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Thank you for your replies so far. Yes, I think you're right. I am now cuddling her all the time, sitting by her cot until she's in a deep enough sleep that I know she won't wake up when I leave the room. My problem now is she refuses naps. As soon as she's in the cot, she gets really fidgety and keeps herself awake. I sit there, cuddle her or rub her tummy/back when she asks for it but she just won't sleep. She doesn't even want to cuddle her doggy she's always slept with. It's like she knows if she cuddles him she might start feeling sleepy and doesn't want to do it. She's been falling asleep in the buggy on a school run past 2 days, but since it's past 3pm I only let her have 20-25 mins. She's massively overtired and it doesn't help that she's not very well with a cold. I tried yo put her down earlier today since she's been very tired all morning but gave up after 30 mins. I've now taken her out in the buggy and she fell asleep straight away. I can do it for the next 3 days so she catches up on some sleep but won't be able to do that Mon-Weds as I'm at work. Any advice how to approach this?
My 7.5 month old is a textbook baby with touchy/spirited aspects to him. We followed EASY until he was 3 months old, then switched to a different sleep program which we followed till he was 6 months old. At 6 months the program recommended dropping to 2 naps which was way too much for my baby to handle, resulting in massive over tiredness. The schedule was as follows:
7:00am wake
9:30-10:00am nap
12:30-2:30pm nap
6:30 bedtime

Looking back I should have stuck with EASY as he was sleeping 10.5 hour stretches at 3 months and generally sleeping really well.
Since getting into this 3-2 nap transition mess,  he then got ill and had 2 nights of waking every 20minutes and sleeping on us as he couldn't breathe. I think we've now also hit the 8 month sleep regression as he has learned to crawl, sit up, stand up and cruise along the sofa in the last couple of weeks. I'm really lost to know how to get back on track. He's also definitely suffering from separation anxiety - cries when I leave the room or move away from him, cries when he comes off the boob at night/is put down into his cot, becomes really clingy and wants to be held as soon as he starts feeling a bit tired, I think because he knows he'll be going to bed soon and separated from me.

He has always been on the lower end of sleep needs - when we were following EASY at 3 months he was doing 2 hour wake times, any less and we were getting short naps. He naturally does around 11.5 hours at night, and doesn't really tag on lost day sleep at night.
Our current issues are short naps, early waking, lots of night wakings and sleep cries and only going back to sleep when fed to drowsy at night.

Currently our day is something like this:
5:30/6:00am wake
8:45/9:00am nap - anything from 25 to 45 minutes
12:30/1:00 nap - anything from 1 hour (generally with an overtired wake at 30minutes, settling himself back to sleep then waking after 1 hour total) to 2hours in length.
6:00/6:30 bedtime depending on whether he has a 30 minutes catnap in the afternoon if he only did 1 hour at lunch.

At night we are having lots of sleep cries from bedtime to around 10pm, then full wakes at around 11, 2, 4 then up at 6am. He will only go back to sleep if fed (but self-settles for all naps and bedtime and has done since 3 months). He isn't fed until asleep, he is awake but drowsy when he goes back into his cot. I have tried not to feed him at the night wakes but he has screamed for 1.5 hours and not calmed down at all, and unfortunately we live in an apartment and had a neighbour complain that they couldn't sleep at night from the screaming. I've been trying to reduce the number of minutes I feed him for so it's definitely only to soothe and not a proper feed. He's doing well with solids, on 3 meals with protein at lunch time.

I really need help getting him onto an age-appropriate nap routine for his sleep needs, which I'm hoping will reduce the overtired night wakes and sleep cries and advice on how to get him self-settling at night wakes, given that he can't be crying for hours on end due to us living in an apartment.

Thank you so much to anyone who replies and tries to help us!
Hi Everyone!  I'm new to this forum although have been using the PU/PD and pat/sush methods for a few weeks now.  Some background: my little one is 3 months and for the most part is an angel baby.  With the one exception of sleep.  From the beginning, in the hospital, she didn't/couldn't sleep.  She wouldn't cry, she would just lie there.  (She also broke out of the swaddle from birth and no nurse could keep her swaddled in the hospital.  We worked for 6 weeks to help her tolerate it hoping it would improve her sleep, and it didn't.  Now I've stopped swaddling her, and it made no difference.) The only way she slept from the beginning was by nursing.  Then my mother came to visit and held her a lot, and she fell asleep in her arms.  And so a new method of accidental parenting was born.  I worked really hard, even then, to have her sleep in her bassinet, but she would just lie and play.  And we knew how important sleep was, so we tried every which way to help her sleep.  Even when we hold her, she often doesn't sleep.  Now I'm trying these methods and I hope they're helping.  She cries more before bedtime than ever before - in fact starts screaming when I start sleeptime routine (I've never done CIO or anything like that, so I'm not sure why she's screaming as she's usually really calm and happy), but after about 20 minutes of screaming and with my help she calms down.  Note: We'd never given the pacifier and tried to a couple times yesterday and today, and it helped her to calm down before sleeping.  Perhaps I should have used it from the beginning, but I was scared to create another sleep prop. 

Anyhow, although so many ongoing challenges remain, one main one is that she only sleeps up to 45 minutes for most naps.  This has been the case since she was about 5-6 weeks.  We tried everything to help extend them, and rarely are we successful.  The pat/sush and pu/pd only worked once in the past three days, as an example.  Any tips?  I really want to extend her naps, as she's so much happier when she's rested!  (One note: She sleeps really well at night, often about 13 hours though does wake in that time to eat).

Thanks for your help!
Feeding Solid Food / Re: Eat solids with no teeth?
« Last post by *Ali* on Yesterday at 19:53:30 »
My babies don't tend to get teeth until 9mo+ but we did baby led weaning and gave all finger foods from 6mo without problems. The teeth are there under the gums so they are very hard and can mash food no problem.
General Sleep Issues / Re: 4 week old - Moses Basket help
« Last post by *Ali* on Yesterday at 19:48:36 »
Is mum feeding to sleep lying face to face on their sides so she doesn't have to move her once asleep?  I'm sure you have but do be sure you research safe bedsharing and don't use duvets etc near baby.

It's very normal for them to need close contact in the early weeks. It's often called the fourth trimester. I couldn't put my fourth down until about 12wks without her waking within 10 minutes. We used a Chicco Next 2 Me bedside crib for the first 8 months. It has the adjoining side removed so you can bf lying down and then roll away and leave baby in her own space without moving her. I'd highly recommend it. In the evenings we just took it in turns snuggling baby whilst we watched tv and took her up when we went to bed around midnight. It's not forever and I really miss those sleepy cuddles now she's nearly 11mo.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Six month old poor sleeper. Help!
« Last post by *Ali* on Yesterday at 19:40:20 »
At that age we would have had naps around 10 and 3 but does that clash with school runs? Is sleeping in the buggy or car an option?

How long has she been having solids? Sounds like she's having a large amount at a young age so do you think it could be digestive discomfort disturbing her?

This might help

How many night waking is she having? We'd expect a few at this age. Does feeding get her back down?
Feeding Solid Food / Re: 7 Months, Adding Food & Routine Change
« Last post by *Ali* on Yesterday at 19:23:49 »
There is useful info about the catnap here
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Easy question about EASY
« Last post by Looloo1807 on Yesterday at 19:16:00 »
Hello lovely parents.

My 13 week old has been on an EASY routine for four days now after having a crummy routine and feeding to sleep. Oops. Turns out he's actually quite willing to go to sleep on his own. Bit tricky to STAY sleeping for his 30mins naps but we're getting there. Wftj and shush-patting don't seem to work. He just squirms  at 30mins like he's having a good old stretch after a day long sleep lol

My question is:

Tracy recommended to start winding down and popping to sleep about 20mins before nap time. So if he's been up since 7am, to take into his room by about 8:10-15. Sometimes it takes my guy 20mins to get to sleep, other times just 5mins. Does that mean in that instance his A time is shorter? What to I do for these discrepancies? Wake him up a tad earlier for later E? I realise I'm taking things a bit literally here. It's just as his 4monyhs is approaching I am aware A's get tweaked by 15mins or so.

Anyway look forward to knowing what's been the case for other people.

Thank you!
Not sure Ill be much help but Ive struggled on and off with my now 3 yr old and ewu's. They seemed bad at first but looking back at least when she still napped we could catch her up a little. Now she doesnt we just opt for an earlyish bedtime, but not too early to completely mess up everything and encourage ewus  :o
It really is mind boggling and very draining and although people say youre not alone and we know there are other children out there doing the same, it still feels pants when its happening to you.
Were in the middle of our latest bedtime issues and now weve got a chest infection so sleep is off again. Although she has been brighter she is now playing us to sleep in our bed as we allowed her when she was coughing so bad at the weekend!!
I also noticed that my littly always has sleep probs leading up to clock changes, whether that means anything who knows, but so far weve always just ridden the storm and stuck to the new time, give or take 15-30 mins to help keep ot at bay.
To add insult to injury, I have anxiety and sleep is my trigger so you can imagine what Im like right now  :'(
If its any consolation, my now 4.5yr old nephew was a nightmare until he was almost 4 and now most days my brother and his wife have to wake him!! Oh the bliss of a lie in til 7 would be amazing, or 6 would be great right now  :'(
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