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Naps / Re: A time? almost 4mo but born 2.5w earlier
« Last post by jessmum46 on Yesterday at 12:14:24 »
I would stick with it for 3-4 days and then reassess where you are - sometimes you just need a few days for things to settle :)  If you want to post what has been happening on here we'd be happy to help you tweak if necessary.
General Sleep Issues / Re: HELP!
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 12:05:01 »
Hello brunalucon and welcome to BW :)
Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with your baby not sleeping, it is so exhausting in the first weeks.

I realise there may be a misunderstanding in language as you are from Brazil (great English by the way) but I just wanted to say that babies shouldn't be taking any sort of tea. Baby only needs milk, either breast milk or infant first formula. Anything else you give to your baby is not needed and might result in baby's tummy being too full to take a proper milk feed which means he won't get the nutrition, fats and calories he needs to grow well.
If you think your baby has reflux there are specialist baby formulas you can ask your doctor about which are thicker, there are also medications to control reflux which are prescribed by a doctor or paediatrician, but neither of these things are "tea".

So I tried the routine fo a while and the nights are much better. he is now waking only once per night ... big improvement  :D

but the naps are still a problem ... I can't make him sleep more then 30-45 min !
he will sometimes do 1h1/2 but it's really rare !
He is now almost 7 months so I am now doing only 2 naps. 10h am and 1h30 pm
If you have any ideas please share  ;D

have a great day
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Please Help me get back on track
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 11:54:22 »
Hello and welcome to BW forums :)

Sorry to see you didn't get any replies yet.

Looking at your current routine I would agree he is not getting a very long night, it sounds like your DS is ready to move to 1 nap per day, rather than 2 naps.  The single nap would be around 12 - 2pm (we usually suggest shifting naps in stages so it's not a big jump) which means he would finish napping at about 2pm and be ready for night sleep earlier in the evening, say 7pm rather than 10.30pm.  I guess he is also delaying sleeping at BT because he wants to spend time with you though which is harder to change.
It looks like he doesn't mind losing night sleep because he has a chance to make up for it in the day with that morning nap which is probably too early for him and doesn't encourage him to wake later in the morning...but he is likely also becoming OT in the evening which can lead to early waking the next morning too.
I'd suggest asking your child minder to shift the morning nap 30 min later (so more like 11.30) and leave it there and aim for a longer nap of 1.5-2hrs or more if he wants it.  Then if needed he can have a little cat nap around 4pm but just 30 min and BT around 8.30pm which is I think what you are aiming for.
Depending how all that goes you may be able to move on and drop the CN relatively soon. Shifting the long nap to 12 noon and no CN, but then bringing BT earlier to 7pm.  If 7pm is very inconvenient for you then over a umber of days both the nap and BT can be shifted 15 mins later each day.

With changing routines snacks and meals will also need to move. This is only a suggestions:
WU 7am
E 7 milk
E 8 breakfast
E 11 snack with drink
S 12 - 1.30/2pm
E 1.30/2 lunch
E 3pm snack with drink
E 4/5pm dinner
E 6 solids snack/supper or BT milk
BT 7pm

I think he needs to eat more.
At this age a common routine is:
2 milks (morning and BT) although these can also be dropped if milk is given at another time of the day
3 main meals with drink of water
2 solids snacks with drink of water (or milk)
Some have a third snack if dropping the BT bottle.

It is advised to drop bottles at 12 months so you can be thinking about that. If you wanted to keep a bottle it would ideally be moved to 30 min before teeth brushing in the evening or to have it at another time of day.
If you are concerned about how much he is eating he might eat more without the additional milk drinks in the day. LOs often have a better appetite for breakfast or lunch rather than later in the evening so if you are concerned about a particular food group being low you might offer those at breakfast or lunch instead of the evening meal.

With regards to where he sleeps, I probably wouldn't bother taking the child minder up on the stroller naps, I'd just let that continue.  More useful for you might be for you to continue the habit at home at the weekends. When he is on one nap you might prefer being able to get and about and time the outings so he can sleep either on the way there or on the way home.  Stroller naps can give you a bit more freedom to do things.  If you didn't want to go out perhaps you could try rocking the stroller back and forth at home?  This need not affect his ability to sleep in the cot for night sleep.

hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Haribo2012 on Yesterday at 11:45:31 »
Hope grandma listens to what you want her to do do  ;)
General Sleep Issues / Re: Going back to PU/PD. Advice appreciated!
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 10:56:17 »
You're welcome :)

Sounds like you've had some success today too :)

Sometimes she sleeps 1.5h with no problems, but I'd say 75% of the time it's 45min
My guess is a build up of tiredness leading to the occasional longer nap.
LOs can also show sleepy signs which are habitual and misleading. At this age it is helpful to watch the clock for the longer A time and she will get used to it. Once the new routine is settled that's when you can return to looking at signs or altering routine as needed due to extra stimulation from play or visitors or extra physical activity such as swimming which might tire her out earlier than usual. That's the flexible aspect of the routine.

I was in the process of sneaking out of her room as she jolted and woke herself.
:) Sneaking during the transition is risky. You may need to hang on in there quietly for longer until she is properly asleep. The FAQ explains 20 mins after the transition so that she goes into deep sleep and less likely to wake with you leaving but you can play it by ear. I was able to go in 1 min before a transition, sooth and leave 1 min after (during a tricky nap drop) but when you are trying out the method it does and is supposed to take longer.  Do it for a few days and see how much help you need to give. You may be able to stop after 3 or 4 days or may need to continue another week. It depends on her A times etc too of course.

I don't think she's really had enough sleep today to go without one, but maybe it's best to just scratch it now so that she's good and tired for bedtime.
Check the A time. Whilst you are in the middle of changing routine you might need to:
- and a CN (any length you need 10 min - 40 mins) this might make BT later than usual but when the short CN goes you will move BT back to a more reasonable time
- with no CN use EBT, bring BT much earlier. Even 1-2hrs earlier.
A very long A time just before BT can lead to OT nights with NWs and EW the next morning, better to avoid if possible.

Keep going and good luck
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: weaning the pacifier 2 and 3 year old
« Last post by eva026 on Yesterday at 09:24:01 »
Hey, my dd was 2 when we started. Someone here told me st start by poking little holes in them with a pin, adding a few more every few days. Also taking a lot and telling her that itís time to give the dummy to other babies who need them and the dummy fairy would come take the dummy for another baby and leave a present instead.
It worked really well, by the time the dummy fairy came the dummies werenít working so well because of the holes and the fairy left her a lovey in the form of a teddy.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Should I allow a longer nap for ew
« Last post by Conniesmummy on Yesterday at 08:44:19 »
Who knows hey, she must have been awake early this morning tho as she was wide awake at 6:15 when I woke up. It will all go wrong today as she goes to my mums and she mucks everything up!!!
Night Wakings / 5month old wakes up a lot at night
« Last post by Anna87 on Yesterday at 08:30:51 »
Hi all,  I really need some advice.  Up to 3month my son was an OK Sleeper at night (he will go 5-6h without waking)  and had only one feed at night around 3. When he turned 4month he started to wake up a lot but I put it to sleep regression and teething,  he usually go back to sleep with a little help,  for last 3 weeks tho he's like a clock!  He goes to bed around 7 and wakes up at 9 sharp,  tossing and turning in his cot,  usually I'm able to sooth him back to sleep,  then he'll wake up around 00.30 can't put him back to sleep without feed,  then he wakes up around 2.30-3 sometimes I can get him back to sleep but most nights he's looking for bottle,  then he'll wake up around 4.30-5 goes back to sleep and start his day around 6-6.30. Not sure how yo break this circle.  I'm clueless.  I also dream feed around 10pm but he wakes up most night for it anyway.  His naps always been poor,  30_45 min.  I try the shh pat and sometimes I can get him to sleep for 1.5h. Also I notice that with every leap his going through he became a fussy eater,  not wanting bottle at all.  Any suggestions?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: weaning the pacifier 2 and 3 year old
« Last post by dache on Yesterday at 07:28:36 »
She was exactly the same age as your lo when I started. She had loads so it took some time to go trough them all but she was weaned before she was 4.
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