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Naps / 30 min naps. 3 month old. Soother prop
« Last post by *happy* on July 05, 2020, 08:11:25 am »
Help! You BW ladies saved my sanity on my previous babies!!!! Would be ever so grateful if you could advise again! On baby number 4 but I've it all forgotten!!! DS will put himself to sleep without soother but ALWAYS wakes at 30 mins and I'm needing to replug over and over . The only way he will do a long (restorative?) nap is in my arms where instir him a little at 25 mins and bounce/jiggle him back to sleep-he doesnt wake fully. Have tried different wake times and I just  sent seem to get it right. No matter when I put him down he will always wake after 30 mins!!!
Today I have tried:
WU 7.10am
Into cot 8.10am
S 8.15am
I tried WTS after 25 mins but I just woke him fully even though I just placed my hand on him ever so gently...
Please help! My other 3 LOs are losing out bigtime because I'm up and down the stairs to him so much...I'm not able to leave them unsupervised morning after morning so I have been running up to him when his cries seem like he needs me,popping in the soother and then back downstairs again...9 times out of 10 when the   soother falls out he wakes up.
General Sleep Issues / Re: How long before giving up on a nap 12 week old
« Last post by mothergoose on June 21, 2020, 15:18:43 pm »
Thanks you! Wanted to reply to let you know the outcome in case anyone looking at this in the future.... She got it in the end.... Think we had an a time issue as well... Lengthened it by 10min and between that and just time for her to adjust she now sleeps well in her cot for daytime naps independently... Took about a week for her to get it for most naps and 2 weeks to get it consistently for anyone in same situation...there is hope  ;)
E.A.S.Y. Forum / E.A.S.Y when they're not keen on the sleep part of it?!
« Last post by Henrys_Dad on June 21, 2020, 10:17:41 am »
Good morning :)

A  little background...we have have 12 week old little girl called Indiana, overall she's doing well and is breast fed.
But wondered if anyone could help before we find ourselves getting into bad habits. :)

Night time mainly consists of feed and sleep around 9ish then she'll wake around 2/3 for another feed or poo however, sometimes can go till 4/5.
(This NEVER happened with Henry when he was little, so its new for us!)

She then wakes around 7ish for feed and wake up time.
Throughout the day we try and get a couple of 2hr sleeps in between feeds and wake times.

We're conscious of her not learning to fall asleep only whilst feeding, but what should we do wake her after she's fed, just to put her down again seems the wrong way round?

So when we put her down during the day/night and she just doesn't sleep, should we be doing something else?
She'll ether just sit there grinning at us or do another poo whilst she is getting sleepy.

Thank you for any opinions :)
General Sleep Issues / Re: Q re SIDS
« Last post by Katet on June 21, 2020, 00:03:12 am »
Research and knowledge changes over time as we learn more from different studies and information. The BW Books and therefore ideas are from more than 18 years ago and  the medical knowledge reflected in them has changed in that time.
As a parent, there is a plethora of information to work through and it is best to follow current medical advice and in terms of SIDS, BW is outdated.
Be mindful on your parenting journey any book you read is a general average of all babies, it's not going to be a magic road map to an easy journey. As BW shows babies are different temperaments.  Connection to your child will always be far more valuable than following routines in a book. For example modern advice is to consider consistency through rituals and non time based routine far more than the clock based schedule.
Research also seems to indicate that babies who sleep in a sling or stroller/pushchair in the first few months are no less likely to be good sleepers than those who stick at home sleeping in their bed the vast majority of the time and baby wearing and naps on the go bring many positive benefits that should not be overlooked in the aim to have it 'right' (which will never happen).

So while BW is a great  piece of the puzzle to your parenting journey, it needs to be used in conjunction with changed best practices and medical advice over the last almost 2 decades, rather than stand alone.

Best advice I can give as a Mum of teens is... There are no 'getting it wrong' in your parenting journey, just 'chances to learn and grow' A good parent isn't one that has a sleeping baby (that's a lucky one) a good parent is one who learns to accept it's always changing and how to adapt. For me learning to work through and overcome my type A personality was the best thing for my parenting journey. 
General Sleep Issues / Q re SIDS
« Last post by Cluey on June 20, 2020, 15:38:56 pm »
Hi there,

I am expecting this October and have read Tracy's book. I plan to stick to the baby whisperer method as I've seen it work with my friend's three children. My question is: Tracy recommends that the baby sleeps in their own crib in their own room from day one, but this seems to go against the hospital's recommendation for preventing SIDS. Can anyone speak to this? My husband is very worried about this. Thank you in advance
Dear All,

Our 22-months-old wakes up around 6am every morning. After the bath and the winddown, she is in bed by 7:45 pm (but sometimes doesn't fall asleep until 8:30pm) and has a 2-hour nap between 12 and 2. To me, it seems like she's not sleeping enough at night. We tried PU/PD in the mornings and it worked for a bit, and perhaps we could get her to stay in the crib until 6:30am. But she continued to wake up at 6am. Then, out of desperation, we started giving her the pacifier in the mornings (only then), so now she's addicted to it. She wakes up, wants the pacifier, and lounges around in the crib until 6:45 or so. She refuses PU/PD and screams and screams until we give her the pacifier (yes, I know, we give in which is why she's screaming... but it's SO early and our 3.5-year-old is sleeping next door. What to do? We don't want to wake up at 6am to give her the pacifier, but we don't want to leave pacifiers in the crib and have her become further addicted (she likes it only in the mornings and we put it away without problems before breakfast).

She doesn't seem to be hungry (we tried giving her milk in her sippy cup or a banana, but she only wants the pacifier). Should we try putting her down for the night earlier? She doesn't seem sleepy yet with the longer nap, but I know Tracy says it doesn't work to stay up later. Your help is MUCH appreciated. Please help us solve this. Thanks!

Activity Time & Toddler Activity / Nappy change before feeding 4 week old
« Last post by Samantha1988 on June 14, 2020, 07:33:33 am »

I'm new here and a first time mum to a 4 week old.  LO was born at 36 weeks and weight 5lb 12o, but she is doing amazingly and was above her birth weight 10 days post birth and has continued to gain weight. Feeling a little overwhelmed with the ever changing amount of sleep and lack of routine in my life so would like to try the EASY method.

For now I have just one main question/topic I was hoping one of you lovely people would be able to offer me some advice on -

We change LO's nappy before she has her feed. LO will wake from a nap/sleep a little grotty, so we change her and then feed her. We have tried changing her after a feed but most of the time she will get herself all worked up and distressed, she is then impossible to get back to sleep. She generally will fall asleep feeding but is easy to wake, we then burp her and give her a cuddle. She may fall asleep when cuddling so we put her down in her basket or we put her down before she has fully fallen asleep and is drowsy. I'm worried this is all totally wrong and we're setting ourselves up for bad habits.

Thanks for the reassurement. Maybe I make it a bit too hard for myself (and therefore for us all).
I will apply your suggestion for a nap time ritual. Usually I sing a few bedtime songs so I think that could ba a good start.
It's good to hear you say that using a wrap isn't such a bad idea. I hope nap times will be getting easier in the long run...
I was also thinking I might do the shh pat while the baby is in the wrap so that we build a positive association with falling asleep?
Do you think that would help for falling asleep with shh pat eventually or would I just add another prop for him to get depended on?
Honestly golden rule isn't what you should do, but to do what works best.  There is nothing wrong with a baby sleeping in a sling if it's working for your life.
As you'd know having a toddler, so much changes in the weeks and months.
Given the current situation I'd focus on bedtime and one nap if it work...I know with a 2yo and a 3mo I found keeping the 2yo occupied, meant I really only got one nap at home in peace, and by about a year old, they still have bedtime and one nap.
So bottom line I think is get  a pre nap ritual in place (read a story to both children and w ere you can settle in bed, if not do what works, Having a ritual that says when I put you in the sling or stroller or bed it's sleep time will be just as beneficial long term as will using sh Pat
Hi everyone,
I am a big fan oft the structured routine BW can bring. It was a succes with our now 2 years and 3 months old toddler, however we hardly ever managed to put him to sleep using shh-pat (believe me we tried). We didn't manage to remove AP (using a stroller) for falling asleep for naps and BF in the night. At some point we got there but he was well past 1 year old before he fell asleep on his own.
Now, we have a 5 weeks old baby who is also being breastfed. I try to get him on a 3 hour routine but he prefers to eat every 2 hours or every 2,5 hours. So far I have used babywearing for naps most of the time, simply because it's handy when you want to go to the playground with the toddler and he is not great with walking for a long time on his own. And because the wrap worked so well I also used it for other naps or he just falls asleep in our arms.
So, the situation is this: My boyfriend has to work from home because of corona and we only have a small apartment. We have a toddler who is making a lot of noise, walking in and out of the room, asking questions and doing things he shouldn't do. So, I have to keep an eye on the toddler so he doesn't disturb my boyfriend while working (video calls ec.) which means I have to go after him while trying to put the baby to sleep.
I have tried to get the baby to sleep using shh-pat a couple of times but it is really hard in this situation. He only fell asleep once using shh-pat and woke up again after 10 minutes. The other times I was disturbed by the toddler or I had to give up after more than an hour because the baby was so overtired by then and hungry.
In comparison it's so easy to use babywearing to get him to sleep (but not a long term solution of course). I try to put him into bed after he falls asleep (apart from when I'm out).
But it's really hard to introduce shh-pat for sleeping and I'm doubting if I'm too early because he is only 5 weeks old or because if it's the situation that makes it even more difficult? Sometimes I feel like giving up and using accidental parenting / babywearing because I might otherwise go nuts.
Any recommendations how to keep motivated? I know shh-pat is a long time investment which would pay off eventually but I just don't know how to get it done in this particular situation.
My toddler is at the créche once or twice a week so I could try to focus on these days...
Hope someone will have some advice for me!
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