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Night Wakings / Re: 20 week old twins waking CONSTANTLY until 4am.. HELPPPPP
« Last post by deb on January 11, 2020, 15:14:47 pm »
Hmm...what happens if you feed them when they wake at 9:30PM? Do they sleep thru?

They might soon be ready to transition away from the 3 nap/catnap too, in which case you could try 3 feeds spaced 2 hours apart and put them down earlier, see what that does. Babies do nap transitions at vastly different times though, so you have to make your own judgement call there. I want to say we were doing 3 90-minute naps around that age but as we pushed A times a bit longer, which you can try in maybe 10-15-minute increments, that last nap got pushed so late as to be useless except for making DD under-tired by our usual bedtime.

Also, who's going in for nightwakings? When I started sending in DH instead of me (the one who smelled like milk!), he'd pop in a binky and she'd go back to sleep more readily; if she smelled me, she expected a boob! LOL Non-nursing parent might be the better choice to try to break the cycle?
Naps / 15 week old suddenly catnapping
« Last post by BonnieJade91 on January 11, 2020, 02:21:50 am »

We have been on easy since birth (as best as we could)
transitioned my daughter to a 3.5hr schedule recently with 3 naps during the day. I aim to have her awake time be between 1.30hrs-1.75hrs depending on how she's is going.

The past couple of days she has been waking up after a sleep cycle and has not been going back to sleep. I put her down to sleep awake, and put her paci/dummy in, but she usually spits it out after a few minutes or doesn't take it at all. She falls asleep very easily.

She is a great night sleeper, has been doing quite a few 12 hour straight nights or when she doesn't do that i will usually feed her once around 1/2am. (We attempted dream feeding but it disrupted the rest of her night)

I have experimented with increasing her awake time a little then bringing it back and it hasn't made any difference to her naps.
When she does wake up after one sleep cycle i do not go in unless she gets very worked up, she mostly does a mantra cry on and off with moments of silence. So i keep her in her crib until it is time to feed. Sometimes that can be an hour!

Here is a log of how yesterday went

Awake - 6.50am
Eat - 6.54am
Sleep - 8.35-10.30am, she woke up after one sleep cycle but managed to resettle on her own after 20 or so minutes
Eat - 10.35am
Sleep 12.30pm-1pm would not resettle even after i went in and replaced paci
Eat 2pm
Sleep 3.30pm-4pm would not resettle even after i went in and replaced paci
Eat 5pm (attempted to put her down for a catnap but she wouldn't settle)
Eat 7pm
Bed 7.15pm

Here is how today went

Awake - 2.30am, waited 5 minutes to see if she would go back to sleep but she didn't, so i fed her
Awake - 7am, set my alarm to wake her
Eat - 7.05 am
Sleep - 8.30am-9.20am - would not resettle
Eat - 10.20am
Sleep - 12.20pm-1pm (We had an appointment so she went to bed a little later)
Eat - 2pm
Sleep 3.30-4.15pm
Eat 5pm
Sleep 6-6.40pm - thought i would get another nap in before settling for the night
Eat 7.23pm
Sleep/Bed 8.10pm

today was the first day in her life that she did 4 catnaps. I feel like such a failure (which i know is silly) but i'm so frustrated and have no idea where to go from here, I'm super paranoid that she's going to start waking up all night and that she'll keep catnapping for months.

When she would wakeup after one cycle previously she was always able to go back to sleep for another cycle.
She is a very healthy 16lb 3 month old, 90th percentile for weight. Is pretty content and happy when she is awake, but has definitely become more tired and a bit irritable the past few days because of the catnaps.

A few extra things to consider
 - she has really rosy cheeks right now and is drooling a lot! no other symptoms, i can't see any teeth coming through so i doubt it's teething and she doesn't have a fever. she feeds really well and is pretty happy.

-I'm completely off dairy because of Cows milk protein intolerance. She also has a bit of reflux and tends to spit up frequently.

- She likes to roll to her side but hasn't completely rolled over yet. i zip her up in a Love To Dream Sleep Swaddle.

- Dark room, white noise, perfect temperature in her bedroom

Thanks for any insight!
Night Wakings / Re: 8mo super awake at night
« Last post by N_Mom_S on January 10, 2020, 11:19:46 am »
Thank you so much for your reply!
Did your son cry at night or show any signs of pain? Because my LO is generally very happy day and night (except when's she's OT, and that's increasingly more frequent). I wonder if she'd be that happy if she had a lot of fluid preventing her from sleep. She's been checked a few times and her bad sleep has happened for a very long time, so I'm inclined to think it's not that, but thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely keep an eye on that and ask them to check again next time.

Regarding her feedings, she's a tough one. I BF after every waking, day and night. And during the day about 1-1.5h after BF I give her solids (but in her bottle mixed with formula, she completely rejects the spoon and self-feeding, and her weight is so poor that we have to sacrifice good eating habits for now). After her second nap I do an extra BF, so: BF after she wakes up, 1h later BF, then bottle with solids before BT.

I'm confused about GERD and her happy awake period, wouldn't she be unhappy if that were the case? I really have no idea. In fact, starting today we're dropping the meds for a week as the specialist suggested, to see what happens and see if GERD is really the problem.

Today she woke up at 9:00 and she was so OT her first nap started at 11:00 (although she was so tired she could've gone to sleep at 10 if I had let her ::) ) and at 12:15 she's still asleep so I imagine she'll do 1.5h. Did you wake your son up after his naps or did he do those times by himself? I never wake her up, only the few times I've let her have a late catnap in the evening because she was super OT. But then nights were the same or worse.
Night Wakings / Re: 8mo super awake at night
« Last post by Katet on January 10, 2020, 10:37:01 am »
Hugs, my first was shocking at sleep and it was hard. At 5yo we discovered he had a lot of fluid in his ears (but had never had an ear infection) and in hindsight I believe his poor sleep was medical rather than routine as my second had an all over the place routine and was no where near as bad in terms of sleep. So I definitely suggest talking to a Dr and a really good check over (although many GPs aren't good at spotting  fluid in the ears without infection)

Firstly when is she eating? As that may be a factor.
I'm also thinking the Dummy and suckking may me masking the GERD not really being as much under control as you think... because in my experience routine is rarely a big factor in really poor sleep.
One thing I found worked well with my second was really short (like 2 hours) A time, short nap then longer A time longer  then a short 3rd nap... My 2nd had what I said was low sleep needs on an average A time.
So at 8mo his routine was something like
W/up 6.30, feed
8.30 30min nap
Noon 2hour nap,
5pm 15min nap
7.30pm bed.
Night Wakings / 8mo super awake at night
« Last post by N_Mom_S on January 10, 2020, 05:40:13 am »
Hi everyone!
My 8mo angel baby has always been a terrible night sleeper (also due to GERD, she's currently on meds), but I'm convinced it's a schedule problem, especially since she has a very (quite happy) awake period every night, anytime between 4-6am (not consistently at the same time) and then stays awake for 1.5-2h. This has happened for many months so it's not new. She still has about 3-4 night feeds (BF). Her weight gain is very poor so I'm not planning to eliminate any for now.
She also wakes up around 30min after BT and I know that's OT, but I've tried so many different things regarding naps (longer, shorter, 2 naps, 3 naps...) and she still has many night wakings and that very awake period...
Her WU time varies depending on the night she's had so her daily routine is different every day. I wonder if I should wake her up at the same time every day? After a bad night I feel like we both need the sleeping in though...

I'm currently trying more or less 3-3.15h awake time. I sometimes need to make it a bit shorter if she's just taken a 30min nap before and is miserable. The morning one is shorter, I know it's usually the opposite but she needs it shorter, she gets cranky much earlier, I imagine because of the bad nights.

Yesterday it went something like this:

WU 8:30
S 11:15-12:45
S 3:45-5:15
BT 8

NW 8:30, 22:30, 2:30, awake from 6:00 to 8:00

Today it was different, she had an appointment with the pediatrician and her first nap was in the stroller:

WU 9:20
S 12-12:20 (she wouldn't go back to sleep)
S 15-15:30 (she wouldn't go back to sleep)
BT 8

NW 8:30, 23:00, 4:30 and now it's 6:30 and she's finally falling asleep after a little patting

As you can see with very different days we have similar nights so I'm at a loss. With a 3rd nap she usually wakes up more frequently at night.
I try to resettle (pat) at 8:30pm and it takes a long time and she just wakes up after a while anyway, until I feed her and then she stays asleep. After her long awake period sometimes I pat or feed and sometimes she self-settles. I'm not counting the 'dummy is not in my mouth' wakings  ::), those I just replug it and she goes back to sleep, but there are a few. She sleeps in her crib next to my bed.

Please help!!! I'm sure there's something I can do to help her but I can't figure out what! I'd like to eliminate the 8:30pm OT and get her to sleep after her last night feed.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Easy and naps with school run help please!!
« Last post by AshDosh on January 08, 2020, 13:54:33 pm »
Hi there not sure if this should go on this board or the naps board so pls let me know if I should repost...
But I really need some advice from you about managing easy routine for 2nd child whilst first is at school.
My girl is 5 years old and started reception in September and my boy is now 7 months .
Up to now Iíve been able to manage his routine fairly well and also do the school runs dropping and picking up ..
But now Iím going too start struggling as awake time needs to start increasing again in a couple weeks I think. I do the pick up 3 times a week so the other 2 days I can keep a better routine (although not sure if that will even work if the other 3 days Iím having to wake him.....)

Routine currently is with 2.5 hour awake time

7am wake up
E 730am bottle
S 930
E 11 am bottle
E 12 ish lunch ( started weaning about 3 weeks ago)
S 130pm
3pm leave for school pick up
E 330pm bottle
5/530pm catnap for about 45 mins
Cap catnap at 545/6pm
E 630pm. bottle
BT 7pm

So my issue is that I want to start increasing a time and (eventually get rid of the catnap) but this means 2nd nap will be cut short due to school pick up... I have tried before picking him out of cot and straight into buggy but he always wakes up....

How are you other mums managing this? Iím going to start increasing a time by 10 mins initially but this means his 2nd nap will be cut down to 1 hour 10 mins (and will be cut even further when a time continues to increase to 3 hours) before I have to go for school run..... so Even though I want to cut the catnap out, Iím not sure he will stretch to 7pm bedtime . As he would be awake from 3pm until 7 pm which is 4 hours!!

Should I bring bedtime earlier or just keep the catnap? And also worried he wonít get enough day time sleep this way if his 2nd nap is always being cut short.

Apologies for the long post but have so many questions and really appreciate any advice you can give, thanks I advance!!

Naps / Re: 9 weeks old and 2 hour awake times?!
« Last post by eeleahm on January 07, 2020, 02:22:26 am »
thank you for your reply! we figured out they needed 1.5 A time, now they are 20 weeks and we are at 2 hour A times :) (sometimes they want 2 hours 15 min!! not even 5 months! but being #3 and #4 in the family, they get constant stimulation from siblings!)
Night Wakings / Re: 20 week old twins waking CONSTANTLY until 4am.. HELPPPPP
« Last post by eeleahm on January 07, 2020, 02:21:02 am »
they take as much as they want at the other feeds. they feed on me first and then we top up with formula until they push the bottles out.. so we feed after the catnap and then give them a bit beofre bed so their tummies are full. sometimes they take a full feed both times! sometimes not.. i find their appetites are all over the place!
Night Wakings / Re: 20 week old twins waking CONSTANTLY until 4am.. HELPPPPP
« Last post by deb on January 05, 2020, 14:22:35 pm »
I notice you're giving them a half-feed before bed? I'd try topping them up in the hours before bed if you can, see if the extra calories make a difference.
Night Wakings / Re: Four month sleep regression
« Last post by eeleahm on January 05, 2020, 00:09:02 am »
Julie, any luck with that?

and do you mean to cut the dreamfeed out? Like what if they wake up at 10:30/11... skip that one or feed them and skip the 1am or whatever they wake up for??
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