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E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Baby sleeps through night but day naps are short
« Last post by creations on June 25, 2017, 19:08:30 pm »
Yes, sorry I might have got a bit confused with the way the times were described, it looked like E at 9.30/10.00 then 1hr 30 before another E and the E coming right before S.
Lets look at it a different way, you'd be aiming for E every 3hrs and A to be approx 1hr 30:
WU 7.30
E 7.30
A 1hr 30
S 9.00 - 10.30
E 10.30
A 1hr 30
S 12 - 1.30
...and so on...

But if your LO is falling to sleep at 7.30 at the first E time then it throws off the routine so it might be like this (I'm guessing)
WU 7.30
E 7.30
S 7.30/8.00
A 8am - 9.30am 1hr 30
S *** 9.30 - 10.30/11 (11 wake up with a 1.5hr nap and LO is unlikely to mind feeding a touch late if he is asleep otherwise 1hr nap)
E 10.30/11 (depending how long that nap was)
A 1hr 30
S 12 - 1.30 or 12.30 - 2.00
E 1.30/2.00
and so on

*** That's where you would be putting LO to sleep without feeding, no prop, using shush/pat.

I hope that's a bit clearer - I may still be misinterpreting your information, in which case sorry, it's tricky sometimes to explain stuff when LO is falling to sleep eating and to be honest it is hard to judge if they ate enough or slept enough or how long their A time is supposed to be because it's unclear if they were sleeping or eating.  the examples above might not be what is happening for you, but perhaps looking at them you can work out something suitable for you so that you can make that move towards eating after sleep and breaking the F2S prop?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2yr old routine? Tons of BT resistance!
« Last post by JennVanessa1083 on June 25, 2017, 19:02:58 pm »
He isn't in daycare...he's at home with either me or DH depending on the days. DH is a teacher so he has off for the summer and I work PT 3 days a week.

So how long are the days for 2 years olds? Like if DS doesn't nap until say 6-6.5A then naps for about 1-1.5 hours when is bedtime?

Example of today:
WU 7:30 am
S 2-3/3:30 pm
BT ?

He gets tons of activities in General unless he is just that energetic or starting to drop his nap?
Thanks ellieelmo! Been following your thread too! I'm so jelly of your 7 hour night stretch. :) But last night we had a 5 hour stretch! I woke up full of milk and it's been ages since that happened. On the minus side, we are two time zones over and it was from 1am to 6am. Couldn't get her to sleep earlier.

You know, the funny thing is she's stopped doing the shriek. Everything keeps changing. She used to calm down if I held her flailing limbs and now she haaates it.
Night Wakings / Re: 9 month old waking at night
« Last post by tired_mum on June 25, 2017, 14:19:53 pm »

I also have a 9 months old, he is sleeping through the night but waking at 5am. So this will not be an expert advice. ;)

I would try increasing his activity time for 15 minutes and see what happens. I think that if you get a bit longer naps during the day it will help with night as well.

I had to teach my boys to fall asleep independently to get them to sleep TTN but that may not be the case for you.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Baby sleeps through night but day naps are short
« Last post by Stephnaic on June 25, 2017, 13:50:19 pm »
 "If you gently move that 9.30/10 feed time closer to the 3hr mark, 10.30am you will be able to put LO down for the next nap without feeding.  LO is unlikely to need a proper fed after only 1.5hrs so you'd use shush/pat to settle him down and then feed after he wakes."

I'm not sure I quite understand that. So he wouldn't need to feed at 1030?
And thank you so much for replying to my concerns that was very helpful I will definitely try having more activity time after his feeds. He seems to self soothe himself with his thumb when I put him down to sleep during the day if he is tired enough.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Dropping the last nap issue
« Last post by Haribo2012 on June 25, 2017, 12:07:03 pm »
It depends on the child, with my DS1 he struggled with OT and NW but DS2 at 17 months is much easier I just stick to set BT and he copes.

I'd say give it a couple of weeks and add 15 mins back on hols for 3-4 days and see how you get on. Feels like it will be forever but it won't.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Dropping the last nap issue
« Last post by sszskristy on June 25, 2017, 10:55:47 am »
Hi hope u r still here, just one more question: when can I know I can adjust the bedtime back to 6 or even 6:30? No more NW or starts to struggle to fall asleep at bedtime? To be honest, I am really not enjoying this early bedtime thing. My husband arrives home at 6pm, so no father time at all, and I have to do all the bedtime routine by myself. Bathing  and putting PJ on her can be a nightmare now and sometimes it takes forever! And this is my only child...still struggle to have one more baby!
General Sleep Issues / Re: 3 wk old 5 a.m.wake up
« Last post by Ilijansmum on June 25, 2017, 09:02:45 am »
Thank you for your advice! I started to give him a night feed and he keeps sleeping until 6h30 now :) I think he might be going through some kind of prolonged growth spurt b/c he started to wake very 2h at night and to eat more often during daytime as well, every 2h. He also grew by 10cm, which is according to what I read twice the average for the first month. I just hope he doesn't become a snacker!
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Re: Baby sleeps through night but day naps are short
« Last post by creations on June 25, 2017, 08:33:43 am »
Hi there and welcome to BW forums :)

Cluster feeding in the evening is no problem, certainly if your LO  is sleeping well after cluster feeding I would continue with it. It looks like the cluster feeds and the DF are helping your LO to sleep for a very long stretch over night which is great, just be aware that he might need some additional night feeds in the weeks to come even though he is doing that very long stretch now. Growth spurts can bring the need for additional feeding in the night as their tummies are just too small to take in the additional calories they need during the day time feeds, also because the night feeds signal to your body to make changes to your milk.

With the day time feeds though it sounds like you have a feed to sleep prop, or are developing one, which I would suggest you move away from.
EAS can sometimes look more like EASAEAS but do you see there is still some A between E and S?  This is to avoid the feed to sleep prop.  Initially you can put in just a couple of minutes A time between E and S and gradually increase this over several days or a week.  You need to be prepared to help your LO learn a different way of settling down to sleep - props tend to be parent driven, there is a desire or temptation to get LO off to sleep with the prop because it's the easiest way right now but further down the line it can make things harder because LO isn't taught to self sooth and relies on eating to be able to sleep.
If you can't keep your LO awake during a feed then often a nappy change or a strip down and re-dress works after the feed to put a little bit of awake time between E and S.

Depending how easy or difficult you find moving away from the F2S prop you can either gradually increase the A between E and S and use shush/pat to sooth your baby to sleep instead of relying on feeding, here's a link to shush/pat:
or if the association is very strong already and you feel it is too hard to move directly to shush/pat you might prefer to use some tips from Pantley's Gentle Removal Plan, there is a description here:

Sometimes it can seem a bit daunting to change the routine you've settled into. I know when I read a BW book when my LO was 4 weeks old I felt a little daunted to move his E to after sleep instead of before sleep and he was feeding every 2.5hrs rather than 3hrs...but actually I just started and it wasn't any near as bad as I thought it might be.

E. 730am
Sleep right away during feed even burping and attempting to wake does not work
Up by 830 .
A until  930/10
Then E
He usually has 1and half to an hour of awake time before his next feed
If you gently move that 9.30/10 feed time closer to the 3hr mark, 10.30am you will be able to put LO down for the next nap without feeding.  LO is unlikely to need a proper fed after only 1.5hrs so you'd use shush/pat to settle him down and then feed after he wakes.

I hope this helps
Hello and welcome to BW forums :)

I wonder if he is a bit warm?  Young babies (even older children) often like to spread out with arms up over their head to cool down and are more likely to huddle up if a bit cooler. It might be worth assessing the temperature in the room or what he is wearing.

Otherwise, if he doesn't like being swaddled and it's causing more problems than it's solving then it's probably a case of helping him through naps without one and his startle reflex will eventually reduce. Although it might be a pain (and exhausting) for you at the moment because he's waking with jolts and startles, it does have a more positive side - you don't have to go through a swaddle wean later on and babies who sleep less deeply are at a lower risk of SIDS.

My own was swaddled for naps and the early part of night sleep for the first 10 wks (not all night) but not beyond that.  There were times I used a swaddle just for wind down and then removed it just prior to sleep and putting him down, and times when I used it to help him calm if he was particularly agitated (like through teething or reflux problems when he was really screaming and flailing, the swaddle helped me keep hold of him) but when it came to sleep I removed it.  So not everyone gets on with a swaddle.

If he is at all OT (over tired) he is more likely to jerk and jolt in his sleep so you might revisit your routine to make sure he is well rested.

You might also want to try this swaddle method where the arms are up:
Or ask on the Hoggwatch board for recommendations for various swaddles which can be bought to see if there is one which might be more suitable for your baby.
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