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E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: 12 Werka short A
« Last post by becj86 on October 22, 2017, 11:28:14 am »
But Iíve been trying the 1.30a time at various points in the day when DD1 is in kindergarten and still get 20-30min naps.
But she's had the really short OS nap in the morning already, so things are a bit muddied.

That resettling shortly after BT is OT, usually. That's to be expected given the shorter naps through the day though.

Perhaps stick with 1:40 or so for the next few days and see how you go.

Hugs, Its really difficult with a baby and an older child. I know its easier said than done, but do try to go with the flow with pickups, etc. Could you try to get her somewhere quieter for the last 10min of her A time? A longer WD may assist.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 13 months standard EASY routine?
« Last post by creations on October 22, 2017, 10:54:22 am »
Just a reminder too that I set out a suggested routine in your previous thread which you can see at reply #1 here:
which you might find useful.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 13 months standard EASY routine?
« Last post by creations on October 22, 2017, 10:46:59 am »
Have you always had shortish naps?  I'd probably aim to get one of the naps longer and leave the other on the shorter side.
Maybe increase the first A to minimum 4hr as he already does that sometimes anyway, then in time increase in smaller steps, 10-15 mins at a time and see if you can get a longer nap there?  You could also help him lengthen that first nap by starting a resettle before he fully wakes (using W2S). What do you think?
Then the second nap I would just keep as a CN of 45 min.  Possibly the CN could need shortening.

I think you could find he'll settle better for naps on the slightly longer A time rather than looking for cues - because the cues may be inconsistent due to his fluctuating level of tiredness.  Maybe UT some days, short  nap but then builds in tiredness and goes down easier and does a slightly longer nap.  He might need a bit of guidance as to when he should sleep and for how long to get back into a more consistent routine where he goes down easily and sleeps a predictable length of time.
Night Wakings / Re: 9mo very unsettled between 4-7am
« Last post by creations on October 22, 2017, 10:37:25 am »
it is hard to go by his tired signs as they are sometimes completely absent.
Tired signs can be very hard to follow at this age which is why I am suggesting the change of scene and the gradual increase of A times over a week up to a more suitable time of 3hr 30 on all A times.

Yes I do breastfeed and I know he should be sleeping through by now.
As I mentioned above it is normal for a BF baby to have 2 feeds at night at this age.

I'm trying to get him to eat more during the day to both milk and solids.
This might be impacting on the night sleep and night feeds. Can you post your recent EASY showing the actual times things happened please?  Include all sleeps, feeds, milk and solids, and what/how much solids.
It is well within the range of normal for LOs this age not to take very much in the way of solids. Milk is still their primary food until 12 months old and very many LOs don't take much more than a little taste of solids at 9 months, it will pick up over the coming months.  The approach with solids at this point would be to offer a range of healthy family meals 3 times per day but not to expect LO to take a large meal.  He will be exposed to the various tastes and textures of food without reduction in the milk.

With such long awake times- what do you recommend for the wake time before bed?
The A times are no so long really, I am suggesting guidance A times for age. Some LOs are on much longer A times at this age.  Your LO may need longer than I have suggested but that is hard to know until we see how this A time works out.
I recommend all A times increase as per above in steps up to 3hr 30.  if you already do 3hr 30 before BT leave it at that.

Naps / Re: Short naps, and forced naps on the go are ruining the day
« Last post by creations on October 22, 2017, 10:20:24 am »
Hello, welcome back to BW forums :)

From what you've said I think it might be worth a shot at a more "set naps" kind of routine with a couple of CNs and a couple of longer naps rather than a standard 3 long nap routine. I think it might help reduce your worry about trying to get him to sleep longer all the time. What do you think?

The first A time is a bit too long for his age but clearly he has to wait until he's on the way to school to get that first sling nap so I doubt there is much you can do about that.  I would probably just plan that as a CN, then plan a long nap at home, a CN before or during the afternoon school run and another long nap at home followed by A time then BT.  If you set this up each day your LO could get into the habit of it as he'd know when he is going to get his sleeps, I'd suggest keeping to the routine on weekends too to help him establish the routine and know when he is getting the sling naps and when a cot nap.
So it might look something like this:
WU 7.00
E 7.30
A 1hr 45 a bit too long for age
S 8.50 - 9.30 (40 min CN)
E 10.30 (do not feed to sleep)
A 1hr 30
S 11.00 - 1.00 (2hr in the cot)
E 1.30
A 1hr 30
S 2.30 - 3.10 (cot or sling 40min CN)
E 4.00 (do not feed to sleep)
A 1hr 30 (including school run)
S 4.40 - 6.40 (2hr in cot)
E 6.40 before bath if needed
A 1hr 20/30
E 7.30 BT feed
BT 8pm

I think once you plan those CNs in you could feel less obliged to try to extend every nap, make use of the A time to get him fed or dinner made and the 2hr home nap in the evening should free you up to spend time with your older child, cook/eat, whatever.  At the moment it looks like you are spending the entire evening trying to get LO asleep but with a more "set" routine you would only try to sleep train and resettle during the time he is to long nap.  Initially it is not likely to give you additional Y time to spend with your older child but once the habit is establish I would imagine it should help.
By "set" times I don't mean you'd keep these times for ever, more like they are set for now then change as LOs needs change and then re-set again on a longer A time.  You could for instance see that first sling CN starting later and being cut shorter by arrival home until it is the first nap to drop and instead the longer nap in the cot becomes the first nap of the day and may be brought earlier.  Hope that makes sense.

In terms of sleep training I would suggest beginning with nap 2, stop the feeding to sleep and sleep train in the cot using shush/pat.  As that becomes a little more successful then work on nap 4 to get that established in the cot.  At the same time work on independent sleep for night sleep.

What do you think?
Naps / Re: Can 20 week old really be dropping catnap?
« Last post by creations on October 22, 2017, 09:31:37 am »
Some people reduce the CN to 20 min, then 10 before finally dropping.  Admittedly I couldn't do that with my own DS but lots of people have done it successfully.
I've always let BT move later when needed for the routine to work (8pm being my max) then earlier when naps drop and gradually getting back to 7pm - but again everyone is different, there are some who keep BT the same no matter what, their LOs seem to adapt around the set BT and cope okay. If you have 2 LO on your own for BT you might not have an option but to do whatever you can do.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: 12 Werka short A
« Last post by eva026 on October 22, 2017, 07:22:26 am »
But Iíve been trying the 1.30a time at various points in the day when DD1 is in kindergarten and still get 20-30min naps. I did that for a few days and figured she wasnít ready.
The long nw was a once off but we keep having to go on and resettle her a few time after BT.
This short A time is really difficult to work around, I canít even pick DD1 up in the afternoon without it running into nap into nap time.
You think I should push A out to 1.45 and hold for a few days? All As or just one for now?
General Sleep Issues / Re: 7 month old A time?
« Last post by becj86 on October 22, 2017, 01:32:04 am »
3.45 A time has been giving me 45-50min naps so thinking I should head back to 3.30 and stick there for a few days?
Those are UT naps more typically but could just be tricky to transition between cycles whilst ill.

When is she waking through the night?
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: 12 Werka short A
« Last post by becj86 on October 22, 2017, 01:29:53 am »
S: 20min
I suspect this may be OS rather than OT. 

She then has a short A time and does an UT nap. I think she may do well with1:30-1:45 based on what you've written. Though I'd err on the side of 1:45 since she's awake for a longish time in the middle of the night. Tricky to avoid overstimulation with DD1 around too.
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