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Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2-1 nap and EW issues
« Last post by creations on July 19, 2017, 10:25:15 am »
OK great - 10 mins away is handy :)
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Baby self soothes with naps but bedtime a struggle
« Last post by creations on July 19, 2017, 10:22:58 am »
Looking at your EASY I think I would increase to 2hrs A now.
He is trying to sleep longer it seems, and can do longer with a longer A time after a short nap.  That second nap could look confusing, it appears to come after a 1hr 40 A time but he was already up from his previous nap a little earlier than this with you trying to resettle so it could be more like 1hr 50 and it was after a very short 45 min nap rather than a long restorative nap.  Based on that, and your others times I think the move to 2hrs may help, for instance refusing the CN after a slightly shorter A time and after having had such a lovely long nap before hand.  Once he refuses the CN or only sleeps for very few mins the evening is going to be messy really, if you can make the CN later things might go a bit more smoothly.
It's okay to cluster feed in the evening if needed.

Great nights!!
Hi there - welcome back and congrats on the birth of your new LO :)

Did you have any experience of reflux with your other LOs?  It can take longer to sleep train when a LO has reflux but it is possible, you have to be really patient though because they get so uncomfortable when they are put down.

With the crib, I see you've elevated it but it takes really quite a steep incline to help with reflux, you might want to consider using both cot blocks (under the legs of the cot) plus a wedge (under the sheet) if you don't already use both. With the incline steep he might be more comfortable, you might also need a rolled towel under his legs to prevent him slipping down.

You might have more success if you shush/pat for an additional 20 mins after putting down, until he moves into the deep sleep part of his nap, this is advised n the early days of sleep training for all LOs but it might be that you need to pay even more attention to that with a refluxer.  You might not have time for this for every nap (or any!) with 2 other LOs to care for so it may be more convenient for you and more comfortable for him if you do sling naps for now and tackle sleep training when he's a bit older, or perhaps one nap per day to get a habit started.

At this stage, he is so young, his meds might not be controlling the reflux so well, it could be he needs different meds or a different dose, or perhaps you can try eliminating things from your diet which might be flaring up the reflux when he feeds?

In terms of BF. If you'd like better advise than I can offer (I have so little experience) please feel free to post to the BF board.  You can produce enough milk for his needs and there are tips for increasing and maintaining supply if needed.  I wouldn't resort to top up feeds with formula (if that was on your mind) unless it proves absolutely necessary and after due consideration as this could really impact on your supply. I would post on the BF board for support before you make a decision.  Here's the board:

Hope this helps
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: 4 month old. Foster Care
« Last post by creations on July 19, 2017, 09:52:45 am »
Thanks for stopping by deb x
I remember reading a long time ago that the sooner before midnight most babies get to bed, the better their overall night sleep;
Yeah, isn't there a window of sleep opportunity which fits in with natural rhythms? Can't claim to know much about it other than having read similar and that it does seem to be true.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Do I need to move to 4 hour EASY?
« Last post by creations on July 19, 2017, 09:50:02 am »
I would increase the A times to up to 2hrs each in 15 min increments. I think you began at 1hr 30 and have increased the first A time twice now.  I wouldn't go past 2hrs for now as that would be quite long for her age (although not unheard of).
If she naps longer than 1hr 30 I'd leave her tbh, let her have 2hrs if she likes. If she took say a 1hr then 2hr nap waking naturally she will feel better than if she is woken at 1hr 40.  Don't worry about her feeds, just feed when she wakes if it has gone over the E time.

I think you maybe tried the CN too early at 1hr 15 and she just refused it, maybe UT, I'd suggest trying not earlier than 1hr 30 and perhaps a bit later still even though it might make BT a bit late, it's a transition period so if there is a later BT it's quite normal. Then when her naps become longer she wont' need a CN and BT can be more normal again.

hope this helps
Bottle Feeding / Re: 5 week old routine
« Last post by Daniela Stambazzi on July 19, 2017, 08:20:29 am »
Hi there,

I have a 5 week old baby who is on a 3 hour routine. Her routine is as follows:
7 bottle
10 bottle
1 bottle
4 bottle
7 bottle
11 bottle dream feed
She usually wakes for a bottle in the night, the time varies from anything between 3am and 5am but today for the first time she has slept through until 6am. I have a couple of question...

1) is it ok that she has slept through from her dream feed at 11pm until 6am at 5 weeks?
2) should I treat the 6am feed as her morning feed and continue 3-4hourly from this time?

She weighed in at 7lb 8oz last week and is taking 4 ozs at each feed very easily. Any tips would be hugely appreciated.


my name is Daniela and I'm writing from Italy. We don't have forum for bottle feeding since is not socially accepted (we have only breast feeding consulting)..and I need your help.

I have a 5 week old baby who is on a 3 hour routine. His routine is the same above, and my baby usually wakes for a bottle in the night too, at about 3 am.

We have removed 1am feeding 4 nights ago, so now he eats more beacuse we passed from 8 to 7 suck
 and it's not easy for him, sometime it seems too much for him since he brings up.
At the same time I would like to remove night feeding
What I can do?

Many thanks
Hello everyone!!

I am going to start a new post because there has been no improvement in my little girls nap and bedtime behaviour and our EASY is so unpredicatble.  The amazing Creations had been offering all the input she had but we weren't able to change Miss AJ for the better...

I'm sorry but I just don't know where i should even start.... these were our last few days. We have had 1 sleep through and 1 no protest at nap but the rest she screams and screams. Mostly it is a ridiculously loud mantra for a few minutes and then quietens down.  Others it is purely horrific/terrified screaming but this occurs when I haven't even left the room yet!!
I thought the best plan over 3 months ago was to be consistent and ignore it, only reacting when she truly needed me with a mix of WI/WO but this only made things worse so I am currently lying curled up on the end of her bed with my back turned away from her, on the nights she refuses to let me leave her. I am hoping I can gradually withdraw from her bed but for now, this is where she needs me...

During this craziness we moved my 4yo into her room to share, hoping it might alleviate any fears.  It works well but my EW 4yo disturbs Audrey who used to sleep past 7am most days.

Even though it isn't indicated - she screams and cries at each nap and bedtime so whilst it looks okay written down, I am extremely anxious come these times and I have to really calm myself on the nap/bedtime approach so she doesn't pick up on it. 

I did move naptime to 1.30 and she was sleeping 2+ hours but this was making bedtime quite late so today I moved it back to 1pm and she only napped 1hr10/15 minutes. She woke in between cycles, whinging and crying, but has been chatting for the last 20 minutes...
My issue with capping the nap is that on the days I've done that, she is absolutely exhausted and they are the nights which the screaming is worse at BT and I have to sit with her until she is asleep.

I guess I'm just looking for some kind of solution in regards to her nap and any strategies that might help bring back my happy little girl who just used to say goodnight, give me a kiss, and roll over and go to sleep (it might have taken a little while but it was calm and quiet).

Or if not, a big hug. LOL.

Thursday 13-July
WU: 6.30
Nap: 1.00, crashed out unlike previous week - 3.20!!
BT: 7.30, 8.04
^ still screaming for a few minutes
NW: 10.30 crying
NW: 5.00 crying

Friday 14-July
WU: 7.00 ???
Nap: 1.05; 1.15/20 - 1.50 sat up, back to sleep until 2.40.
BT: 7.30; not asleep until 8.20!

Saturday 15-July
WU: 6.30 or earlier?
Nap: 11.15 - 12.00 (car)
BT: 7.00; 7.15 asleep
Laid with her
NW: 12.30 briefly

Sunday 16-July
WU: 7.00 ish?
Nap: 1.30-3.15
BT: 7.45; 8.00 asleep

Monday 17-July
WU: 6.30?
Nap: 1.20; 1.30-3.40 (woke her)
^ NO CRYING at pd!!!!
Was absolutely .miserable the rest of the day and night. Cried constantly, didn't eat dinner and i had to sit with her at
BT: 7.40; 8.30 asleep.
Screamed and had to lay with her.  Difficulty falling asleep.

Tuesday 18-July
WU: 7.20!!!!
Nap: 1.30; 1.40-3.40
BT: 7.30; 8.30 asleep
NW: 10.20pm, cried out

Wednesday 19-July
WU: 7.10
Nap: 1.00; ? - 2.20 and cried out. dozed until 2.40 again whinging oob 3.00
BT: 7.40; 8.15 asleep
NW: 2.30; crying on floor. Not sure if she tried to get out or fell out of bed... took unil 3.00 to fall back to sleep. Cried when I left the room.

Thursday 20-July
WU: 7.30
Nap: i told mum 1/1.30 but she put her down at 12.30 and said AJ napped 2 hours but I'm not convinced that was the case...
BT: 7.30; 8.20
^ Had to lay with her to fall asleep.

I literally can't even tuck her in, as soon as I do she starts screaching mum mum mum. I feel however that my presence, whilst comforting, is highly distracting and delaying the time it takes her to fall asleep...
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Baby self soothes with naps but bedtime a struggle
« Last post by Stephnaic on July 19, 2017, 05:50:00 am »
Here's an idea of what the last few days looked like plus or minus a few minutes. This is what today looked like... I just don't know where I'm going wrong or what to do to help with some of the short naps or the evening struggle right before his 7pm feed. I'm working on a 1hr and 45 min awake time to eventually get to 2 hrs slowly.

E 655 BF
A 730-840   (1 hr 45min)
S 840           (45 min nap)
   925 woke up crying
   930 gave paci still fussy settles on and off
A 940 took out of crib

E 1032 (bottle 140cc formula)
A 1040 (1 hr 40 min) up at 940am
S 1120
A Woke up 130 (2 hr 10 min nap)

E 145 BF
A 200 (1hr 50 min)  up since 130pm
S 320   (50 min nap)
A up at 410

E 457 BF
A 520
S 555
 put down for  Catnap attempting to suck his  thumb but then crying hysterically

612 went in tried paci no luck then gave him a BF top up
620 settled in crib by sucking his thumb
    Woke at 625 and wouldn't resettle mantra     cry for 20 min then went hysterical tried paci and pick up put down no success
657 brought him out of his room

E 708 BF
S 730 asleep with BF
Had some moments around 830/9 where he woke up and was moving around but was able to self soothe and fall back asleep with no intervention

1020 DF

Pretty much how the last few days have gone but these are the exact moments that happened today
Regardless of these little nap hiccups he has always slept through the night until 650/7am  after his dream feed around 1030 pm
Night Wakings / Re: Nightwakings & allergies - 8mo
« Last post by Erin M on July 19, 2017, 04:39:49 am »
Do you think there's anything else going on as well -- teeth perhaps?  It looks to me that she's not really pushing past that first sleep cycle -- which would seem like she's either not tired enough to sleep through it or that she's experiencing discomfort that is keeping her from sleeping.  Is she woke awake after the shorter naps or able to fall asleep again?  Part of me thinks you should push on with the longer A times but if you're really thinking she's experiencing discomfort than that could be your issue.  Fwiw, my youngest always struggled with naps until we finally went down to one nap. 
E.A.S.Y. Forum / 8 week old baby hardly sleeps during the day and night! HELP!
« Last post by babya05 on July 19, 2017, 04:07:23 am »
Hi everyone,

I love the Baby Whisperer. I have successfully trained both my older boys to sleep through the night at 8 weeks (DS1) and 12 weeks (DS2).

Our third baby boy is throwing me for a loop! He was born 8 lbs and 11 oz and is now 14.5 lbs at 8 weeks. He is both long and fairly chubby now!

We've been trying to do the same 3 hour EASY routine that we did with our other boys, but DS3 will not have it! He won't sleep longer than 10 mins on his own. He has gas and the DR thinks reflux as well. He is on medication for it. He is so OT, but the shush pat won't work. We have also elevated his crib mattress.

He is so OT that I don't know what to do and things are so much harder for sleep training now that I have my 4 year old  and 5 year old around as well.

He nurses every 3 hours during the day and night. He is gaining weight very quickly but is very long as well. Everyone comments on what a big boy he is as he has almost grown out of size 3 - 6 month clothing. I wonder if I have enough milk supply?

Any advice you have would be so helpful! Thank you!
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