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Naps / Re: Serial Cat Napper! Please Help!
« Last post by JCN on Yesterday at 06:31:25 »
So yesterday, he had a 1hr am nap, a 1.5hr pm nap (with lots of ssh/pat resettling every 30min sleep cycle)and then a 30min cat nap before tea as we were travelling, from 5:00-5:30pm. This meant we were in a position to push back BT, which we did- to 7:30pm.

We still had NWs, frequently. 8:30pm for his dummy. 2:00am he was awake for an hour before finally resettling at 3:00am. Then he woke every 5-10mins from 4:30-5:30am and was then up for the day.

This is happening every night, regardless of nap times, awake times and BT. I've tried altering and varying it so many ways.
Breast Feeding / Re: 3 month old can't make it to 3 hours
« Last post by annesmama on Yesterday at 06:20:14 »
Yeah - I think we are the opposite!  I used to think her fussing was 'tired' and I would try to put her down, but she wouldn't go to sleep easily and always woke up early.  Per other thread, we've been extending her A times. The last couple days I've been feeding her at that fussy mark, and now she'll usually perk up for another round of A.

Maybe I'll do a mix: always feed on wakeup, so we have that routine, and then second feed on-demand. It'll be EAEAS but the second E isn't timed. Does that make sense?
Bottle Feeding / Re: Loss of appetite
« Last post by Kimbayley on Yesterday at 05:34:57 »
I did ask Dr to check for reflux. He says no as my LO seems quite happy on his back. He does fidget a lot though, even when asleep. He only cries when he wants his dummy in or if Im feeding him and stop to burp!
Yes, lots of wet nappies etc. Just a bit strange but maybe he was going through a spurt when I initially put him on bottle which may be why he had so much. I guess I just got used to him taking that amount, now I worry, especially if it is before I put him down for the night as I want him to have a full belly!!
Yes they are different  :)
Naps / Re: 4-5 weeks old no naps!
« Last post by Kimbayley on Yesterday at 05:31:38 »
Thank you so much. Yes, believe it or not this is my second. My first is 5 but I do struggle a lot with this stage.

My LO also seems to have a big cry when I try to put him down and kicks & fusses just before he relaxes.  ;D
I tend not to do shush -pat as it seems to be more stimulating for him and it seems to make him fuss, but do hold my hand on his belly so he knows I am there? I do pat his back or leg before I put him down though. I play womb sounds for night and whale sounds for day naps in his crib.
I have to use a pram twice a day for school run and for that have got myself a shusher as I can't keep my hand on him. That sometimes helps.
Do you think it matters that some naps are in a pram so won't have same routine as going into a darker room etc for naps in his crib?
My baby is swaddled. He does fight it. I tried a hands up swaddle today but he kept knocking his dummy out so not sure that one will last long.
My wind down routine takes about 5 minutes only. Perhaps it is too short? I close blinds, swaddle, turn on sounds, cuddle, put down till his eyes are closed and he is relaxed for a while. He is quite a fidgeter, even when deep asleep at night.
Bottle Feeding / Re: Loss of appetite
« Last post by becj86 on Yesterday at 05:24:30 »
Eh, They're all different, right?!

Still happy, gaining and plenty of wet nappies? If so, maybe just wait it out. He's highly unlikely to starve himself. Any discomfort/reflux? Just wondering as sometimes reflux can have babies taking less milk than they need once they associate it with pain.
Bottle Feeding / Re: Loss of appetite
« Last post by Kimbayley on Yesterday at 05:20:04 »
Haha. Not my first! Did BW with my first but 5 years ago & forgotten everything!!

LO back to taking only 60 ml at some feeds so although 3 hourly volumes range from 60-120ml
10mins in to the WD or 10 mins into being in the pram she'll yawn and I think yes! I've got her in her sleepy place before overtiredness hits but then it's still an hour or more, usually, before the proper sleep comes.
So this can happen when LO is still working out how tiredness works - that's why it helps to get them at their sleep window because they don't know when it is themselves, really - if you PD UT, they're not ready for sleep so don't go to sleep but then they get OT instead of just falling asleep when they get to perfect tiredness level.

I think in your shoes, I'd concentrate on the feeding and the wind. Getting that sorted I think will make a big difference to the sleep. Did you have a look at the link to Laid back nursing made a big difference when DS was being showered (seriously, I'd catch nearly 3oz if I put a container in place to catch the letdown on the breast DS wasn't latched to) with milk.
Bottle Feeding / Re: Loss of appetite
« Last post by becj86 on Yesterday at 05:06:32 »
We are all anxious to some extent, especially with our first baby ;)

Could be you've tried this and it coincides with a growth spurt, could be that its disrupting his sleep - There's a recommendation somewhere that DF is I think between 3-4hr after LO goes to sleep for the night so it doesn't mess with their sleep cycles.
Breast Feeding / Re: 3 month old can't make it to 3 hours
« Last post by becj86 on Yesterday at 05:03:12 »
Well, most people find on demand is more frequent than if you were to do EAS and feed on wakeup.

I'd try a topup after an hour rather than feeding every 2hr myself but that's following my rather dismal experience feeding a gassy baby whose tired signs I mistook for hunger at around 2hr. Have you tried do the nap when she starts seeming hungry?
Generally there's the kind of cranky that can be 'fixed' with changing activity - that is ok but then there's the cranky that keeps going no matter what you do ant that is likely tired/hungry/pain/dirty nappy/trying to poo/any number of other things which at around the right A time usually means tired.
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