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My eldest even now 2 years after his little bro was born will say can we go have mummy time without DS2 and things have been settled for ages.

Itís just a big shock to all 3 becoming a family of 4!

Plus there is still developmental stuff going on x
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Today at 05:58:51 »
Oh Hun sounds hard mental health doesnít need to be hidden away by her. I guess if she is having your LO and she wont do as you ask on those days accept the longer nap and later BT and look at the sleep over 24 hrs, so if she naps for 1.5 hours but only has 10.5 hour night itís not too bad over 24 hours if that makes sense.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Today at 05:37:32 »
Told you it ends badly. Awake at 6:15! Back to early bedtime tonight I think!!
Naps / Re: Help with nap timings - 6months
« Last post by Mummy1982 on Today at 05:30:34 »
Back again! Naps seem to be getting slightly better. I took naps back to the 3 hour mark and we are now generally getting 1hr 20 naps which is great. Iím slowly working on increasing the A time now by 5 min intervals to see if we can extend them anymore.

The majority of nights we are going with no wake ups now. Bedtime us 7pm but no matter what naps he hands had in the day and if he has had 3 hours before bed or 2 hours before bed - he wakes up every morning at 5.45 in the dot! Itís only about 15-30 mins earlier than I would like him to wake up really but not sure if itís sonething I should just go with and eventually heíll sleep longer? It does cause an issue at the moment though as 2 x 1hr 20 min naps doesnít quite get us to bed time but I canít do an earlier bedtime due to having a toddler to sort out. Any thoughts?
Night Wakings / Re: 11 months nw out of the blue... help!!
« Last post by Mommyadel on Today at 02:24:42 »
Hey there!
He has done well! I moved his bedtime up a bit and that seems to have solved the issue. However,
I do have a question pertaining to naps and being sick. Recently he is fighting off a bad virus with a temp of 39.7/40 with a bad cough for the last 2 days. Last night he was up from 4:00-5:45am before he finally feel asleep and slept til 8:45am. The day before he was sick so I just decided to go with 2 naps and he slept from 9am- 12:45pm which never happens! Obviously he is very socks. Today I put him down from 11:45-2:15.... I went in and woke him as I didnít want the same thing the night before to happen. Today he went to bed at 7 and 9:30 he was up but no fever... itís now 11:23 and Iíve done everything to get him to go back to bed. Gave him more Tylenol, feed him, gave soother etc. When he is sick should I just let him sleep and wake him after 2 hours?
Naps / 20 weeks routine and refusing afternoon nap
« Last post by Nic75 on Today at 01:28:58 »
Hi All. My baby girl is 20 weeks and recently started refusing her afternoon nap. I tried driving in the car and usually this would work but instead she just babbles the whole time and won't nap. She had also started waking early in the morning. I'm confused as I thought it would be too early to transition to 2 naps. She has been sleeping through the night for about 6 weeks now and her daytime naps are usually good. She can sleep up to 2.5 hrs during the day for a nap. Her awake time has recently also jumped and she can stay awake between 2hr15 to 2hr30. Do I wake her to fit in 3 naps or let her sleep and start the transition to 2 naps now? I had been trying this for a few days but then last night she woke at 4.30am and it took a while to resettle her. I'm not sure if it's a growth spurt as she was hungry or related to the nap changes. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Naps / Re: A time? almost 4mo but born 2.5w earlier
« Last post by Vsta on Today at 01:19:00 »
Day 3:
Still 30 min naps :(

He falls asleep easily when I put him drowsy after A time but it doesn't work for the second time after napping for 30 min - I rock to drowsiness, put him in the cot and in a moment his eyes are wide open

today his second nap was 30 mins and I couldn't make him sleeping by rocking. Fed, tried to make him drowsy after 1h15 mins - no luck, after 1h30mins tried again - he was crying and crying until I unswaddled him and held vertically. After 10mins I tried again and he was obviously very very OT. I don't understand that baby?!  ???
General Sleep Issues / Re: Swaddle nightmare 16 week old.
« Last post by Pearla on Today at 00:03:17 »
Thanks so much.

We are fully transitioned into cot now.  I'm still swaddling mainly cause I have chickened out. 

Hi naps are good.  Majority 1.5 hrs or over if I get the a time right.

Nights however feel less ideal.  Lo had been doing a 5 - 6 hr stretch initially most nights.  We are currently down to 3 or 4 hours.  I'm missing my sleep.   When I go to him his arms are out.  What I don't know is whether he is getting his arms out first and then waking or visa versa!

I feed him each time he wakes which is generally twice.  I know two wake ups is still probably considered normal but the reducedstretch at beginning of night is very frustrating.   I am finding the lack of sleep difficult now.  I have two other lo's put to bed after the baby.  That often uses 1,5hrs of his 4 hr stretch before I get to bed.

I have started giving him his lovey to play with for a few minutes before swaddling at each sleep.

How many days do you reckon getting used to sleep unswaddled will take?


I found letting my 3yo come in with us when she asked helped her see i was still there for her after her sister was born 5 months ago. She only does it 1-2 a month now
Breast Feeding / Re: Strange behaviour at the breast
« Last post by *Ali* on Yesterday at 22:47:18 »
Frequently switching sides is a way for baby to stimulate another let down and increase milk supply so I'd just let it do its job. It can get frustrating though.  You could try offering more frequent feeds in the day and see if that helps.
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