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Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 13mo 2-1 transition questions
« Last post by becj86 on April 20, 2018, 06:12:16 am »
I thought perhaps shes waking due to hunger so i started a larger snack but makes me wonder should i be giving her lunch before or after her nap?
You can give her lunch before, or after. I know some people split the lunch either side of the nap. I found DS would eat every 2hr or so at this age, either a snack or meal and there wasn't much difference in quantity so I just made sure snacks were healthy too.

Do you think she needs a CN to help with the OT at BT? or will she adjust?
She'll grow out of it eventually. You could try an earlier BT and see if that helps - she might tack some sleep onto the end of the night. I think its just worth trying one nap and know you can always go back if she gets too OT. It seems she's coping ok so far.
Naps / Re: 6 Weeks & Can't Nap?
« Last post by becj86 on April 20, 2018, 06:09:23 am »
I'm wondering if I'm using that technique to get him to sleep, how long should I try it before I stop if he's not going to sleep? The entirety of his naptime?
That's a quick trip to insanity! Just try until you know if its going to work - I guess about 10-20mins should be enough to know. Then you can either APOP (Accidental parenting on purpose) a nap in pram/carrier/sling/whatever or just get him up, feed and have another go in 45min-1hr.

Do you know if she means to do Sh/pat or just set baby down?
Sorry, I don't know for sure. I think its reasonable to do for all naps what your baby needs to get to sleep and slowly reduce your assistance however you do that. If shush/pat works, do that. If singing whilst you have your hand on his chest works, do that.
Naps / Re: 6 weeks old short naps and fights always for the naps
« Last post by becj86 on April 20, 2018, 06:03:05 am »
Sounds like a great plan :)
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2 year old needs a routine change
« Last post by Lindsay27 on April 19, 2018, 23:59:34 pm »
I have 2 thoughts on this and it really could go either way, but you know your LO best.  I would say my DD is on the higher end of sleep needs so thatís my preface to this comment, but my first thought is that she could be OT?  I wonder if you let her sleep a bit longer for nap if it would help? Would maybe end up pushing BT out though.  On the other hand it could be the total opposite and she could be dropping her nap even more.  It wouldnít be uncommon.  Does she tend to be lower sleep needs?
General Sleep Issues / Re: Shush Pat isnít working - what am I doing wrong?
« Last post by creations on April 19, 2018, 18:12:10 pm »
Welcome to BW forums and congratulations on the new addition to your family.
Do you have any other children or is this your first?

Honestly I do not think you are doing anything "wrong" at all.
The thing with shush/pat is it isn't a magic trick which puts babies to sleep, rather you catch them in their sleepy window as best you can and encourage the sleep to come. The main aspect though is that they know you are there, they know they are not alone or abandoned.  You really cannot force sleep you can only offer the best opportunity for it - and you are doing that already.

Your LO is ever so young even without the difficult beginning to his life.  I'd say most of the members here have not even considered routine or trying to get LO to sleep in a cot by this age.  Then take into account that as well as only being 4 wks he has spent 3 of those weeks in hospital going through a methadone wean so he is barely home. I would imagine there will be aspects of those weeks still lingering in some way too and that with lots of time and patience you are going to see him improve as the days and weeks go by.  He is likely still getting used to his new surroundings and environment at home too.
Where you able to visit and hold him during those weeks?
Sorry, I'm not familiar with the process he has gone through so please forgive my naive questions, I'm just trying to think of things which may be effecting him.  Was he sedated during the wean, or did he have anything resembling a routine in hospital?  Were you told of any effects he may have now?

I would suggest for now that you try bringing his milk earlier so that you avoid this difficulty of trying to get him to sleep all the way up to the next feed time, see if he will take a top up so that he has a better chance to make it through that nap time without starting to get hungry.
Then do what you are doing.  If he will settle in your arms in a dark room being held or rocked I would also do that for now too.  I realise you can't spend the entire day in a dark room with him but if you could help him nap for one nap per day that would really benefit him, and it would help greatly with your bond too.

I want to repeat that you are not doing anything wrong. Having a baby this young is hard work, I was exhausted with mine.  It does gradually get easier and you do eventually get time to eat/shower. Meanwhile if you have any support you can call in, do, people usually like to help if they are given a specific task. Ask someone to prepare food for you and to hold baby for a stretch of A time so you can have a nap or just a lay down for an hour yourself.

I hope this helps. We are here to support you.
General Sleep Issues / Shush Pat isnít working - what am I doing wrong?
« Last post by Katkirch on April 19, 2018, 17:41:48 pm »
Hi everyone. I have a 4 weeks old son. He joined our family through adoption and his birthmom was on methadone so he was in the NICU for the first 20 days as they weaned him. Because of this, I'm just starting to get him in a routine. At night he wakes every 2.5 to 3 hours to eat but goes right back to sleep after I change his diaper. Iím not too concerned about waking this often because heís still pretty small (he was just over 7 pounds a week ago). During the day, I have him on a 3 hour EASY although sometimes I let him sleep longer if I know he needs the sleep. The problem is that he fights his daytime naps so much. If I rock him or walk around with him, he cries and fusses for over an hour. When he finally goes to sleep, itís almost time to eat again so heís left super overtired by the afternoon and then will finally pass our for several hours. The last few days, I have been trying the shush pat method to get him to sleep but no matter what Iíve tried, he doesnít fall asleep. Could someone give me ideas for what I am doing wrong? When I see him yawn (usually between 40-60 minutes after waking), I swaddle him, being him upstairs to his room, tell him itís time for sleep, rock and sing him a lullaby and then lay him in his crib. I shush pat him for 45 minutes and he only fusses a bit but never falls asleep!  This last time, I tried shushing and putting a hand with firm pressure on him instead. I also used a hand to block the light and stop the pacifier from falling out. Within 10 minutes, he was calm, his eyes moved between shut and almost shut and he was sucking on his pacifier. I thought I had finally gotten it but then he stayed like this for another 35 minutes so I gave up. Should I be doing it for longer?  I also use an app for shushing because I was getting a little lightheaded from doing it so much. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am having a hard time finding time to eat even so I am desperate for him to go to sleep and stay asleep during naps.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 12 month schedule trouble
« Last post by robinsegg on April 19, 2018, 16:04:33 pm »
Up for 1 1/2 hours last night but you are right.  Pretty good overall.
Naps / Re: 6 Weeks & Can't Nap?
« Last post by kristeno on April 19, 2018, 15:41:34 pm »
Okay great! I will!!

I have finally had some success with Sh/pat!! It works about 50% of the time, but I think he is in a growth spurt. All he's doing is sleeping, waking to eat & repeat. Thank you for talking through this with me!

I'm wondering if I'm using that technique to get him to sleep, how long should I try it before I stop if he's not going to sleep? The entirety of his naptime?

In Tracy's book, there's a sample EASY for this age stating that for the first nap, just swaddle & lay in bed to sleep, then it says it could take up to 15-20 min, but in another place, it talks about waiting until baby is drowsy, but awake. Do you know if she means to do Sh/pat or just set baby down? Do I not wait until he's drowsy specifically for that nap only?
Sleeping For Toddlers / 2 year old needs a routine change
« Last post by tathi-b on April 19, 2018, 11:41:40 am »
Hello everyone,

I've been posting here since my daughter was a couple of months old when we started getting her on the EASY routine and so far it has been a success.  We are at a point where I think that her routine might need a little tweak though.  It currently looks a little like this -

6am - wake up
7am - breakfast followed by school
10:30 - snack

1pm lunch - home from school and lunch

2pm - nap (I pushed this to 2pm a few days ago.  Before she was going at 1:30)

3:15/30 - I have to wake her up and it takes AGES and I am left with a very grumpy girl

5:30/ 6pm - dinner

7pm - bath

7:30 - bed but she doesn't sleep until 8 ish and is generally happy to stay on her own

I feel that she isn't sleeping enough at night.  This 6am wake up call started about a month ago (she used to wake up around 7 before) and I thought it was a growth spurt, but it's not gone away and she seems to be waking up earlier and earlier... 

Help please???
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: sleeping sitting up
« Last post by Katet on April 19, 2018, 10:50:19 am »
Firstly BW doesn't recommend Cry it out and there is some pretty heavy evidence that it should never be used for getting children to sleep. My DH is the Finance Manager for a big organization where we live that helps Mums and Babies (over 20,000 a year) they keep up with all the evidence on best practices and CIO  teaches children to give up and they fall asleep from exhaustion not from learning to relax. The impact on brain chemicals is not good either. 

Im guessing he falls asleep sitting as hes waiting for you to come back and just gets to exhausted to stay awake.

Given you say he can't get comfortable Id look at diet and also the possibility of fluid in his DS1 didnt sleep well until he was 5yo, in hindsight it was due to fluid in his ears and also sleep apnea and having his adenoids out helped him
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