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Naps / Re: Sttn and awake times
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 21:38:13 »
Hi there
I wouldn't cut the awake time at all, it's already very short for age (especially if you are not always achieving the 3hr 15 or 3hr 30 you are planning for).
Being sad when he wakes, as you describe, can sometimes be due to UT (under tired) for naps. People often think that an UT baby will wake happy and an OT one will wake unhappy but that's not always the case. My DS would be unhappy waking from an UT nap because he still needed more sleep but was not tired enough to transition between the sleep cycles due to being put down too early.  So I've had experience of that.

No, A times are not just based on an 11hr night. Mine only did a 10.5hr night and his A times were far longer than the A times in guidance but as you will know in the guidance it says "some are getting more".
Mine generally needed the full A times even after a broken night it was extremely rare to need a shorter A time and really that would only be through the worst night of teething or very bad illness.

Sounds to me more like he needs a longer A time, perhaps for one nap to be long and one to be shorter.
LOs don't always happily shift A times, they get used to going to nap too early so keep on doing it but it isn't always good for them.

Hope that helps
Hi, welcome :)

I think if you were to nudge the A time, no need to go too much but another 5-10mins may help to get her just tired enough to connect those sleep cycles. She's doing really well if she's able to go back to sleep without any input at this point.

Re: A times - average A times go from 1.5hr at 3months to 2hr at 4 months to 2:45-3hr at 6 months, that's about 15min increase every fortnight and if you can increase gradually, things go a lot more smoothly.

And oftenI will go in and try for the rest of the sleep cycle to get her back to sleep-that always agitates her and she never goes back to sleep.
This sounds like she's probably a touch UT for naps. FWIW, its much easier to resettle a slightly OT nap than an UT one.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2 yo sleep messed up
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Yesterday at 21:30:22 »
A lot of los this age need a 13 hour day so on 8am WU you might be looking at 9pm BT. Would you say shes average sleep needs?

At the moment if shes eventually getting up at 8am then she might not be ready for a nap until 2/3pm so then your whole day is shifted late if that makes sense.

Personally Id get her up at the 6.30 WU go for a nap at 1pm then BT 7.30, and see if you can shift her day back again. Yes she might be tired from a shorter night if shes not dropped off until 10pm but you could start with nap around 12.30 pm and have her up by 2.30pm.

It could also be the 2 year developmental leap they have sleep shenanigans around birthdays and half birthdays. x
Naps / Re: Anyone want to talk about 3:2 nap transition? Part 3
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 21:30:20 »
Sounds like you've done really well :)
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Confused about A times after illness
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 21:26:19 »
Sorry, nothing else is coming to mind at the moment. My only other thought really is that sleep training would help but you can only do that when you are ready to do it (and not if she is poorly or teething really - it's harder anyway).
Night Wakings / 8month old PD, how long to keep hand on
« Last post by pipparmenter on Yesterday at 21:24:29 »

I have just started this method with my 8month old who is a frequent night waker. I am just a little unsure, when I lay him down after he stands up, how long to maintain contact with him. We've just had our first wake up and after lying him down I put my hand on his tummy and told him it was night time and he needed to sleep etc and then once he stopped crying I took my hand away and sat in a chair near him but facing slightly away from him so he knew I was there but I wasn't engaging with him. He got up a few times and I did the same and then he cried on and off but stopped getting up and it was more of a mantra cry than anything so I didn't put my hand on him when he did that. It took about 25mins for him to go to sleep from start to finish. Am I doing it right? Thanks. 
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2 yo sleep messed up
« Last post by Katrix on Yesterday at 20:24:02 »
Hi Zoe, Id love to have 8 to 7.30-8.00 sleep if possible and a 1.5 h nap.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Confused about A times after illness
« Last post by eva026 on Yesterday at 19:39:42 »
She could be teething, her fingers are constantly in her mouth and we did have one day, just before she got sick, where she would not bf from 8am-5pm.
The she doesnt look like she is in pain during the day or during the nw. We co sleep from after the first NF and when she woke last night I tried to feed her,then half asleep tried to stroke her, finally after 30min with her wide awake DH tried to rock her (she threw a fit) and after I fed her and rocked her to sleep - she then slept on my arm.

Nothing makes sense right? A average for her age. I try get 2 good naps a day holding her (yes I know, will tackle that later) so she cant be massively OT. My gut tells me the 1.50 A time is good and usually easiest to extend.

I dont know if this will help, but she is rocked to sleep. I started the gentle removal plan before she got sick and was down to no rocking just holding for BT, very gently rocking for naps and transitions or just holding and stroking. We even got a few translations with just httj. The illness has now landed me in square one. Back to rocking her standing for transitions but sitting for start of the nap and BT. Could that be the problem? I was hoping to wait till shes 6mo to sleep train. Shell hopefully be on 2 naps then not 4 or 5!

Maybe take her back to the dr to check her ear? Although like I said, no signs of pain.

She gets 4-5 feeds a day and 3 at night (used to be 2 or 1 till a month ago - whats up with that?) so eating well I think.

Cant think of anything else...

She fell asleep at 8.15pm
Holding thumbs I get some sleep tonight

E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Confused about A times after illness
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 19:06:24 »
Any chance of teething and it's not routine at all?  I see that on similar times you get some good naps and some disturbed so I'm wondering if it's something else.
Any reflux or silent reflux?
Hello everyone!

Ive been reading through posts about naps for couple of weeks now and I cant seem to find anything about our situation. Weve been on a.e.s.y for almost two months now, baby is three months old. She sleeps through the night-DF at 11 and eats again at 5 am and we wake up at 7.30 or 8. No assistance needed during the night for her sleep. But during the day she always wakes up after 40-45 min. This used to be after 30 min until few weeks ago. Most of the time she will fully awake and lay down for 15 min, mantra cry couple of times and go back to sleep for another 45 min-thats when I will usually take her or wake her for the next feed. My question is-should I try wake to sleep (not  the shus pat version but the one with a gentle touch because the first one agitates her) or leave her because this way she learns to go back to sleep independently? And-After I pick her up at the end of second 45 min cycle, do I encourage 45 min waking?
Other info-we are on a 3 hour easy, I dont think she is ready gor 3,5 hour easy yet. I watch that she is not OT or OS as she is touchy baby when it comes to sleep, we start wind down after one hour of awake time and go to her room after 1.10 and she is in her crib by 1.20 awake time-it always after two-three yawns and watery eyes so I dont think she is UT. She eats very well also. We swaddle but shes been breaking out a lot to suck her hands-tried unswaddling  so she can self soothe but she gets to excited with the sucking thing. We use PA/PD but with shushing-pick her up when she cries and wait until she is totally calm and put her down after that, shushing in between, patting never really worked for her.
Any suggestions or just opinions are greatlly appreciated, weve been dping this for two minths now, I am mentally drained from staring at the clock to see if she wakes and than at the monitor to see if she goes back. And oftenI will go in and try for the rest of the sleep cycle to get her back to sleep-that always agitates her and she never goes back to sleep.
Sorry for the long post!
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