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Naps / Re: Serial Cat Napper! Please Help!
« Last post by JCN on Today at 08:55:52 »
Yes I'm in the UK :) We have black out blinds in his room which help. The heat has been pretty bad the last few days. But he's been the same on cooler nights. We hardly have any traffic noise where we are.

That's what I thought about the feeds - if he's dropped them then I shouldn't be reintroducing them. He never finishes a bottle so I know he's having as much as he wants.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: 4.5 month night sleeping
« Last post by creations on Today at 08:42:18 »
It sounds like things have improved :)
Remember most of us don't have a *perfect* EASY, we just have what works and what we can manage.

Her A times are quite long then, a bit longer than the guidance at this age.  This is worth remembering so that you can continue keep it in mind for all her routine changes.  There's a tricky pahse of transition if they refuse the third nap (CN) though and are not yet ready to move to a 2 nap day (closer to 6 months although looks like yours may do it earlier).
You might find she does alternated days of the CN, one doing accepting it when she is tired enough, the next refusing and so on.  If you have a way of APing that CN it can help you get through a tricky phase and avoid too much OT.
It sounds like you're doing everything "right" (if there is a "right") to encourage and model how to eat.
It could be that he is not quite hungry enough to feed himself perhaps? If a LO is taking larger portions and eating well, and perhaps has had a great interest and a growth spurt too, it can be really quite surprising it can feel really quite surprising and a little worrying when their appetite drops.  Often after a growth spurt or during teething the drop in appetite can be quite significant but LO is still taking enough calories to do well.

I do remember a little phase mine went through where I had to "poison test" all his food. He would sit with the plate in front of him and just ignore the lot until I tested each type of food.  Mine had been quite like yours, great appetite, great interest in solids and had been self feeding from the off.  This phase though, he would have just left his food.  The things I did:
- put one bite extra of each food on his plate (this was for me to eat)
- before eating show him his plate and mine (he compared and knew if they were the same or different) and tell him each food we had
- told him his food was good, tasty and fresh and asked if I should "test" his
- ate one piece of each item on his plate in turn making a point of saying "mmm, yum, tasty, no poison there, this is good to eat"

I either read that LOs who have a developmental leap and become more mobile can become more cautious of what they eat as a kind of self preservation instinct...I suppose to stop them eating harmful things as they had the mobility to crawl/walk further away from their parents.
Mine could even be suspicious of carrots if they were chopped in a different shape.
One other thing I didn was put something he couldn't resist on his plate, usually 5 or 6 sultanas as a little appetizer, he'd eat those without much hesitation because they are so sweet and it really got his appetite going. He'd usually then go on to eat the entire plate of food (or until he was full).

No magic suggestions, sorry, just what I did with my DS during a phase.  Maybe it would work for you too?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 18 Month Old Sleep Regression?!
« Last post by choc on Today at 07:29:45 »
How long has her nap been at that time? Can you post the last few days?
Hi everyone,

my DS has just turned 10mo.
He started solids when he was 5mo and has never had a problem with it, he's currently on 3 solid meals a day + 3 milk feeds (one of only 100ml, about to be dropped).
He's a good eater, not particularly fussy, and has started eating a bit bigger finger foods a few weeks ago (pasta twists, pieces of chicken, bread sticks...).

Up until a few weeks ago he had no problems whatsoever in touching his food. Actually, he loved to grab the spoon and lead my hand to his mouth, he was curious about touching even his mashed food from the plate, and loved when we gave him pieces of food (fruit, veggies or bread) that he could feed himself...

Unfortunately, it's been a few weeks now that he just won't touch his food, no matter what!!
For lunch we've been giving him for a while only finger foods, but now he won't even attempt touching it. If we feed it to him he'll eat up almost everything we put in front of him, but if we only try to put stuff in his hands he'll just pull them back and start winging.

He has started to refuse also touching the spoon... if I try to have him hold on to his spoon like before he'll just throw a tantrum, big tears, and sometimes refuses to eat anymore!

I am not sure what happened there!  ???

My husband and I have never discouraged him touching food, quite the opposite.
I'm not sure if they do differently at childcare, but he's there only 2days a week!  :-\

We are not sure what to do... at the moment, we leave the food in front of him for 5 minutes or so, but if he doesn't touch it but shows signs to be hungry we just give up and start feeding him. We generally have lunch together when we're home, also to model his behaviour (and we have finger foods as well for that reason), but it's not helping.

I am not happy to feed him, especially because I know he can do it himself, or at least attempt to.. but he simply won't.  :-\

Any suggestions?! I'm really struggling on this one...   :(
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 18 Month Old Sleep Regression?!
« Last post by AshleyMegan on Today at 04:50:40 »
General Sleep Issues / Need help beginning EASY with 6 month old
« Last post by Kitty_767 on Today at 01:06:05 »
I read Secrets of the Baby Whisperer (definitely should have a loooong time ago) and I have many habits to break. The book doesn't say where to start.... I am so lost.
So I tried starting EASY today. I gave up after an hour because DD's sleep is more important to me than making her sleep in her crib. This is usually how our day goes.

Get ready for the day
Solids 1 hour later
Nurse while napping about 2-2 1/2 hours after waking
Play for 2-2 1/2 hours
Nurse while napping
Play for 2-2 1/2 hours
Nurse while napping
Solids 1 hour after waking
Play until bed time
I'm trying to make the night routine nurse, get into jammies, red a book, then bed. She still needs to nurse to sleep in my bed. She's currently waking about 3 times to nurse overnight.

When I tried putting her in her crib, she started crying after a few minutes and didn't stop. I kept trying to pu/pd to no avail. I nursed her and tried putting her back down but she woke immediately and went back to bawling her eyes out. She went back to sleep as soon as I cradled her again. One problem I had was she kept rolling around and sitting. The book doesn't say what to do to stop that.
Can i please just clarify  -- when shes in the cot and unsettled and im having to do the shh pat to settle her, if she proper cries i pick her up until she calms/ stops crying and then put her back into the cot and continue the shh pat? (How its written in the Solves All Your Problems book). Just wondering how picking up her when shes cries is different to the PU/PD? Just a little confused between the two and want to make sure im consistent.

I was waking her at 6am because that seemed to be the consistent time she was roughly waking up herself (after observing and recording for a while) so i chose 6am in order to get some consistency. That's a great suggestion to take her outside before the first nap i'll definitely do that.

I'm starting the new routine on Monday (3hr Easy starting at 7am). If she keeps consistently waking up earlier in the morning and is happy, do i just stretch out A to keep the routine times?

And once the routine is settled in and working, when do i start to be a bit flexible on the times? I'm also a bit concerned about getting her to nap per the routine if she isn't tired, do i just keep trying for S until its E time and hope that it eventually falls into place?

Thank you!!!
Naps / Re: Serial Cat Napper! Please Help!
« Last post by becj86 on Yesterday at 23:19:00 »
Fair enough. Just wondering if that was part of the picture. If he's definitely taking enough in the day, not really worth reintroducing NFs at this age. Is he leaving a bit in his bottles - taking his fill?

Sorry, just realised you're on the other side of the world and its summer ::) Thoughts re: sunlight/traffic noise/birds singing causing him to wake earlier?
I can't do it, I can't do it.  It's too much crying.  She's so upset.  I feel like she's making negative associations with bedtime now.  She cries when I start getting her zipadeezip out.
Lets take a step back - what was it you were wanting to achieve?

You've made a lot of progress towards getting better naps - they're longer, she's taking much less time to settle. If you were looking to be able to put her down awake and leave, you've made progress there too but you're just not there yet. If you want to bounce her, that's fine. There's no reason not to unless you're unable to. I tend to suggest reducing bouncing and other similar things while LO is still small enough to be able to do it now that I've seen a reasonable number of women post here with babies that cannot sleep because they've always been bounced and they're just too big to do that any more. So if you bounce when necessary and work on gradually reducing it over a couple of weeks to a months or two, that's absolutely fine. There's not reason to do it immediately.

So even though she wouldn't shush-pat to sleep, she slept at least an hour each time and the first two naps I was able to extend.  That means she wasn't UT, right?  Then why is shush-pat not working?  And what do I DO??
Ok, so the 1hr waking with easy resettle suggests she's a little UT but you're pretty close to the right A time. This is usually the sign you'll start seeing every couple of weeks and then its time to increase ~10min A time. Your 45min naps today would suggest that's the case also. Keeping increasing gradually every couple of weeks if the key to keeping this routine appropriate for LO. I think you just have a long A time kiddo there. Doesn't mean low sleep needs necessarily but I think that's probably also the case.
WRT settling, shush/pat is ONE technique. The theory of it is to provide LO with 2 things to think about/focus on (not visual) and allow them to relax, so any form of sound - white noise, singing, shushing - will work with any kind of touch - patting, holding a hand on her, stroking her cheek.

Hugs for the less than ideal day :( As my husband would say when I was a mess after a day like that: "She's alive, fed, clothed, and healthy. You're doing a good job.".
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