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Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Nearly 15 month old going to 1 nap?
« Last post by Floweryspring on September 19, 2017, 10:24:56 am »
She stopped night feeding awhile ago but she has been not eating much in the last week. Both side molars are coming through and I suspect 1 canine. We try to resettle and sometimes she is fine but sometimes she just will keep waking and infigure she must be hungry and feed her.

I have no idea what she was screaming about to be honest. This is the child who used to wake in the morning and could go an hour quiet just lying in cot. We could never figure when she woke as she was happy to lie there till we got her. Now it is instant screaming even before her eyes are open!

She didn't go back to sleep and started being quite tired and cranky so I decided to do catnap and took me an hour to get her to nap! I had to pat her and just when I was about to give up, she fell asleep. She usualy wakes by herself but I will wake her at 30 mins you think?

So today

7.45am wake
12pm nap 52mins
5.15pm nap ?30 mins
7.45pm bedtime?

By the way did you think the nap was too early today? But I thought I should stick to 12pm nap and let her regulate her awake time? Should I wake her by 7 or 7.30am?
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Almost 9month old - struggling with afternoon nap
« Last post by Hoofbeat on September 19, 2017, 10:07:22 am »
Thanks, I find if he sleeps past 4:15pm then he can be too awake to go to bed by 7pm and then we're out of sync for the next day. I think if I put him down at 3:45/4pm, he probably wouldn't fall asleep til 4:15pm and then won't wake until 4:45/5pm. I'm reluctant to push his BT back as he seems to be happy sleeping for 12hours at night til 7am and that's the ideal WT for our household (otherwise he wouldn't see his Daddy during the working week).

Perhaps I need to cut his morning nap to just 1.5 hours (yesterday he slept over 2 hours!) so that he then does 30-45mins in the afternoon. Would only give him 2hr-2hr15min day time sleep - is that enough? I was aiming for nearer 3 hours.

Today he's proving me wrong by struggling to go down for his morning nap too (and he's definitely tired as he dosed off for 5minutes in the car and he only sleeps in the car if he's really tired and he was showing tired cues before I put him down). Put him down 10 minutes ago and he's still busy chatting and rolling!

Maybe this is just a crawling development stage that's messing with his naps?

ETS: He's now fallen asleep for morning nap and it only took 12 minutes so can't complain really!
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: How to change from four hour easy to lower down?
« Last post by Katet on September 19, 2017, 07:24:10 am »
Firstly, unless you want her awake at 5am If treat that feed as a night feed and just feed and let her go back to sleep.

The other thing is that its not uncommon for babies around 3mo to have an unsettled period in the early evening. Sometimes they benefit from cluster feeding, sometimes they just grow out of it.

If she is doing well with 4hour feeding but struggles with long enough naps you could try a EASASE pattern later in the day.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Nearly 15 month old going to 1 nap?
« Last post by Haribo2012 on September 19, 2017, 06:44:06 am »
Do you always still feed in the night? At this age she really doesn't need night feeds, this could be another habitual reason for waking?

Teeth do affect appetite, my 19 month hardly ate anything the last 2 days an he has canines coming through.

On a 7.45 WU I'd say nap was bit earlier, screaming WU couldn't been pain from teeth or wind!? I'd push through to BT but go for say 6.30 but if she's really struggling do micro nap x
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Nearly 15 month old going to 1 nap?
« Last post by Floweryspring on September 19, 2017, 06:18:22 am »
We medicated her last night. She woke once 2.5 hours after going to sleep with her legs up. Thought she pooped but it was just a bad fart lol she has formed a bad habit of pooping in cot the last 3 months! Either gets woken by poop or poops right after waking but always in cot!

6.45am wake
11.45am nap 1.5 hours
6.45pm asleep within minutes no crying. (Medicated)

NW 9.30pm change nappy and fed.
NW 5.55am fed. Woke 7.45am
She didn't eat much today. I do think the teething affects her sometimes and she is waking hungry at times.

7.45am wake
12pm asleep. Wake screaming 52mins!! Tried to resettle by patting her for 20 mins and then leaving room. She is lying in cot quietly but awake!!!!

Does this mean she is overtired? She had a good lunch before nap. And seemed tired but not crying or whining tired. Do I try for a catnap or Puah through with early bedtime? Omg I never thought a 15 month old could bring such fear into me! Lol
Bottle Feeding / Re: Weaning from bottle and formula to cup with milk
« Last post by Chloevalentine on September 19, 2017, 02:20:24 am »
So is it typical for baby to just lose interest in the bottle or do I have to just one day not offer it anymore ? We are down to two bottles Morning and night only about 5 oz each but he still looks for them and cries if I i try to not offer it. He's just 14 months
E.A.S.Y. Forum / How to change from four hour easy to lower down?
« Last post by Northlondonmum on September 19, 2017, 01:50:16 am »
I posted yesterday regarding my 13 week old who is not napping afternoons and crying to want to sleep. On the sleep forums, someone mentioned that the 4 hour easy is for four month old babies

My baby can easily go four hours between feeds but now I understand why she cannot cope with an hour plus of activity and does not reach the required naps afternoons. From the sample easy routine I have recorded, it seems the morning that she sleeps againfor is meant to be a nap hence she has too long naps mornings. I put her back to sleep in the hope that slowly her wake up time will change from 5am to 8/9am!

How can I change my easy? Is it detrimental to Lower it? I think it would benefit her in terms of less activity and less naps. But I cannot delay feeds and include activity as she's too cranky and cries before feeds and all through most afternoon and evening "nap" times.

Here's my post from yday;
Thank you @becj86

Here is a few sample days;

5.50 E
6.00 A
7.30 S

10.15 E
10.30 A
11.30 S

1.30 E
2.00 A
2.40 S

4.00 - 5.10 rocked to sleep

5.20 E
6.00 A
No sleep. Rocked or slept catnaps twenty mins

9.00 E
9.30 A
10.00 S

Another day;

5.00 E
5.30 A

8.00 E
8.15 A
9.00 S

1.00 E
1.30 A
2.00 S
3.00 S crying. Settling in arms

4.15 E
5.00 A
6.00 s. Fighting sleep and crying to sleep.
6.30. s. Woke and crying even more
7.15. Screaming to sleep. Rubbing eyes. Burrowing into armpit.

7.15 E
7.30 A
8.00 S

Another day;

6.30 E
7.00 A
8.00 S

10.00 A. Morning bath
10.30 S
11-12 A. Class.
12-2.20 S. in pram. Outside

2.20 E
2.45 A
3.30 S
4.30 S settled back. Rocked.

5.30 E
6.00 A
7.00 no sleep. tried rocking. Crying. Five min naps maybe at a time

8.30 E
8.45 A
9.30 S

Some notes; I give her a morning bath normally at second feed. Evenings husband comes back around five or six.
I try to watch for cues and get her to settle to sleep when she yawns or rubs eyes. Evenings as husband is spending time with her, I miss the cues and settle her after she cries and husband has been trying unsuccessfully to settle her. The longer she goes without being settled, the harder it is.

Some days I have tried to change to a three hour EASY evenings as I feel she only likes small amounts of activity some days and then cannot sleep the remaining time.

Really hope you can be of help!! 🙏🙏
Night Wakings / Re: 11.5mo still not sleeping
« Last post by LaraAndrea on September 19, 2017, 00:53:54 am »
I feel everytime I get a sleep method working he regresses soon after and what used to work doesn't any longer.

I call it the "2 week rule" it may not always be 2 weeks but you can generally expect some sort of change every couple weeks. It is maddening, but just know you are not alone!

Sorry I do not know too much about separation anxiety
Breast Feeding / Re: 4months old- wakes up frequently at night
« Last post by lololove on September 19, 2017, 00:52:32 am »
Thank you for your response, Ali-
He frequently falls asleep while breast feeding during the day(but he still sucks in half sleep)  but he anyways wakes up after feeding(after satisfied).
General Sleep Issues / Re: Help please! I'm feeling lost.
« Last post by LaraAndrea on September 19, 2017, 00:47:50 am »
She still will not take a catnap or a third nap- but she will be increasingly needing to be held in the evening

This is likely the 3-2 nap transition. It is not unusual for babies this age to only take 2 naps. But of course transitions can take time for babies to adjust to. It can be so frustrating, they don't want to take the 3rd nap but they get OT without it. With the increasing of AT and improving naps the routine will morph into a 2 nap routine that your baby will be better with.

but she is now waking up every 2 hours all night long- insisting on eating. I'm worried that I'm setting us up for a new routine of eating all night.

It is possible that the night feeding has or will become habitual. Breastfeeding can be so challenging. We are told to breastfeed on demand, but babies know how to manipulate their mamas and will often nurse for comfort and habit. It is not unusual to have a night feed or 2 at that age and some babies can go without night feeds around that time. After I dropped the dream feed (at 8 months) my LO would go from 7PM-6AM with out feed.

How many milk feeds do you have during the daytime?

The night feeds... does she take a full feed? Or are they quick feeds?

Assuming some of the night feeds are habitual/comfort I would recommend working on one feed at a time. Give yourself an hour(s) minimum for first feed. It looks like she does some clustering in the eve, maybe say 3 or 4 h, so decide not to feed 2h after you PD for bed. I would send hubby in to do the settling so she does not expect milk. The next time she wakes you will probably have to feed her, as with the other night feeds initially. Do this consistently for a few days, this will give her the opportunity to compensate during the day if she needs/wants more milk.

When/if this works for you, you should then maybe look at the 3rd wake up (you fed for the 2nd) and replicate same process giving your little one a few days to compensate during the day.

It might also be that she is working on standing without holding on?

Don't underestimate the sleep disturbances that new skills create. It may not be the full cause of any sleep issue but it sure can contribute!! Any time my LO was learning a new skill I became a "skill practising tyrant" during the day... OK well I am not that mean, but I put extra time during AT helping my little girl practise those skills. For one it tires her out good for naps and she is less inclined to practise in her crib, as she had lots of practise during the day.

Teeth are also a huge pain in the A$% at this stage too. Babies either want to nurse more or less during teething eeeek!! If it is not one thing it is something else.

I'm not sure if a more structured schedule that is clock based would be better?

I would jump to a rigid schedule just yet (although the older they get the more comfortable they may get with a bit more structure).

I think you are on the right track with increasing the AT. There is still room to push AT to reach the AVG AT for her age. Your first nap isn't too bad for now (anything below 90 min is usually considered UT). Your 2nd nap is shorter, so you may want to push that AT a bit to try and lengthen that nap. But overtime you will likely have to push both AM and PM AT. They will not necessarily be the same. Some babies like longer AM AT and others like longer AT in PM.
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