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E.A.S.Y. Forum / MOVED: EASY at 12 months
« Last post by creations on April 18, 2018, 09:46:15 am »
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: EASY at 12 months
« Last post by creations on April 18, 2018, 09:45:54 am »
Hello and welcome to BW forums :)

Yes you absolutely can do EASY at 12 months. The reason you are not seeing so much about this age is because we have a different board for toddler sleep, for ease we have all 12 months+ kiddies in the toddler section whether or not they have actually started toddling.
I will move your thread over there for you but here is a link to the board:
We also have a toddler specific FAQ page here:
although lots of the other FAQs are also useful.

The main difference in the EASY routine at 12 months is that LOs eat more often, milks (usually 2), meals (3 main meals) and snacks (2 or even 3) and sleep less in the day (some have 1 nap some have 2) so the E aspect doesn't only happen after S but rather happens at predictable times across the day.
Toddlers can also be sleep trained using the BW methods and those too are a bit different to a new born or younger baby but the main ethos is the same, being respectful and supporting your LO whilst they learn to sleep independently.

Let me see if I can answer some of your questions:
Note 1. We had 5 bottle times up until recently because of reflux (more frequent and smaller servings). We're not at 4 bottles of 6 ounces each. Reflux is improved and I'm considering going to three bottles of 7 or 8 ounces each.
At 12 months we'd expect 2 of the bottles to switch to solids snacks.  Reflux babies can often find the solids easier as they can stay down in their tummies easier than the milk.  You would switch the mid morning and mid afternoon bottles to a snack with a drink of water (or milk but those milks can be dropped now because solids becomes the primary source of calories and nutrients).  How about trying out switching just one, see how it goes then in a week or so switch the other?

typical E routine would be (I'll put itmes in just as guidance but timings really depend on nap times too):
7am WU milk or breakfast with milk drink
8am breakfast (if first E was bottle of milk) 1hr later
11am mid morning snack with water
12pm lunch with water
3pm mid afternoon snack with water
4/5pm dinner
7pm BT milk

The other thing to note about the E routine is that it is recommended to drop bottles at 12 months.  Some people chose to continue with one or two bottles because LO doesn't take a suitable amount of milk with a cup or straw. The WU and BT milk drinks can continue in a bottle if that's the case but you can also drop bottles totally at this age (we can help with how to go about this if needed).

Note 2. We went to 1 nap a day because it seemed his day naps made his night sleeping too short. Night sleeping did improve but it's still bad. He is easy going during the day so can't tell if one nap is too little.
one nap is probablyfine although I'd expect to see him have a longer nap than 1hr.  It could be that the nap is too early in the day, moving it later could help to encourage a later morning WU time and also help him sleep longer for the nap. The later and longer nap would also help to reduce the A time between the nap and night time sleep which looks very long at the moment. If that A time is too long LO can become OT (over tired) which can cause a disturbance at night either with multiple night wakings or with early waking the next morning.
For some LOs they do better with a longer nap and a slightly shorter night, they might not be able to sleep 12hr nights but are instead well rested on a 2hr nap and 11 hr night.
As you have already moved to 1 nap I would suggest staying one one rather than increasing back to 2, but shifting it later.  Move the nap in increments of 15 mins so it is not too much change in one day.  I'd aim for 11.15am and then 11.30am for now and then possibly move a bit later depending what effect it has on his sleep.
I would also suggest EBT (early bed time) not more than 5hrs after the nap ends.  This can seem very early but LOs who become OT by a very long day can sleep less well over night.

First thing I noticed, EASY doesn't work out with solids if you break up E into two periods. Is that okay?
Hopefully this is answered above. If you have more questions let me know.

Next, I'm going from sleeping after bottle, to activity after bottle. That may be hard as the grandparents are watching him and they will just hold and walk with him until he falls asleep.
Sleep training is different to routine. You can follow a routine without sleep training.  You can put a routine in place first and then consider sleep training when you are ready and when you feel you understand the process.  It's often easier for parents to do the initial sleep training themselves (because you know what your goal is) before handing over the "new" way to fall asleep to other care givers.  If your LO is used to falling to sleep on a bottle you can expect to get a lot of resistance to sleeping without the bottle and changing the habit.

Finally, the night time is still sleep after bottle. Is that okay?
Night time milk feeds do not have any A time, it's straight back to bed, yes.  At this age LOs don't need to eat in the night, they can get all the calories they need in the day. If there are any night feeds remaining I'd suggest weaning those gently over a number of days.
As I said before, it is advised to drop all bottles at 12 months the main reason for this is tooth care.  Your LO may not yet have many teeth but growth can be effected even before the teeth show.  One aspect is that LOs who use a bottle all day (eg for juice drinks and comfort) can decay the teeth with the juice/milk being sipped for long periods but also growth can be effected because the teat is in the mouth for long periods.  You can avoid this problem by limiting the bottle to once or twice per day where the milk is taken in one go and done within a few mins, and never use the bottle for anything other than milk or water.  The other aspect of tooth care is that milk sitting on the teeth all night is not ideal and will decay the teeth.  Ideally you need to be moving the BT bottle earlier (or dropping it) so that the milk is finished 30 mins before teeth/gums are brushed before BT (teeth shouldn't be brushed directly after eating or drinking anything other than water).

I hope this helps some - it may raise more questions but hopefully we can support you through the changes you decide to make and answer any questions you have.
Naps / Re: 6 weeks old short naps and fights always for the naps
« Last post by gozde on April 18, 2018, 08:57:53 am »
Hi again thank you for your reply you are right again :) our nights are okay now two feed generally no df . But our naps are always and always 30 min. Not longer than 37 min.
I try
Htjj from the 20 min until he settles but no success.
Try to suush pat no success
Switch on the vibration and give his pacifier when he moves and gives voices no success
And l try to give chance to him for turning back to his sleep.
Only he can go on sleeping wlth sling:)
So l try all the way in order for the naps but we finished with slling but you said it doesn't matter so l feel more relaxed about using it.
He can sleep independently in his bed.l say llulaby than suushh when he is drowsy l put him his bed l generally hold his arm and suush for a while sometimes with pacifier and he sleeps:)
I think the importan point here he is learning independently sleeping and he will learn go on sleeping in time.
I will post our easy .
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 13mo 2-1 transition questions
« Last post by becj86 on April 18, 2018, 08:51:18 am »
Hi MamaBergs, I've split your topic off the 2-1 chat thread as you'll probably get more assistance on the Toddler Sleep board.

Looks like things are going pretty well so far. Ideal PM nap time is very individual at this age and it looks like you might be able to mostly do one nap and just do a CN if LO falls asleep if you know what I mean. How have the nights been so far?
Naps / Re: Help with nap timings - 6months
« Last post by creations on April 18, 2018, 08:47:14 am »
It sounds like he is UT (under tired) for the first nap.  You could increase that A time without necessarily increasing all the A times across the day.
Maybe try a change of scene, move to a different room, if he loses interest in the toys.  Or perhaps a small snack?  Would he be interested?

If you read through the W2S link look at option 1 for naps, instead of disturbing him at 30 mins sit and wait for him to start stirring. Have your hand ready or on him and begin a little rocking or patting with a firm hand.  This can be more successful and also if you catch him when he is barely waking he may not realise you are there but be soothed back to sleep by the motion.  Mine would also be annoyed with me being in there if he fully woke and only wanted to get up out of bed, it was better he didn't realise I was there.
Breast Feeding / Re: 8 mo waking due to hunger???
« Last post by becj86 on April 18, 2018, 08:39:12 am »
I have adjusted slightly and we are doing 3.5 hours right now and that seems to have helped a lot.
That's great :)

As of right now her bigger nap is usually the AM nap. How long of a catnap should we be aiming for in the PM? When she drops to 1 nap will she drop her PM? How could I go about flipping that? Or will that just adjust itself as her A times lengthen?
At the moment, a 45min CN is probably good, it will shrink or she will start to resist or you'll have to AP one with a car/pram ride of something. Here's some info on the 2-1:

You say 12 hours is unusual. Should we be getting her up earlier? She ranges from 6-6:30 most days. Occasionaly 7
Sorry, yours is pretty normal, not sure I read BT at 7:40 correctly when I wrote that. Never mind, as you were!
Naps / Re: 6 Weeks & Can't Nap?
« Last post by becj86 on April 18, 2018, 08:35:56 am »
I didn't even think of a growth spurt! That makes sense. I have just fed him & put him back down a couple times. When I do that, I'll typically get another 30-40 min nap from him.
I think of that with 6wo babies because mine had a massive one at this age and it caught me completely by surprise how voracious he was and how much screaming her was doing. I called the health hotline here because I thought something was terribly wrong and the lovely lady said to just feed and I fed and fed and he came right in a couple of days and everything settled down again.

He doesn't always scream, sometimes he'll stir, then as he wakes up, he starts crying. I guess it could be because I'm not there. I just thought it was because he was still too tired to wake up & needed to go back to sleep.
This is where if you can notice this and try to resettle before he gets worked up with the crying, you can help him learn to connect those sleep cycles. They become more pronounced and babies who previously slept long naps have to learn to get through the transition to then sleep longer naps again.
Naps / Re: Naps in cot shorter than buggy/car
« Last post by becj86 on April 18, 2018, 08:30:50 am »
I think he's undertired for most of those naps and that's why he's taking so long to fall asleep and taking short naps.

Given average A times at this age are 2:15-2:30, I'd try doing that (2:15 at least, 2:30 ideally) from the first A time and keep it consistent for 3-4 days and see how he goes. Over that time I would expect to see his naps get longer and the NWs in the early hours of the morning decrease in length and frequency.

Has he ever gone down for naps easily?
Naps / Re: 4.5 months old- extend the naps by nursing?
« Last post by becj86 on April 18, 2018, 08:25:54 am »
Are you turning off the white noise? I would try running it through the whole nap as just when he stirs at 35-45min as he transitions from one sleep cycle to the next, if the white noise was on when he fell asleep and is not when he stirs, he may wake and cry because things are not as they were when he fell asleep.

WRT white noise through the night - I'd either play it the whole night or not use it at night.

Any chance these are painful or he's itchy underneath them or some such?
he has clubfoot braces on his feet.

Bt. İntended at 18.30 but slept at 18.55Then he had many night wakings last nightNw 19.10 resettles by white noiaeNw 19.55 didnt resettled I had to nurse
These NWs are classic of OT at BT. Getting the daytime naps sorted out so they're better should help with this.

Nw ~ 21 resettled by white noiseNw ~ 22 resettled by white noiseNw 23.15 I nursed
Wonder how that feed was? Did you burp him well? Waking every hour after a feed suggests maybe there's some gas that's causing some discomfort or something else at play such as reflux.

When you say shush/pat isn't working any more, can you expand on that - When was it working? When did it change? What changed?

Bit of ammunition in the conversation around CIO - its not something we'll ever suggest here as it can break the bond of trust between parents and baby:

Wu: 6.10Nap 1. 8.45- 9.27Nap2 .  12.05- 13.30
So here, he did an UT first nap, so that A time needs a bump.
The second nap was after a full 2.5hr A time off a short nap and it was a good length, so that A time will probably need an increase also, if he sleeps a full first nap.
Naps / Re: 30 min naps
« Last post by becj86 on April 18, 2018, 08:12:50 am »
I would err on the side of 1.5hr, maybe even a touch less and see if that helps.
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