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Thanks for the reassurement. Maybe I make it a bit too hard for myself (and therefore for us all).
I will apply your suggestion for a nap time ritual. Usually I sing a few bedtime songs so I think that could ba a good start.
It's good to hear you say that using a wrap isn't such a bad idea. I hope nap times will be getting easier in the long run...
I was also thinking I might do the shh pat while the baby is in the wrap so that we build a positive association with falling asleep?
Do you think that would help for falling asleep with shh pat eventually or would I just add another prop for him to get depended on?
Honestly golden rule isn't what you should do, but to do what works best.  There is nothing wrong with a baby sleeping in a sling if it's working for your life.
As you'd know having a toddler, so much changes in the weeks and months.
Given the current situation I'd focus on bedtime and one nap if it work...I know with a 2yo and a 3mo I found keeping the 2yo occupied, meant I really only got one nap at home in peace, and by about a year old, they still have bedtime and one nap.
So bottom line I think is get  a pre nap ritual in place (read a story to both children and w ere you can settle in bed, if not do what works, Having a ritual that says when I put you in the sling or stroller or bed it's sleep time will be just as beneficial long term as will using sh Pat
Hi everyone,
I am a big fan oft the structured routine BW can bring. It was a succes with our now 2 years and 3 months old toddler, however we hardly ever managed to put him to sleep using shh-pat (believe me we tried). We didn't manage to remove AP (using a stroller) for falling asleep for naps and BF in the night. At some point we got there but he was well past 1 year old before he fell asleep on his own.
Now, we have a 5 weeks old baby who is also being breastfed. I try to get him on a 3 hour routine but he prefers to eat every 2 hours or every 2,5 hours. So far I have used babywearing for naps most of the time, simply because it's handy when you want to go to the playground with the toddler and he is not great with walking for a long time on his own. And because the wrap worked so well I also used it for other naps or he just falls asleep in our arms.
So, the situation is this: My boyfriend has to work from home because of corona and we only have a small apartment. We have a toddler who is making a lot of noise, walking in and out of the room, asking questions and doing things he shouldn't do. So, I have to keep an eye on the toddler so he doesn't disturb my boyfriend while working (video calls ec.) which means I have to go after him while trying to put the baby to sleep.
I have tried to get the baby to sleep using shh-pat a couple of times but it is really hard in this situation. He only fell asleep once using shh-pat and woke up again after 10 minutes. The other times I was disturbed by the toddler or I had to give up after more than an hour because the baby was so overtired by then and hungry.
In comparison it's so easy to use babywearing to get him to sleep (but not a long term solution of course). I try to put him into bed after he falls asleep (apart from when I'm out).
But it's really hard to introduce shh-pat for sleeping and I'm doubting if I'm too early because he is only 5 weeks old or because if it's the situation that makes it even more difficult? Sometimes I feel like giving up and using accidental parenting / babywearing because I might otherwise go nuts.
Any recommendations how to keep motivated? I know shh-pat is a long time investment which would pay off eventually but I just don't know how to get it done in this particular situation.
My toddler is at the créche once or twice a week so I could try to focus on these days...
Hope someone will have some advice for me!
General Sleep Issues / Re: How long before giving up on a nap 12 week old
« Last post by boykelso on June 11, 2020, 04:51:50 am »
Does she have any medical issues that could be preventing sleep?

At 12 weeks, I'd say if you can get one nap independently then you're doing fine.  You know from your other two that phases come and go... it's a tough situation.  I prioritize sleep over teaching sleep.  At 12 weeks, they're not really learning that crying gets them the boob and are still pretty malleable in terms of their habits.  Aim for one good nap a day and take a deep breath!  Hugs.
General Sleep Issues / Re: How long before giving up on a nap 12 week old
« Last post by mothergoose on June 02, 2020, 10:34:22 am »
So today we are at 3.5hrs with still no nap.... I have got her up after awhile fed again changed Nappy just to get her out of this dark room feel so sorry for her 😞I feel like she doesn't know she's meant to sleep.... And doesn't seem to crash like other babies...
Do you give up on sleep training when they are really obviously overtired like this and just apop a nap or is that a step backwards? Anyone else's lo behave like this then suddenly get it?! I need encouragement as I am about to give up and get the sling😩
General Sleep Issues / How long before giving up on a nap 12 week old
« Last post by mothergoose on May 31, 2020, 10:48:41 am »
Trying to teach 12 week old independent sleep... We have cheated so far with mainly sling for day naps and she feeds to sleep at night. She won't take a dummy. Have been doing pat shush in the cot and it works sometimes but sometimes not :-\.... Like this morning tried for 2 hours!!! Then gave up as time to feed again... Fell asleep feeding of course. Feels like such a waste of time as now she has learnt if she protests long enough she will get fed to sleep?! But at what stage would you call it quits at this age and just apop the nap? Or would you just persist.... Have two older children so it's hard to devote so much time to it.
I think easy is OK... She has 1hr 30 A time and sleeps good 2 hours naps at this in the sling....
The other issue with the independent sleep is of course the 4t minute naps have started... So I feel like I'm spending soooo much time for such a short nap and it's disheartening  :( we have been trying pat shush for 5 days now... Any advice?
Bottle Feeding / Re: How to drop middle of night feed for a 10month old
« Last post by Lolly on May 20, 2020, 20:39:30 pm »
Definitely drop the night feed, he’s not far off 1 when milk becomes a drink not a food so he really doesn’t need that night feed.

Reduce it gradually every 3rd night and see how it goes. Don’t cave and offer more if he protests though, stick to it. If you don’t want him in your bed, now is a good time to keep settling him in his cot too. I wouldn’t worry about him disturbing his sister either, she may well sleep through. I remember a night when my DD had a stomach bug, we were up with her every 20 mins for a few hours. She shared a room with her brother at the time and he slept all through it...!

Eating For Toddlers / 20-month still drinks lots of milk before bedtime!
« Last post by halbonesyjr on May 20, 2020, 01:26:45 am »
Dear Ladies,

I need your help, please.

We started weaning my girl off the bottle in favor of a sippy cup at 12 months. She didn't like many sippy cups and started waking up at night if only fed from the sippy cup. Now we give her milk in the sippy cup during the day and then we still give her the bottle before bedtime so she sleeps through the night. Now she's totally addicted to the bottle before bedtime. She can drink up to 16 ounces! How do we make the switch to a sippy cup? If we give her the sippy cup, she only drinks a little milk and wakes up constantly throughout the night. Her bedtime is 8pm and usual wakeup time is 6:30am or so (nap from 12 to 2pm). Would love for her wakeup to be 7am, but haven't been able to get that last 30 minutes. How do we make a successful final switch from the bottle to the sippy cup and make it through the night (ideally until 7am)? Thanks for all your help!
Bottle Feeding / Re: Reflux? Or milk allergy?
« Last post by Amberthorne352 on May 16, 2020, 21:45:27 pm »
Did you get to the bottom
Of this?
Both my children had milk allergies. Both mild. Can offer some places to look if you still need help
Bottle Feeding / Re: How to drop middle of night feed for a 10month old
« Last post by Amberthorne352 on May 16, 2020, 18:39:11 pm »
Hello again
So we’ve had a tough few weeks as he developed Rosalea. Thankfully he is better now, or at least he seems it. Problem we have now is that he is only taking around 60-80ml at bedtime.
The dietician advised us he only need 450ml at 11mths old. He roughly has around 650-700ml per day plus three meals. He is a good solid eater. This is his schedule:
A 6.15/30am wake/ bottle 180ml/ breakfast an hour later
S 9.30/45am -11.30 nap
E 11.30 130 ml/ lunch an hour later (we’ve tired offering him a bottle before nap but he consistently refuses it).
S 2.45-4pm nap
E 4pm dinner solids/ bedtime bottle at 7pm and now taking only 60-80ml
S 7.15/7.30pm
E Midnight/1am 170ish ml
A 6.15/6.30am

We want to drop the night feed. He has enough solids through the day and now the dietician says he is having enough milk we just need to bit the bullet. Should I just go ahead and reduce the volume of milk every 3rd or 4th night?

The other issue we have is he comes into our bed when he stirs. It’s a bad habit we got into so he didn’t wake his older sister. We need to get him to sleep overnight in his own bed. He sleeps beautifully for naps in his cot. Should have nipped this in the bud earlier. Never had these issues with my first.
S 7.15/7.30
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