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thanks! Good Idea.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Am I helping my 9 month old too much?
« Last post by becj86 on November 21, 2017, 03:05:31 am »
Any insight into why the afternoon nap is terrible?
Sorry, this is why I was asking what his behaviour is like when he wakes - what does miserable look like? Crying does not always mean miserable - it can mean a myriad of things at this age, its still a major part of LO's communication.

Is there a reason you haven't increased that first A time of the day beyond 3hr? I really think that's where you will get returns. You are there and know your child best. I can only provide advice based on my experience with my one child and the many people I've learned from and helped over the past 6.5 years on this forum. I think there's an issue with the first A time being too short and I have seen second naps go awry and/or be refused due to a combination of too-short 1st and 2nd A times countless times and I think that's what is an issue here.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Need help with AT
« Last post by ZanesOTmom on November 21, 2017, 02:06:18 am »
Would it be an issue you think? Like today, first nap was 1.15h and second was 2.15h. The time he transitions between sleep cycles varies; I see him stir and/or lightly wake up anywhere from 37-min Mark to 47-min Mark.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Crying before every sleep - 7m
« Last post by jessmum46 on November 20, 2017, 21:37:27 pm »
Hi and welcome, no problem at all about the post length!  It's great to have all the info :)

This can go on for anything up to 2h30min....!
Wow :o Are you trying that long for a nap?  If so, please don't feel you have to!!  I can't imagine that's good for either of you!! (I couldn't have done it!!)  Tracy's advice was to try for 45 mins maximum, then take a break and some low-key A time, before trying again.  It's a bit different at night as you would keep going as long as it takes for them to settle, but even so - with such a long settling time in a baby who *can* self-settle on a good day I would be looking hard at the routine and any other factors which might be affecting sleep e.g. pain/teeth/development

Routine-wise I think you could probably do with some adjustments now, which may make it a bit easier for your LO and you.  Most 6-7 month olds can handle 3h awake time so a typical BW routine (let's use 6.30am start) would be more like:

WU 6.30
Nap 9.30-11
Nap 2-3.30
BT 6.30

I think looking at what you posted that your first nap is too early (only about 2h A time) so it is short - and LO fights it because he is not really tired enough for a proper nap at that time.  That means your second nap has to come very early in the day, and so it's a long stretch to bedtime meaning you get several early NWs which are typical for OT.  Some babies do seem to do well on this type of routine, but I couldn't ever really get it to work properly for mine and found the BW approach of looking at A times far better for us.

What I'd suggest is to push out your morning A time by 15 mins, so first nap 2h15 after WU, and hold there for several days.  Then push on a bit more to say 2h30, and hold again for a few days.  Hopefully at some point the morning nap should lengthen, meaning you can push your afternoon nap later, and therefore the stretch of awake time before bed will be shorter and hopefully your LO should sleep more soundly.

What do you think?

General Sleep Issues / Re: 10 weeks old - can I use pu/pd?
« Last post by jessmum46 on November 20, 2017, 21:25:51 pm »
I have a feeling that somewhere in her books Tracy did talk about using PUPD at 3 months, but the general advice is from 4 months on, and the only after a last resort after shh pat has been tried consistently without success.  My understanding however is that shh pat and PUPD are really more of a continuum rather than separate things - as in, with shh pat you try to calm in the cot, but would pick up if needed to calm them down.  With PUPD the aim is still at younger ages to calm in the cot, only really picking up when necessary.  So not too different!  All that said.....I still think 10-11 weeks old is ok not to be settling easily.  Both of mine were only just starting to get it at that point, and often needed a lot of help.  I found a big difference between 3 and 4 months though - so perhaps start out now with shh pat, keep your expectations low (for now) and just see how you get on? 
We've had this recently - if you call the gro company you can get a new cable sent out for just under 5 :D
Activity Time & Toddler Activity / Re: Highchair activities for 16 month old
« Last post by Lindsay27 on November 20, 2017, 13:59:38 pm »
We often do paint in the highchair...either finger paint or with brushes.
Activity Time & Toddler Activity / Re: Highchair activities for 16 month old
« Last post by cath~ on November 20, 2017, 12:39:25 pm »
playing with/eating different foods

percussion instruments, maybe with some music on

 a few duplo blocks, board, characters etc

stacking cups and things to put inside them

a shape sorter

a toy with buttons/levers to press e.g. to make different sounds

lift-the-flap or touch and feel books


are these activities ideally ones he can do independently or with some help?
General Sleep Issues / Crying before every sleep - 7m
« Last post by Melian Gray on November 20, 2017, 09:40:00 am »
Hello BW community, I need some help with DS crying before all his sleeps!

My DS is a 7 months old textbook/touchy and has been on EASY since day 1. From the beginning he has tended to cry quite often before going to sleep (hence the touchy part), but he does sometimes manage the whole sleep routine without crying and it is beautiful. Recently, however, he has just been crying and screaming non stop before all of his sleeps. He starts crying once I have started his nap routine, usually after we've said goodbye to the sun and we're having 5 minutes of sitting on my lap quietly. If not then, then he usually starts crying once I've put him in his bed.

PUPD quite often does not help at all -  it just goes from crying on my shoulder for 2-3 min (as per the 6 to 8 month pupd recommendation) to screaming when I put him down on his bed, then I pick him up, repeat. This can go on for anything up to 2h30min....! I don't think I'm doing any of the dirty dozen reasons why pupd doesn't work...
The problem is that I am starting to cave in and eventually feed him when he cries for so long. Worst is he's out within 5 minutes if I do feed him...! It's an incredibly slippery slope which I really really don't want to go down. He doesn't take a pacifier but he does have a texture blanket with taglets that sometimes helps him to go to sleep. His mobility has increased over the last 6 weeks, but he starts to cry before he's even in his bed so not sure that has anything to do with it. He usually falls asleep completely on his own better than if I have my hand on him, so sometimes I really don't know what to do for him to help him fall asleep when he can't settle himself (other than pupd which as I said earlier sometimes doesn't work)!

Any advice will be hugely appreciated.... His paed even put him on an iron supplement as he thought it would help him go to sleep.

Other potentially relevant info:

- He has never done the full quota of sleep during the day. At the moment I usually manage one long sleep and one short, or three short sleeps (last one a CN of about 15min - otherwise he only goes to bed at 8.30pm). I have spent hours doing pupd and w2s (and LOTS of shpt before 6 months) to extend naps. He does what seems like an angry cry but then stops crying the instant I open the curtains or the door... 
- Yes, he is probably teething (I can see the top two coming down), but he's going to be teething til his two!

- Typical EASY (which starts either 6.30 or 7, depending on when he wakes up) :
E bf 6.30am or 7am,  breakfast 1hr later
S 8.30 or 9am - usually for 45min (but only 35min if cried a lot)
E bf 10.30 or 11am, lunch 12.30pm
S 1 or 1.30pm - usually 1h30min
E bf 2.30 or 3pm,
supper 5pm
Bath 6pm
E bf 6.30pm
S around 7pm
He usually wakes up twice before DF at 21.30 (have been bringing it earlier gradually). Have tried multiple times to train him to not wake up... First waking can be after 20min, but not always the same. Sometimes he wakes up fully and then takes 1 - 2 hrs to put back to sleep, so I have started falling down the slope of just feeding him again to get him to stay asleep. It really sometimes seems to be the only thing that comforts/settles him! After training him on BW for 7 months I'm so frustrated that it is all coming apart now!

I absolutely love Tracy's stuff and try to follow everything she says so I would love any BW advice please! (Sorry for the very long post...)
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Reflux baby - How to avoid being carried all the time?!
« Last post by dinakab on November 20, 2017, 05:49:39 am »
Sorry for the late reply!
Dr said her reflux is definitely acting up so she started her on Nexium...told me to hang in there because it takes ten days to actually work. We are on day 6 today so fingers crossed!!

Facing a new challenge though the past two days...LO will feed for a few minutes then pull off and refuse to eat...there's no screaming like she does with the reflux episodes but just whining whenever I try to put her back on the breast. I am sure she is still hungry because she'll sit there and eat her hand when I give up and put her on my shoulder to idea why she is doing this.
Such a struggle to feed this little girl, it's really getting discouraging and has me guessing whether I should stop breastfeeding and try formula... I love BF her but it's become so difficult :(
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