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Naps / Capping the morning nap?
« Last post by Lauraf1609 on April 30, 2020, 08:17:43 am »

My 10 month old son is late to the 3-2 nap transition, only really managing it in the last few weeks.
Heís never been the best sleeper and I had to spend the first 6 months holding him for every nap but itís getting better. Anyway, he tends to favour a longer morning nap (1h15-1h30) and then a 45 minute afternoon nap. Everything Iíve read and info from a sleep consultant we sought help from says the morning nap should be shorter and the afternoon nap longer but this is a struggle! I get it as his longest awake period is from waking up from the second nap until bedtime so it makes sense that he needs a longer stint of sleep to prevent overtiredness. For the last couple of weeks Iíve tried capping his morning nap to 45-60 mins with a view for him to sleep longer in the afternoon but this hasnít worked and heíll still do a short afternoon nap and no amount of resettling will get him back down. He often wakes crying from this nap as heís still tired but wonít go back to sleep. Heís put in his cot awake, in a dark room with white noise and settles himself to sleep. Is the long afternoon nap really so important? I feel like he could get more total daytime sleep if I let him sleep for as long as he wants in the morning.
His night sleep is generally ok; usually wakes once for a breastfeed which I know he doesnít need at his age but itís the quickest way to get him back to sleep at 4am!
His wake up time in the morning can be anywhere from 6am-7.20am and I put him for his first nap 3 hours after waking (I know some would suggest 2 hours but he wonít go down so soon after waking). Then itís another 3 hours awake period before his second nap and usually around 3.5 hours from this nap ending and bed (usually around 6.30-6.40).
Blimey, Iíve rambled so well done anyone who has read this far! Any advice on extending the lunch nap or should I just let him sleep when he wants?
Bottle Feeding / How to drop middle of night feed for a 10month old
« Last post by Amberthorne352 on April 29, 2020, 13:05:11 pm »
My 10mth old baby has always had a middle of the night feed around 12-1am. He wakes crying and distrubed. Iíve tired sips of water and it doesnít settle him. He always takes a full 7/8oz bottle. His current routine is
A 6.15/6.30
E 6.30 6/7oz bottle followed by breakfast 1hr later
S 9.30/9.45
E 11/11.15 Iíve recently dropped this bottle (after he began to refuse lunch an hour later) and he has lunch followed by a snack before nap
S 2/2.15
E 3.30/3.45 6/7oz bottle
   Dinner around 4.30/5
S 7.30pm
E midnight/1am

He is quite a big baby on the 90th centile. My health visitor said to keep giving him it if he needs it and personally I think he does but Iím keen to try options in case itís more of a sleep association/routine for him. My little girl slept through at 9wks old but my little boy is different in every way.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
General Sleep Issues / Re: Waking up every 5, 10 or 15 minutes all night!!!
« Last post by Jekaterina on April 26, 2020, 18:44:50 pm »
Thank you very much for your advices. At the moment, his tooth are growing; however, I give my son a painkiller before the night.
I'll try to put more pacifiers in his bed.
General Sleep Issues / Re: Help with sleep.... please!!!!!
« Last post by Katet on April 26, 2020, 04:05:23 am »
I don't think it's anything you are doing wrong... But you being pregnant and your obvious struggle with his sleep is probably part of the problem. Some children are very in tune with the emotional energy around them from a very young age and when what they do is perceived as up settings their parents they pick up on that and it unsettles them and lots sleep time is when the insecurity comes out.
It definitely comes out that at almost 3 he's harder work than your 5yo and that's what's totally normal 3yo are super trying, they NEED connection yet want independence.. their independence frightens them and can cause regression with sleep too, because they are alone.
Unfortunately the problem is he needs what you also need to give to your NB, he needs you to step away from being firm with him and the routine and give him extra nurturing and trust that you are there for him.
At around 3yo both my boys had a camp out spot on my bedroom floor, it was just a folded quit with a sleeping bag and pillow... Not too comfortable, but a safe place when they needed our comfort...both got to the point they didn't even wake me when they came in the room.
One of the most important things I learnt was to focus on theost important need...a good night's not a child sleeping in their room at all's that everyone in the family gets the best possible sleep they can AND with a newborn and 'the middle child' his need to feel safe at night is an important part of your solution.
Naps / Re: HELP please with 10mth old schedule
« Last post by Amberthorne352 on April 23, 2020, 17:34:41 pm »
Thanks. I will do that. Just needed to be told itís ok and see the wood for the trees. The long term goal is one good nap as provided he has one in his cot a day, Iím half way there.
Sleeping For Toddlers / 15 mo EASY?
« Last post by JennVanessa1083 on April 23, 2020, 10:29:02 am »

Iím having some wonky naps and night sleep.

This is our EASY typically:

WU 7
Nap: 11:15- 12:45 pm
Nap: 3:45ish/4 pm for around 20-30 minutes
Bedtime 7:15-8 pm depending on when we cap

It was working for awhile and now for the past two weeks itís been touch and go. There are days she wonít do her CN so we try to push up bedtime from up to an hour earlier. It started with she would do 12 hours with a lot of OT wake ups in the early part of the night. Now, she will EW even if I do a 11.5 hour day off one nap.

The issue is the long stretch to bedtime after refusing the CN. Yesterday we did one nap with a 7:30 wake up and 7 pm bedtime and she fell asleep at 7:15.

She is now up a little before 6 am and had several nigjtwakings. She is in a developmental leap and I believe sheís teething. I see canines coming through possibly. She wonít let me see. She also is fussy and clingy at times and wakes up screaming during most NW.

Not sure what do to, should I just ride it out a bit more hoping it will resolve itself or is she in need of a change in EASY?
Naps / Re: HELP please with 10mth old schedule
« Last post by Katet on April 23, 2020, 06:57:42 am »
Firstly I'd try moving the first nap later and then knock on  the second would be later.

Also given in a few months the move will be to 1 nap... As long as the morning is in the Cot, of the afternoon nap in the pushchair works, then why not do that, why make life harder...or why make a problem where there doesn't really need to be one.
As I got told when mine were babies, we need to look at our real goal, which in this case is a good afternoon sleep so as not to need a catnap, it's not to make sure it's always in the cot... So I think in many ways an unimportant belief  may just be part of  causing your problem. So tbh I'd go back to trying the nap in the pushchair if that was working.
Naps / HELP please with 10mth old schedule
« Last post by Amberthorne352 on April 22, 2020, 17:06:02 pm »
Iím looking for some advice on my 10mth olds schedule. Recently he has been waking after 45mins/1hr  from his afternoon nap and we are having to give him a 10min catnap in the car to get him to bedtime because he canít manage more than 3.5hr awake and wonít take a decent bedtime bottle when he is shattered.
 His current schedule is:

A 6.15/6.30 6oz bottle/ 7.30 breakfast
S 9.30/9.45 1.30hr-1.45hr
A 11/11.15 lunch (we dropped this bottle a week ago as advised by the health visitor) / snack before nap
S 2.15/2.30 45mins/1 hr
A 3/3.15 7oz bottle/ tea at 4.30/5
S 5.15 for 10mins/ 7oz bottle at 7.15
S 7.30pm
He still has a bottle through the night (we havenít been able to drop it yet which is another issue but have brought it forward to 11pm rather than midnight/1am)

He has recently started crawling and pulling to stand so is difficult to get to sleep until he afternoon and bedtime

At one stage we were allowing afternoon naps in his pushchair and he was sleeping perfectly for around 1.30hrs and not needing a catnap but Iíve moved it back to the cot because I believe the sleep should be there.

I think there are a combination of issues and would appreciate some (firm if necessary) advice. Iím a sucker for not changing things in the worry it makes things worse but am willing to try.

General Sleep Issues / Re: Help with sleep.... please!!!!!
« Last post by deb on April 22, 2020, 01:59:33 am »
We had to drop DD1's nap completely around 2.5 years because if she took one, she simply wasn't tired at "bedtime;" she would be awake naturally until after 10PM! Without the nap she was cranky but we could get her to bed around 7-7:30PM and at least have that time to ourselves. We did institute a "quiet time" of about an hour after lunch. She was in her room w/a CD and could come out when it was done. Maybe once a week she'd fall asleep anyway and we just accepted that tht would be a late night.

This may be the case in your instance: he may be about done napping!

Sorry for the late response - I only get here once in a blue moon these days.
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