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Thanks :) my other three needed pitch black to sleep and she is just such a different sleeper to them. I'll keep it on and hope it helps get her back on track! :)
I don't think it's an issue - I think Tracy had highly stimulating colourful and noisy "stuff" in mind when she said don't hang anything over baby's head.  Your night light is producing a strong tonal contrast (light and dark) which is a great focal point for the seven mile stare Tracy describes. LOs find strong tonal contrasts easier to focus on and it sounds like your LO is just using this light to focus and relax, if she's always loved it then she might have found it useful for her seven mile stare when she was younger and now already it helps her relax and sleep.
I wouldn't worry about it.  It's sort of like putting white noise on in that the parent has to do it and it's a sort of "prop" in a way but it's not considered one because you don't have to keep going back for it, you can just leave it.
I suppose there could be an issue with her needing it in the night to resettle but then would it be so bad to leave it on all night?
it could be an issue if you went away on holiday and couldn't take it or recreate the light for holiday sleeps but then we don't recreate the entire bedroom for holidays do we - we just accept sleep might be harder for a few nights.

Really sorry to hear she was so poorly - I hope she's on the mend and makes a quick recovery x
Eden is 5.5 months old and generally sleeps pretty amazing. She self settled til about 4 months old then needed some patting assistance to get to sleep. We found that our night light (orange glowing stars) seemed to calm her easily too. We didn't want to create a prop so haven't used it a lot however when she's been OT or hard to settle we've found if we turn it on she will look at it for ages and then fall asleep.
She's been sick and in hosp with bronchiolitis last week and gotten into an OT pattern, even having NWS of 1-2 hours where she's just chatting the entire time.
Again tonight she went to bed and was chatting for 20mins before I decided it was going to send her into further OT after a day of bad naps so went to pat her which was doing nothing.
So I turned on the night light and watched her. She watched it for about 5 mins, laughing and smiling at it before just turning away and falling asleep suddenly. It was amazing to watch.

I remember Tracy always said don't hang things over their heads as it's overstimulating and they can't look away from it so I was worried about that. Am I creating an issue for the future tho? That she may become reliant on this to sleep?? She's always loved looking at it
Here's the nightlight
Bottle Feeding / Re: Not very interested in afternoon bottle
« Last post by gordon090 on Today at 07:46:15 »
My little baby have the same issue. I have tried many ways which doesn't work.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Pushing nap later and shorter nap
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Today at 07:18:18 »
Body clock maybe!? I'd just put him down at 11.30 then and get best nap poss x
I'm not sure what you're asking... Your 3.5mo is perfectly normal waking for those 2 NFs + DF. The fact that one is sometimes a smaller feed suggests she will drop a feed when she's ready.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 3 yo falling asleep very late..
« Last post by Lindsay27 on Today at 02:51:21 »
Yes I would definitely say it's probably time for the nap to go if it is having that much of an effect on BT, my DS was the exact same.  You don't necessarily deep to drop it completely but I would definitely start capping it for sure.  Maybe try pushing it to 1pm and cap it to 1hr and see what that does, and if BT doesn't move forward then cap it some more.  For many it's a gradual process and a lot of trial and error.
Hi ,

I am new to posting on the forum although I regularly visit it!

I have a 3.5 LO who has been waking twice a night since she was born except for a few times she only woke once. Sometimes she takes a full feed at the first night feeding and a snack at the second feeding and other nights its vic versa. She will wake anywhere between 1:15-2:30am and again between 4-5:30am.

When I feed her I do it in the the dark of her nursery during the day and I am listening for swallows. I also do breast compressions to ensure she is getting the hindmilk and that my milk supply is ok.

Here's our routine (it's usually 2.5-3 hr)

8:00 (-9:15) am wake
8:45 wind down (10-15 mins)
9:15 sleep (1hr15)

10:15 wake
10:45 feed
11:00 wind down
11:30 sleep (1hr45)

1:30 wake
1:45 feed
2:20 wind down
2:45 sleep (1hr40)

4:30 wake and feed
5:20 wind down
5:45 sleep (45mins)

6:30 wake and bedtime routine
7:00 feed
7:45 sleep

10-11pm dreamfeed

She is a touchy baby. We have had A LOT if struggles settling her to sleep (used pacifier, walking, both became props ) and just rrcently she started settling with shush/ tapping. But when she is overtired it doesn't work so we resort to slowly walking with her a bit and trying again with bedtime routine or waiting until next feed.

She was born 6lbs2oz via c-section because she was in breech position. She was only 3 days early.

How do I get rid of one of the night feedings since it's obvious from the snacking that she doesn't need both? Should I slowly reduce the number of minutes I feed at night time to  transfer the calories she is receiving in the night to the day or just leave it?


Sleeping For Toddlers / 3 yo falling asleep very late..
« Last post by *niki* on Today at 01:09:05 »
Hi !
I need some advise on how to improve DS's bedtime.

Here's the background info..  He's never been a good sleeper and until 6 months ago, still had NW and a dummy.  He improved a lot when we moved him to share DD1's bedroom (his became the new baby's room) and the last dummy was lost and never replaced.  Bedtime for DD1 and him is between 7h30-8PM after usual routine : bath, PJ, story.  He used to fall asleep within 20-30 min.  Now this has stretched and stretched.. sometimes he's not even asleep by 9h30-10PM (I am !) Most of that time he is happy, chatting with himself or cuddly toy.. but he can also get up numerous times, throw tantrums, etc...In the mean time DD is fast asleep right beside !  He'll always wake up around 6h30-7 regardless of how late he fell asleep.

We've tried to keep him up longer, but it just ends up in a later tantrum, refusing to go back to bed. I know my older daughter started to go to bed later at this age too, until she started school.. but i feel he's not getting enough sleep and would like all 3 kids to go to bed around the same time.  He still naps once - from 12h30 to 2 PM approx. 

Should i try to cut down / remove nap ?  any other suggestion ?

Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Trouble getting 16 month old down
« Last post by Tabathagucci on Yesterday at 22:09:51 »
Haha!  I have to say I'm nervous to keep pushing her BT, I may just try 7:15 for a couple nights while I'm pushing her nap. Nap went fine today.  She woke at 5:30 am, asleep for nap at 12:40 (10 mins later than usual) woke at 2.  Really hope she starts sleeping soon.  She's doing ok on this amount of sleep, but she's GOT to sleep more at some point, right?  I hope!!!  And honestly, I can't imagine the nights getting much worse.  She's sleeping between 9-10 hours and sometimes waking up for long periods (although this part seems to be getting better).
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