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Eating For Toddlers / Re: Bedtime bottle and morning bottle
« Last post by Lolly on Yesterday at 15:49:50 »
Are you brushing his teeth after the bottle? If you aren't then you really need to change that as the sugars in milk are going to cause issues for him.

My son had his bedtime bottle until he was 2.5, it wasn't great, but we weren't able to get rid of it before without upset. You could change your routine around to get rid of it more easily, so milk downstairs then stories etc in his room then brush teeth (you need to leave about 20 mins after the milk before you brush) or whatever suits you to break having the bottle in the cot. You can also get rid of the bottles cold turkey and have a "special" milk cup if he would go for it. He's old enough to understand bottles are for babies and he is a big boy now I would think. ;)

Another reason to get rid of the big bedtime drink is that it will make night dryness easier when you potty train. Although night dryness is hormone driven, having less in his bladder at bedtime will help.

Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Trouble getting 16 month old down
« Last post by Tabathagucci on Yesterday at 14:52:15 »
Wow that is crazy! Ok, I'm willing to give this a go.  Honestly it can't get much worse, her last two nights were less than 10 hours of sleep.  She actually handles OT fairly well, so wondering if I can just jump BT to 7:30 now.  Or maybe 7:15.  She's been falling asleep after 7:15 anyway the last 2 nights and taking forever to get to sleep so how much worse can it get???  I can shift the nap to 12:45 now and then 1 next week.  No constraints now that camp is over.  Anyway, if i shift the nap to 12:45 today, you think I can just start at 7:25 bed time and shift later 15 mins a day till wake up gets later?
General Sleep Issues / Are we creating a sleep association already?
« Last post by mulvia on Yesterday at 13:29:49 »
Hi there! DS2 is almost 1mo, is a fairly good sleeper and settles quite happily without too much intervention unless he has a sore tummy, which happens enough as he's not easy to burp, and especially if we don't keep him upright long enough - night feeds are an exception as I guess he's more relaxed and doesn't take in too much air, besides the added perk of going back to sleep on the breast, which I'm trying hard not to link to daytime sleep. So I'm exploring different ways to swaddle him but if nothing works I put him in side position, lightly rock him and give him a dummy. I try to put him down as soon as the eyes start to close, so that I stop 'doing' things before he's properly asleep - that excludes the dummy.
He would love to suck his fingers and prefer it to the dummy I think, but of course is not able to do so yet (except occasionally when he latches on tightly to his thumb!), so I'm planning to get rid of dummy asap and encourage that - but is this already creating a sleep association? Most times he spits it out after a while and he's ok, but if he's not fully asleep when he does so, he starts up again, tries to suck fingers, gets frustrated and wants it back. This can happen a few times before he's actually off. Should I be wary of it, or is it ok until he can find his hands? I tend to let him try that first, and offer dummy if it doesn't happen, so that hopefully he doesn't stop trying...should I be doing something else? Thanks for any opinions/experiences!
Naps / 16 week old baby habitual waking
« Last post by Silvasmile on Yesterday at 11:48:45 »
Hi guys, I'm new here although it seems like I have read every post here already.
My LO is 16 weeks and is driving me crazy, I feel more stressed out than the baby.
Since birth he has been a difficult sleeper due to dairy and lactose intolerance. It took me while to figure out what was the problem, no thanks to the HW or the GP. I have managed to refuce his gassing problems but I'm in crises when it comes to sleep. Although LO falls asleep independently he cat naps through the day anything from 30-45 minutes and is unable to transition. I have tried sush pat which seems to irritate him even more same thing with holding him through his jolts. When he feels my presents he is fully awake and smiling. I have tried wake to sleep too at different times yet he still jolts from his sleep and is wide awake on the 45 minute mark. I was EBF on demand which was like every hour during the day and every 2 or 1.5 hour during the night. I have stopped that believing that he is simply not getting enough calories as he use to feed only on one breast. So now I'm expressing and feeding trough bottle during day and breast during night. Yet LO wakes 4 to 5 times during night but I attend to Feed twice in hopes he will drop his night waking.

Any idea where the problem lies or any advice would be appreciated.
Eating For Toddlers / Bedtime bottle and morning bottle
« Last post by Jojo290615 on Yesterday at 09:29:39 »

Looking for some advice :)

My little boy just turned two and we still give him his bedtime bottle. We give it to him in his crib. He doesn't fall asleep with it though. He will drink it and then chat with his teddies and read a book etc.
Is it wrong to still be giving him a bedtime bottle?

Thanks :)
Eating For Toddlers / Re: Not eating and now weight loss
« Last post by babyrose on Yesterday at 09:20:57 »
No illnesses for quite some time, even Xmas wasn't bad this time. What I mean from no eating is very very little eating.

Eating snacks and main meals are generally in the same place as the old routine and yeah he's very grumpy and it's not like him. I've cut the nap as Lewis was wasn't sleeping great at night and they're starting nursery in January and am hoping to get a morning place for 4 hrs which would mean them missing 1 nap anyway.

Breakfasts are generally cereal and milk in a cup 7oz which is normally demolished and now take a 10oz cup. We are now on jersey gold milk with cream through it recommended by the dietician.

Snacks apples, bananas, crisps, raisins, smoothies or puree any of these things

Lunch cheese on toast, beans and pork sausages, pop corn chicken with humour, scrambled eggs chicken drumstick, homemade lentil soup. Most of these things now have extra cheese, milk and butter through again recommended by the dietician.

Dinner chili nachos, curry and rice naan bread, chicken dinner roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings peas and carrots. southern fried chicken and chips sometimes with sauce.

Ok so that's some stuff off the top of my head. He might eat scrambled egg, picks the pork sausages out, maybe the bread from the soup, couple bites out the Yorkshire pudding and the tortilla chips from nachos and the sauce from southern fried chicken meal.

7 breakfast
9:30 snacks
11:30/12 lunch
15:00 snacks
17:30/18 dinner
19:30 sometimes a bit dry cereal and some milk.

Dietician has given us supplement drinks and milks. He won't take the juice but milk he has been accepting at night.
Perhaps you can only get those 2 short naps if you are out and about?  it could be one way to go, always taking him out for naps although I prefer to have one at home so that when the nap drops properly to 1 it is in the cot.

Otherwise I'm not sure what else you can do other than move to 1 nap now, shift it later so the day is more balanced, EBT and grit your teeth through the NWs until it settles down.
hugs these transitions are hard going.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Trouble getting 16 month old down
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 08:38:57 »
I get what you're saying about the OT making naps and night worse but I do think that moving the whole day on would feel better all round.
If you can move nap later (I mean based on your family constraints not based on her tiredness or bad nights) moving BT later will be easier.
With BT I think you just have to push it. I know she's harder to get down and then has a short night but you'll get past that.
When I moved my DS on I had to go past the planned BT to force a later WU.  He is not good with a later BT even now tbh but if I have to force it I know I can by going beyond where it is needed, waiting for WU to shift and then slowly easing back on BT.
I shifted something like 15 mins per day - after 4 days reached the hour I wanted to move but continued to shift because WU had not moved, another couple of nights (I planned to do 4 more making a full hour beyond where I wanted BT) and WU finally moved. I stuck at that BT for a few days to make sure WU stayed later then slowly brought BT earlier each night.  Initially the night is shorter,losing sleep every night because BT is later and WU doesn't move but that's what I knew would happen and I knew moving slowly would just prolong the OT so I moved faster. That was why 15 mins every day rather than 15 min then waiting 3 or 4 days if that makes sense.
Honestly I was scared of it - it was a gamble and I just hoped it worked.  But when things are bad sometimes it's worth a gamble and just grit your teeth during the first days when it's really hard.
Naps / Re: how to beat the 45 minutes nap ?
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 08:19:35 »
Great news! :)
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2nd Yr Molar Sleep Chaos!
« Last post by creations on Yesterday at 08:16:34 »
Considering the molars I think you're doing pretty well and I think you'll be amazed by the difference after this tricky phase is over.
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