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Naps / Re: Day 12 PU/PD/Shush Pat:16 week old won't sleep during day--I give up
« Last post by benandjen on October 26, 2020, 17:13:06 pm »
*I tried dream feeding for four nights, but it caused more night waking, so I stopped.
*She is 16 weeks old this week
*She's exclusively breastfed and a great eater--this part going well
*She's one of those babies that you just cannot put down for longer than a minute or two before she's unhappy. I carry her around all day during her wake periods!
Naps / Day 12 PU/PD/Shush Pat:16 week old won't sleep during day--I give up
« Last post by benandjen on October 26, 2020, 16:47:30 pm »
Hi All, I have a spirited baby, my third, who I am struggling with immensely during the day. Since I have two other children to care for, I simply cannot keep sitting in a dark room with her picking her up, putting her down, shushing her and patting her for hours. However, if I don't get her back down for her nap (I would say I have a 20% success rate), she (and all of us) become more and more miserable as the day wears on, and bedtime is a nightmare. I feel I'm at a point both mentally and physically where I just have nothing left to give. 

I've been a Baby Whisperer fan since my first was born and have used her techniques with great success. Being a Type A mom, I'm pretty good at following a plan and getting everyone on track. My two boys (7 and 4) are great sleepers and have been since about 16 weeks old.

Laine has been on an EASY routine from day 1. I do a snug swaddle, a song and a pitch black room with white noise. In the first two days of our PU/PD training, I was able to get rid of the pacifier which had become a prop and also get her to fall asleep on her own. Otherwise, we are looking like this:

7 am wake and feed, play, take kids to school
8:30/45 (she has a really hard time staying awake for longer than an hour without being extremely fussy or outright screaming)
9 am wakes up, crying, I do PU/PD, shush pat while she periodically wails/screams and settles only to repeat this cycle for an hour or as long as I can take
10/10:30 am wake or just get up and eat
11:30/45/12 nap
12 (or exactly thirty mins later) wake, I spend up to an hour getting her back down
Somewhere between 1-2: eat
Somewhere between 1/1.5 hours later (you can see we are falling apart here) nap
Around 4 eat
Catnap usually in the sling while I prepare dinner, but even in the sling she's screaming
6 pm eat
6:30 pm bath, jammies, swaddle, nurse with a goal of 7 pm bedtime
8/8:30 pm I'm PU/PD Shush/Patting DYING to get her to bed
2 am-4 am night feeding
(Sometimes she'll sleep through)

PLEASE HELP! Is this developmental? What am I doing wrong?? On the verge of CIO.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 20 month old crazy night time- any help appreciated!
« Last post by Haribo2012 on October 24, 2020, 19:27:13 pm »
Hi maybe if heís up at 7 and has a good nap the Bt needs to be pushed out a teeny bit? My second dropped all naps at 2 years old and sleep fab 7-7 but my first kept naps till 3 but slept 8pm-6.30am
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: she won't let me put her back in the crib
« Last post by Haribo2012 on October 24, 2020, 19:24:42 pm »
Can you try not getting her out for more than a quick reassure cuddle then pop her back in drowsy but awake but maybe rub her back or hand but use your voice to soothe. So say itís ok just time to sleep now, mummyís here youíre ok etc. Then sit next to her rather than cuddle to sleep. There is a big sleep regression around 18 months so some of it could be that.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 3 year old early wakings
« Last post by Haribo2012 on October 24, 2020, 19:21:02 pm »
Hey I would totally drop the nap and bring BT way earlier. Her day is probably too long with that early waking, if she needs a nap let it be no longer than 20 mins but really at that age Iíd be pushing to go nap free and decent bedtime.

Maybe try a 6.30 BT for a few days so she gets a solid night as those NW as poss as sheís overtired by the time sheís asleep. Then once you get a consistent good night push bedtime by 15 mins every 3 days or so.

Does that make sense 
Naps / Re: 30 min naps. 3 month old. Soother prop
« Last post by regina1987m on October 15, 2020, 16:57:03 pm »
How many weeks is your baby? Mine is 9 and this is happening to me too! Iím exhausted having to be reinserting the pacifier every time it falls I dont know what to do! No matter when I put him down. Help!
Naps / 9 Week Old Short Naps or Refusing to Fall Asleep!
« Last post by regina1987m on October 15, 2020, 16:53:15 pm »
Hello BW Moms,

I need your help I am feeling really discouraged. We have been desling with short naps ever since he started being more awake, at 4-5 weeks. Itís not all the time, though. Some naps are longer than others. Other days he naps perfectly and that gives me hope that he can connect cyles and nap for good 1.5-2hr stretches in the day so I try to recreate the same thing I did the day before and it doesnt work.
I have to say he sleeps very well at night, its been a week since he weaned of his night feedings by himself, with erratic wakings through the night but sometimes falls asleep on his own.
He also has an incredibly exhausting fussy 20 minutes right after bath before bedtime, when he cries unconsollably and refuses his bedtime bottle. (Please help with this too!) After that, he takes 6-7oz of expressed breastmilk and goes down until 2-3am, I just give him the pacifier one time and he falls asleep till 6-7, again offer him pacifier and change positions and he goes down until 8:30am when usually I have to wake him up to start the day.

I also have to say that for 10 naps, 4 would go great and 6 would go awry. I put him down at 1:15 min one day and sleeps like a baby for 2 hours, and the next day the same thing and he wont sleep for more than 20 min or refuses to settle.
So my day goes like this:

8:30 - feeds 6-7oz of EBM
9:00 - 9:45 Activity (usually gym and swing until I see first yawn. If he doesnt show sleepy cues, I put him down 1:15-1:20 from waking)
9:50 put him down, always cries or fusses, needs pacifier or shh/pat. Almost every time, he wakes up 30-45 min into his nap. Sometimes, he just doesnt fall asleep or when the paci falls, he wakes up and I have to go in and put it back on, this can happen the whole nap, 17 times. He sleeps for 15-20 min at a time but I dont pick him up till next feed. If he managed to fall asleep, I let him sleep for 10-15 min past his feeding time.

11:30 feeds 6-7oz of EBM
12:00 activity, same as above
12:45 - 12:50 sleep, same as above

2:45 feeds 6-7oz of EBM
Same as above

5:45 feeds 5oz of EBM
6:45 or 6:50 catnap for 30-45 min max

8:00 bath
8:15 feeds 7oz of EBM (sometimes it takes longer for him to accept the bottle, 20-30min of crying on and off)
9:00 takes me longer to feed him at this time, almost always falls asleep before putting him down.

Please please help!

Breast Feeding / Re: 6 month only eats 2.5-3 oz every 4 hrs
« Last post by *Ali* on October 15, 2020, 08:52:14 am »
I'm sorry your post was missed.
How do you know how much he's taking if you're nursing?
My 4 week old is healthy and growing well. His awake times are next to nothing and Iím wondering if anyone else had this happen too, or if I should just shut up and enjoy it!

For example, today he was awake for 2 hours in the morning. He took a nap for an hour, woke up for 10 mins to eat, then went back to sleep. This happened every hour from 11am until 8pm. Maybe tonight will be a disaster but previous days like this have gone ok at night.
General Sleep Issues / Re: 22 month old EW
« Last post by boykelso on October 09, 2020, 02:46:36 am »
I just went through this with my 23 month old. We cut the nap to 1.5 hrs and tried to keep bedtime and wake up time consistent. It took four days of whining and fussing but heís back to 11-12 hrs sleep at night.

I see this post is quite old...Hopefully your sleep issue got worked out!
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