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Bottle Feeding / Re: Not very interested in afternoon bottle
« Last post by Lolly on May 22, 2017, 22:38:38 pm »
You could always offer that few oz in a sip cup with a solids snack if he needs one rather than in a bottle. They need 20 oz of milk uo until 1 year, so just keep an eye on how much milk and dairy he has in a day.

Night Wakings / Re: 4 Month Old Night Wakings
« Last post by ginger428 on May 22, 2017, 22:36:28 pm »
Hi Jnelso86 and welcome to BW!

How different siblings can be in all sorts of ways, right? I have only one, but I hear about the differences in sleep habits and it's pretty amazing.
Have you already taken the personality quiz for your DD2?
Here is the link to do that.

Depending on what personality she generally is, she may need a teeny bit more awake time than you would think.  My son is spirited/textbook and he has always needed longer awake times. If she does fit that profile, (not to pigeon hole) but we could try extending her awake time before the last cat nap and bed by 10 mins. In my experience and as I've been told as well, the first awake time is always the shortest so I wouldn't change that one for now.

What times does she wake at night and what does she do upon waking? When do you go to her?

General Sleep Issues / Re: Baby fighting sleep
« Last post by Kimbayley on May 22, 2017, 22:24:16 pm »
Thx! Will keep on trying once a day & hope 10 weeks is good for us 😜Yesterday got a few naps of 30 min or so in crib & pram
General Sleep Issues / Re: Progressing to Independent Sleep from Shush Pat
« Last post by ginger428 on May 22, 2017, 22:23:17 pm »
That's great to hear how successful sh/pat has been for your son. The next step is gradual withdrawal.  Yes, leaving him now would probably be abrupt for him and could ruin all the progress you have made. Just like you reduced the noise of sh/pat, you can try stopping before he's quiet, while shing, then return your hand immediately when he makes a sound or fusses. You stop sooner and sooner, sh less and less until he only needs your presence. I reduced the frequency along with the intensity- such as patting lightly with the whole hand, then barely patting, then barely patting with a few fingers, then down to a slight pressure with 1 finger, etc... Enough to say I'm here, but not enough for him to keep wanting it if that makes sense... until he actually fell asleep without patting but with my presence. I think I would be there as he falls asleep for a while after as he might cry out for a pat once in a while.

Here's the sh/pat overview and next steps if you haven't already seen it.

This article is tailored for toddlers but the premise of gradual withdrawal is the same.

I can't comment on the naps out unfortunately... I didn't work on naps out until he was much older.
General Sleep Issues / Re: 7 month old EMW
« Last post by ginger428 on May 22, 2017, 22:02:14 pm »
This does happen for various reasons but meanwhile, instead of giving her a proper early nap, make this one a 20 min catnap. Then move up the second (first proper one) up to the time you would normally have this nap. 

When does she turn 8 mo? She may need a little tweek in her routine.  Can you post her current routine including lengths of each nap.

I would try a dream med around 11:00 (with a 6 hr medication like motrin) if you see evidence of other teeth.
I think the early BT is a good idea.  I forgot to mention that around this age, 14 hr days are typical... so if he's up at 5:15, then BT at 7:15.  Of course we're trying to shift his schedule later by 45-1 hr or so, so that is the long term goal. It is definitely worth a shot to get him caught up with an early BT. What was his avg total sleep/24 hr?

Those pesky molars, right? If he's not waking in the middle of the night for discomfort, the pain/pressure is probably not too bad. That 4-6am hr is a light sleep period so it's typical to wake easily.  There could be other factors that is causing his early waking...are there any noises or temperature changes around 5 that started a couple months ago? When he wakes around 5, is he fussing or happy?

How about this for 2 days to get him caught up on sleep-
WU 5:15
NAP 12:45-2:15
BT 7:15

Then switch to this for 2 days to work toward a later nap (which helps push mornings out), and a later BT-
WU 5:15
NAP 1:00-2:30 (1.30)
BT 7:30

Then this for another couple days if WU's are not improving in order to see if reducing the nap further is necessary-
WU ?
NAP 1:15-2:30 (1.15)
BT 7:30

With the ultimate goal to be-
WU 6:00
NAP 1:15-2:30 (1.15)
BT 8:00

Whenever we had a nap at this age, his nights were short.  If his morning wake up time improves but you would like longer nights, you'll need to shorten naps by 15 mins or so at a time and reassess his nights. 

My son only required about 11 hrs of total sleep, so depending what I wanted his nights to be, I had to cut back on his nap length significantly.  If he starts fighting BT even through all the routine tweaks, consider shortening his nap again to 1 hr. He will be tired during the day at first, but they do transfer the sleep to night if you give it some time.  My son now sleeps 11 hrs straight with no nap- something I thought could never happen.  If he naps at all, it's back to 9-10 hrs a night. Usually closer to 9.

Bottle Feeding / Re: Not very interested in afternoon bottle
« Last post by Haribo2012 on May 22, 2017, 21:42:42 pm »
Does he have a big solids lunch? DS1 dropped his afternoon bottle around that age and DS2 at 11 months.
You can always give him the milk in other ways like sauces or puddings x
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Ew 13 m
« Last post by Haribo2012 on May 22, 2017, 21:38:51 pm »
Bless you it's so hard if it's any consolation my DS1 just turned 5 had took to visiting in the night and hadn't done that in months and DS2 has been waking up too. All teeth and developmental!

Also I find NW worse when they are about to come down with a cold or bug x
Naps / Re: I think my 9mo wants to drop to 1 nap already... what do I do?!
« Last post by peepip on May 22, 2017, 21:22:38 pm »
No, he wakes up naturally from all naps. I put him down between 7 and 7:15 and he doesn't fall asleep until 7:30. Should I put him down earlier??

Edit- wanted to add he's been in a foul mood in the mornings too, the past 2 days so I think the lack of sleep is starting to effect him  :(
I feel like I'm doing all I can to help him sleep more but he just can't/won't. Is this likely a phase?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: What did I do Wrong???
« Last post by ginger428 on May 22, 2017, 21:19:53 pm »
Oh I know it's difficult when they don't eat, but it's really typical when they're not well.  My DS can go as long as 3 days without a solid meal, just snacks like you listed. As long as he's drinking, it should be fine. If it goes longer than 3 days, talk to the ped again. Maybe a milk and fruit smoothie would entice him? DS likes yogurt and smoothies.

Ah, I see.  Perfect.  Personally, I love 7:30 BT!
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