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Night Wakings / 13m old waking 12-230 every night
« Last post by 1stimer on August 03, 2021, 13:06:16 pm »
I'm really hoping one of you fabulous experts on here can help. I've reached out in facebook groups and it seems that you only get responses on those if you are bashing your husband or MIL. anyways....Our son turned 12m on 7/7 (11m adjusted). We dealt with several illnesses prior to this issue (ear infection that led to a febrile seizure, then while in the ER he was diagnosed with the adnovirus that lasted 3 weeks. We had 2 blissful nights of sleep after that then he caught a horrible case of hand foot and mouth that lasted another almost 3 weeks. So aside from those two nights we've been up at all hours. More recently, since he's gotten better , he wakes every night 1130/12ish-2/230 ish. Last night it was 12:15 until 330. I'm exhausted. My husband is exhausted. We do pu/pd, we are trying hard to not reinforce any bad habits. It's almost immediately after putting him back in his crib in he screams. Sometimes we get 10/15 minutes of quiet. We see him laying down and think he's gone to sleep only for him to sit up and start screaming. What's the deal? Is this just the 12m sleep regression? I've lost track of how long it's been going on. Several weeks already I know.
Glitches & Forum Help / Re: did not get passowrd recovery email
« Last post by Jaime on July 30, 2021, 10:52:19 am »
what is your username?
Glitches & Forum Help / did not get passowrd recovery email
« Last post by Maszke on July 29, 2021, 10:27:36 am »

can you help? Tried to reset my password, said email set, but nothing arrived to my mailbox.
Night Wakings / 11 week old wonít settle without pacifier/dummy
« Last post by peepip on May 27, 2021, 10:35:15 am »
Hi, I have an 11 week baby girl who has become totally reliant on the dummy. Weíve been trying for 5 days to wean her off at night soothing with PU/PD and shh/pat but itís taking over an hour every night to get her to sleep without and even then sheís waking after 10-20 minutes crying. Weíre exhausted so we end up giving her the dummy to get her to sleep. We have two other boys under the age of 5 and itís just gotten too much.

She hasnít used it for any naps since Sunday (itís now Thursday evening), however we have been letting her nap in the swing (on speed 1 or 2, the lowest settings). I know the swing is another prop but I used it for my second son and weaned him easily by slowly lowering the speed over a number of weeks until he was sleeping without motion so I figured this was an okay solution. I obviously donít want to use this at night because itís not safe.

I thought completely eliminating the dummy during the day would help the night but so far it has no effect at all. Maybe sheís too young to learn any other soothing techniques? I feel like Iím trapped in an endless dummy hell as were popping it back in sometimes hourly at night. Iím desperate for any other solutions or reassurance there is light at the end of the tunnel

Her days are typically like this:

7-8am wake up and breastfeed
9am - 12pm nap in swing
12pm breastfeed
1:15-3:15ish nap in swing
3:30 breastfeed
4:30 sometimes will take a 30 min nap in swing or if sheís not napping and just fussing we will wear her
6pm bath every 2nd day, then breastfeed
7-8pm bedtime
Up at around 1am and 4am for milk
Hi all,

Thanks in advance for reading. My 19 day old has been on Easy for a few days but itís not really working out due to her crazy sleep schedule. For the past 5 days she is sleeping for 2 x 4-6 hour stretches at night (9:30-3:30am and 4am-8am).

This is great, however she will not nap in the day for more than 5 minutes. We feed her when she wakes, change her to wake her up if sheís fallen asleep and keep her up until the first signs of tiredness and then we wind her down and put her in her cot. At this point, she will fall asleep quite happily but is awake within 5 minutes. Sometimes sheís crying so weíll try the shush pat but this takes a long time to work as she can appear quite angry and even if it does put her to sleep eventually, sheís awake again in 5 minutes.

This cycle continues, sometimes with her waking and not even crying, just looking around for 10 mins until she gets overtired and then cries again. This is how it goes until her next feed and repeat until 9pm.

Sheís having 3-4 oz for her feeds, every 2.5-3 hours.

Are her long sleep at night interfering with her daytime naps? Any advice at all appreciated
General Sleep Issues / HELP with Early WU, A times 5 mo old
« Last post by Mcgrad2003 on May 11, 2021, 15:57:40 pm »
Help!  My 5.5 month old is waking up around 5:30 every morning.  She's quiet for quite a while (like 30 mins, so sometimes I don't know the exact wake time), which makes it difficult for me to try to figure out when to put her down for a nap.  She was having a good 2 hr 15 min wake time but today & yesterday the first nap was only an hour! 

Example of routine:  One day last week -
5:30 awake
7:45-11 S
1:25-2:30 S
4:55-5:30 S
8:30 S
Since she was waking so early the first nap was pretty long.  I try to have her in bed by 8, but trying for earlier. 

Yesterday it was awful-
6:00ish? awake, could have been closer to 5:30?
7:45-9:00 S
11:40-12:35 S in car bc I was desperate!
2:50-3:30ish? nap
4:15-5:00 S in carrier on walk
8:00 S                                                       

Please help!  I'm desperate.
General Sleep Issues / Re: 3.5 MONTH BEDTIME @ 9 PM???
« Last post by Sarah33miller on April 25, 2021, 02:19:32 am »
Thank you for your replies! Over the past month I have tried everything I can think of  :(
He is now 17 weeks old. Some nights he will sleep for consistent 2 hour chunks at a time and I can only seem to resettle him by nursing ó- should I try pupd for a length of time?

But some nights (usually about 2-3x/week) he still wakes every hour or so... like a previous reply said, that isnít a sleep cycle so Iím worried something is wrong but I canít figure out what. I donít think he has reflux and he really doesnít seem to be in pain to me, but I could be wrong. Weíve adjusted temperature and keep a thermostat right at his bed to keep it 68 degrees. We have white noise on. 

My EASY is a mess because he will only sleep for one cycle during the day (42 mins) no matter what I seem to do. Eating wise, he seems ready for 4 hour EASY.

He now settles very easily at nap times and at bedtime (7:30pm). He just canít link sleep cycles.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Help with 2.5yo Nap Please!
« Last post by Katet on April 15, 2021, 00:52:11 am »
At 2.5yo some do give up naps. My SIL had one who gave them up around 2.5yo and the other was past 4yo, different temperament. So while you might be pro naps, sometimes you needs to realise that the child's biology is different.

One area that can help is increased activity at 2-3yo you'd be looking at 3-4 hours of active physical play preferably outdoors. If they spend a lot of time sitting then less sleep is often needed

I'd actually consider trying earlier for a nap as sometimes lengthy A time brings a second wind and sleep isn't an option.

Both mine loved day sleep (not so much night unfortunately) and didn't really have a set nap time, they could fall asleep in the car or stroller after an activity or in bed just depended on the day. It was more about what they needed that day based on activities.

Anyway if it was me. I'd aim for no more than 6hours from wake up.make sure he gets plenty of fresh air and walking/running/climbing in the morning and then settle for a nap. If he doesn't nap, but tests, then get him up after an hour and try again the next day, you may find he only naps some days and not others too.
General Sleep Issues / Re: 3.5 MONTH BEDTIME @ 9 PM???
« Last post by Philothea on April 06, 2021, 09:41:47 am »
How have things been the past few days?

Waking every 30-60 minutes overnight is pretty extreme. Sleep cycles are usually still up to 6 hours long at this age, decreasing to 2-4 hours soon. Something is definitely going on. My guess would be that it's routine related or physical (e.g. discomfort).

If you're still having issues, perhaps you'd like to share your EASY.
General Sleep Issues / Re: 3.5 MONTH BEDTIME @ 9 PM???
« Last post by Katet on April 03, 2021, 22:27:52 pm »
I found with night waking, don't feed to the clock, first waking was a resettle waking, then if they only slept 20mins, you'd feed on the next waking (definitely was a hunger waking) then over time you start to notice the resettling noise as opposed to the I'm hungry night cries, but it takes patience. I never really got my first sleeping for long stretches, yet my second just did it. In hindsight, I can see temperament plays into it and also how relaxed we are, the more stressed we are the more the baby tends to be unsettled, which makes it hard as we need a good night sleep to be relaxed, yet we aren't getting it. If I had my time over, what I learnt with my second was rather than thinking 'Ill be better if the baby sleeps better' it would be 'what do I need to do to cope best if I only get 2 hour blocks of I'd nap in the day, go to bed earlier etc and as I got less exhausted, suddenly I noticed the baby slept more too.
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