakes, then he goes back to sleep right away after I give him a paci)
Then I try to feed him at 7am.

Actually he woke up fewer times this way than I fed him whenever he wakes.
Do you think this method ok to baby(mentally & physically)?

Naps / How to wean shhh/patting?
« Last post by CanadianMum on Today at 17:35:47 »
Hello again!

My DD is now 18 weeks old and her day currently looks like this:

W: 6:30
E: 6:35
A: 2 h
S: 8:30- 10:00 (falls asleep in crib with paci and shh/pat, wakes at 42 min, easily shh/pats back to sleep when paci put back in)

E: 10:05
A: 2h
S: 12- 1:30 or 2 (same as above nap)

E: 2:00
A: 2h
S: 4-4:45

E: 4:45
E: 6:15
S: in bed around 6:30, sleep by 7:00

If she wakes up at 1:30 from her nap or starts her day early, we end up doing two cat naps to prevent OT at bedtime.

NW: usually 2- around 11, around 3. Often wakes at 5:15 and easily shh/pats back to bed. Have tried dream feed unsuccessfully many times (won't latch!). On a bad night, she will wake up more times than that but I can quickly shh/pat her back to sleep without feeding. I do not feed if it hasn't been at least 3 hours since she last ate.

My question is how to wean shhh/patting. We only began using shh/pat about 3 weeks ago. Prior to that I was rocking to sleep so I am very happy that she is learning to self soothe! I usually stay in the room for about 10 minutes after she closes her eyes. If I leave prior to that, she almost always wakes back up and I have to start over. At what age do they start to tie sleep cycles together typically? And should I just keep staying in for 10 minutes until then? She tends to stare at me while falling asleep even though I don't make eye contact so I am afraid I am becoming a prop! I don't turn her on her side or cover her eyes because she gets agitated. She has done a handful of 1.5-2 hour naps on her own without intervention since we started this shhh/pat.

Any help greatly appreciated! Mostly I am very happy with this routine but we have only gotten this far thanks to this forum so I'm very appreciative!
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Any ideas around nursery run?
« Last post by Murdock on Today at 17:05:43 »

Thanks so much for your thoughts.

Ok - I'll start focusing on the sleep training. Do you think it's worth trying to get to 4 hrs first between feeds? And re-settle everything else? Or just go for it.

He generally does eat three times during the night at the moment - oops  :-[ He's not a great eater during the day - far too distracted with the world to bother. (or maybe too full up from the night time nonsense!!) So I'll work on more food during the day as well.

The 2 x hr naps could well work time wise. Although, I had to wake him from the morning nap today at about 1hr 15mins and he's been a grump-ster this afternoon! So if that became the normal mood - I guess I might be better off waking him a bit earlier in the morning to keep a decent nap before pre-school. Hmmm - something to think about.

Thanks again for your help. I'll get my night time plan sorted and into action.  :)

E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Any ideas around nursery run?
« Last post by creations on Today at 14:56:13 »
Hi there
If your LO is taking those naps reasonably well (sounds like he is) then I'd probably focus more on sleep training the nights rather than moving the naps.  It's your choice of course.
What is happening in the night?  At 1yo I wouldn't expect a Lo to be waking with hunger so it could just be a case of resettling and resettling to reduce the NWs and drop BFs in the night.  You might need to check the day time intake of solids and milk to ensure enough is offered to reduce the need for night feeds.
Your day time routine is not so uncommon as to be obviously causing the frequent night waking though - more a sleep trianing issue I think.

As time goes on you might find it 2 naps of an hour each fits your day better. We generally say that a nap needs to be 1.5/2hrs to be fully restorative but there are lots of people who find two 1hr naps fine.  Could help you fit around the school run etc.  And then you could gradually reduce the morning one down to a CN and increase the afternoon one as you work towards a one nap routine.

What do you think?
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Any ideas around nursery run?
« Last post by Murdock on Today at 14:21:33 »

Iím in a bit of a mess and really canít think straight! So looking for any tips / ideasÖ

My LO is 1 next week and still rubbish at night. Normally awake every 3 hrs. Occasionally manages 4 hrs but sometimes awake every 2 hrs.

Iím working on independent sleep. I still BF him to sleep for his main nap but at bed he is now mostly falling asleep in his cot although I am still in the room (occasionally have a hand on his back on over-tired days). Iíve not tackled the nap yet because Iíve got the older one running around the house and I donít want to leave him too long on his own.

Typical times at the moment are:

 - Between 4 / 4.30 A time before the main nap
- Then a 1h 30 min nap with no resettling. (sometimes 1.20 / 1.40).

 - Then a 3hr 45 / 4 hrs awake time before his cat nap. (wonít go earlier)
 - Cat nap is APOP - sling or car. And he generally has 30 min - sometimes 45 mins.

Then it tends to be 2.45hrs to bed if 30 min nap
Or 3.15hrs if 45 min nap.

So roughly:

6.30 - wu
10.45 - 12.15 nap
4.- 4.30 nap
7.30 bed

So daytime is ok but not sure if it making nights worse.

I wonder about trying short am nap / then decent early afternoon nap in case the late catnap is mucking up the night. But I donít really know what to aim for as Iíve got nursery runs for the older lad every day. And also cause of that I can't push the morning A time up to 5 hrs.

I have to leave the house at 12.15 and generally get back at 12.45. (travel in car and have to take LO in with me).
Then to collect I have to leave the house at 2.45 and get back around 3.15.

Any ideas would be brilliant as I really do want to get a bit of night-time progress!

Thanks in advance.
Thank you!!! Just having someone to bounce ideas off of helps.

This is my plan for today.  I will try for 2 hours 10 minutes awake time, putting her down at 2 hours.  That will be a little more than before without being a ton.

When she wakes up early and moves beyond jabbering to something that sounds upset or hungry I'll either feed or shush/pat.  Otherwise I will try to see if she resettles.

She woke up happy, so that's a good start!
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