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Night Wakings / Re: 8 month old EW 5:00am
« Last post by VnessMorris on May 26, 2017, 19:59:35 pm »
Yup, what you describe with the changing sleepy cues sounds about right!  ::)

Are you keeping notes on his routine? I kept a detailed diary and that helped me figure out DD2's constant changing sleepy cues. What I noticed is that her sleepy cut changed for every cycle within one day! But she had a constant pattern of similar ATs over several days which helped me figure out her sleepy window. Could this be happening with your LO?

Night Wakings / Re: Dreamfeed help needed
« Last post by Martini~ on May 26, 2017, 18:10:48 pm »
Very happy that nights are a bit better and intake increased as that's the base for any routine tweaks:)!
General Sleep Issues / Shh Pat while Thumb sucking
« Last post by Jill1981 on May 26, 2017, 16:36:21 pm »
We are just getting started with our routine. My dd is almost 4 months old. She just found her thumb (like yesterday) of she's quite and sucking her thumb, so I still need to sh Pat her to sleep?
So I started today shush patting my 9 week old to sleep.
DISASTER - managed to get him to fall asleep in his crib only to wake up 10 mins later and restarted the process again with same end result - 10 mins of seep. It's now 4 pm ad I have an overtired baby who I can get to fall asleep now even with the usual method- holding him on my chest. I'm dreading tonight as he is now so overtired.
How will I ever be successful in getting my baby to fall asleep independently if this is what happens every time I attempt shuh -pat???
I'm sooo stressed
See I think he is over tired which is why he waking early from his naps. Today he was up at 7:30-went down for nap at 8:30ish and woke at 9:15ish..... so hard to say if he is ot or under tired... I know 30 min waking s are it forsure. I prefer him to sleep in the crib and he likes it for the most part. He likes it where there is no stimulation just the dark and white noise for about 45 mins lol
He doesn't like to be swaddled as he likes his hands in his face. But last night I resorted to it after finally giving up, I also had to hold him up on my shoulder too. See when he takes the soother and it comes out, I have to go back in and put the soother in alllllll the time it's very frustrating. He gets to about the 45 min mark and es up and then trying to get him to sleep until his next feed or close to it is a challenge
Bottle Feeding / Re: Not very interested in afternoon bottle
« Last post by Lolly on May 26, 2017, 15:01:28 pm »
You can switch to cow's milk once they hit their first birthday, before that you can't use it to replace breast milk of formula as it's not nutritionally complete enough to be a substitute. After 1 milk is a drink not a food so cow's milk is fine then.

Night Wakings / Re: Dreamfeed help needed
« Last post by Lolly on May 26, 2017, 14:59:10 pm »
Thats good new about the intake. Have you posted on the naps or EASY board for some help?

Just wondering if you are swaddling at all?  I know both mine would jerk themselves awake if they weren't swaddled.  My DS was also severely gassy (and colicky ::) ), so I usually had to give him some gas drops to help relieve his tummy so he could settle.  Those are 2 things that just popped to mind.  Honestly though, my DD slept in the swing for her naps for the first few weeks for sure, that's obviously long a long-term goal, but might help for right now?
Baby is 5 weeks old. It seems when I put him down for naps or night time sleep he wakes frequently. Last night for example he woke at 6:15pm... fed him.. bathed him ... feed again and put down for bed at 7:30pm... he woke on and off again until 9:15pm until he finally fell into a deep sleep. His naps are somewhat the same.. some he goes easily others require a lot of in and out to het him to settle. The real issue is getting him to settle in his bed. I try the shhh pat and even that doesn't seem to work. I also do the 4 s.... I go in.... pull the blinds... give him soother... sit and snuggle for a bit... when drowsy I put into crib... then he is up again looking for soother or needing to settle... what am I doing wrong? It's been a long few days with this and wondering what I am missing... is he ot or under tired?
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