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Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: EW at 17 months.. is there anything we can do??
« Last post by Haribo2012 on June 25, 2017, 07:40:01 am »
Hi there, looking at your day I'd say you need to try and push that first nap later so that your day is more balanced as his awake time before bed is very long. If he handles awake time well I'd jump with 30 mins and make nap 11.30 other 15 mins increase hold for 3-4 days then increase again.

I don't think you need to go back to 2 naps but sometimes adding a micro nap can just help push the day.

My DS2 is 17 months and we mostly do WU 6.15/6.45 nap 12-2 BT 7pm but some days he will have micro nap 10 mins at 9.45 and Nap 12.30/12.45 BT 7.30 the second is normally if I have to somewhere in the morning or he's catching up after 3 days of nursery.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2yr old routine? Tons of BT resistance!
« Last post by Katet on June 25, 2017, 06:54:21 am »
The bedtime resistance probably has nothing to do with the EASY, at 2yo they can cope with a fair amount of flexibility. It's more about the "cup full" activities they have with their primary carer.  If he's in daycare then the resistance is possibly about not enough quality (what he wants not what you think he needs) time. I know with my boys one needed the cuddles & story time & the other was the play & active involvement, give them the opposite & they became far more "needy" particularly at bedtime.
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Baby sleeps through night but day naps are short
« Last post by Stephnaic on June 25, 2017, 06:26:43 am »
My baby is 11 weeks old. And for the past week has been sleeping all night from 10pm until 6/7am. I just started reading this book and I guess my baby was doing the clusters in the evening and the DF which helped with a good night sleep.
However during the day my baby goes to sleep then wakes up 1 and half or an hour later making it very close to his last feed. So I   hold him off and let him play (A) until his next feed (3hrs) then there seems to be no A after the feeds. He does A.E.S.Y is this a problem or should I not be concerned and to not fix it if it ain't broke since he sleeps through the night now? Unsure what to do
His routine is
E. 730am
Sleep right away during feed even burping and attempting to wake does not work
Up by 830 .
A until  930/10
Then E
He usually has 1and half to an hour of awake time before his next feed
He feeds about 10 min per side I breast and bottle feed( have been giving him two bottles a day one at his 10/11am feed and then I pump and one at his 6/7pm feed and I don't pump at that point as I never really feel full or uncomfortable and he clusters anyways 
Do I need to change anything if so how?? And do I really need to get rid of evening clusters at this point. He still seems to do one. Feeds at 6 then again at 8  otherwise he does not settle even with a pacifier. I call it the witching hour
Night Wakings / Re: 7 months old - waking every hour and many more problems
« Last post by tired_mum on June 25, 2017, 04:22:53 am »
Another early morning for us. :( This little guy really likes sunrises apparently.
we came such a long way in the past two months but I'm still so tired. Please help me.  :(
Night Wakings / 9 month old waking at night
« Last post by Pearceuccs on June 25, 2017, 03:17:03 am »
My 9 month old has had periods where he has slept through the night and right when we think we have fixed him he starts waking again. He is breastfeed to sleep which I'm hoping isn't a problem since he has sttn in the past. He has always been a bad sleeper and very sensitive to OT. I had to httj until he was like 6 months old and we battled 30 min naps if he was overtired where I would go rock him back to sleep until like 8 month old.

600 awake and breastfeed
730 solids
915-1015 nap ( breastfeed and sleep) for 1hr (sometimes 1hr 20min)
1030 Solids
1230 breastfeed
230-330 nap (breastfeed to sleep) for 1hr-1 hr 20 min
400 small amount of bf (won't take much)
500 solids
700 bedtime (breastfeeding to sleep after bath)

Then he starts waking up 30 min after bedtime. The first two  times he is sometimes  hard to resettle while holding. OT it seems. Then sometimes he'll will wake up later like at 3 am and sometimes go back to sleep after 5 min of whinnying. We try not to feed him during the night but sometimes he gets fed at like 3 am if he is having a hard time. He has been waking up avenge of twice a night. Always shortly after bedtime. Then around 830-10. Then somewhere between midnight and 3 am.

We are gonna move up his bedtime to 630 to see if he only needs 3 hr awake time before bed. Breastfeeding to sleep is such a nice time for us and I'm hoping we don't have to break that.
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 2yr old routine? Tons of BT resistance!
« Last post by JennVanessa1083 on June 25, 2017, 02:39:05 am »
I still have my DS fighting bedtime for an hour 🙄 By the time he falls asleep it's 6A. He still has NW too. Any advise?
E.A.S.Y. Forum / Refuses to be swaddled, but wakes himself up with flailing limbs
« Last post by Ljump87 on June 24, 2017, 23:01:18 pm »
My son is 5 weeks old and since about day 3, he stopped allowing us to swaddle him. He fights and cries until he breaks out. We started using the velcro swaddle sleep sacks (allowing his hands to touch his face in the prayer position), but he screams until his arms are free, so we have been allowing that. He often sleeps with his arms up over his head. Even when he is awake, he likes to be spread out.

The problem is, he has crazy limbs that flail around and wake him up during naps (he does pretty okay at night). This startles him and upsets him, then he usually does not go back to sleep. The pacifier helps, but sometimes he knocks it out during the flailing, making it more of a prop than a comfort item. The difficulty with this has made it so cumbersome for me to consider doing two catnaps in the evening. Napping is stressful enough! Please help! I hope this isn't our reality until he can control those limbs...
General Sleep Issues / 10 week old on 4 hour easy... Any tips?
« Last post by regina1987m on June 24, 2017, 20:52:35 pm »
Hi everyone!

About 2 weeks ago I started noticing that my LO had lost interest in her 3 hour routine, she didn't seem hungry at the 3 hour mark and sometimes I had to wake her up to feed. For example, she would take 5oz at 8am, 6oz at 11am, 2oz at 2pm,  2oz at 5pm and 7oz at night. I bf all day and give her a bottle of formula at 8pm. She has been sleeping through the night (12hrs 8pm-8am) and just wakes up at 4-5am asking to change position or to be rolled over (she won't even take the pacifier, I just roll her to the other side and she settles).
So I decided maybe she wanted to drop a feed and go straight to the 4 HOUR EASY, and been there for about 4 days.
We've been doing excellent in the eating department, but I am just confused on how to manage her activity and sleep times since she's a small baby and just can't stay awake for longer than an hour.

Any tips on how my routine should look like? I don't want her to be overtired, she gets very cranky when she does and impossible to settle!!!

Also, if she wakes up from her nap but is calm and relaxed on her crib does that still count as S time or is it A time? Sometimes she wakes up earlier from her nap but she is happy in her crib, I don't know if I should pick her up in fear that she will become overtired for her next cycle of EASY.


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General Sleep Issues / Re: Early Waking 9 month old
« Last post by JCN on June 24, 2017, 20:51:14 pm »
To me it looks like he is so much in the habit of taking a nap at 9.30 that his body clock is making him nod off, it might be hard but push past it as quickly as you can because that first nap looks UT needing a resettle.

I wouldn't read much into the last nap, he will have been UT due to having a car nap and sometime we just can't avoid car naps, that's life.

Maybe try some pain meds for the teething before nap time.

Yes I had assumed UT from car nap and was going to put him down later but then I wasn't sure whether to do that as it would shift everything much later and change meal times etc. Anyway, what's done is done! We are definitely on top of pain meds (calpol is my new best friend!) so will continue to push the nap back as best I can.
You mean 20:20?  1 hr then...'

No, it was until 02.20 - so almost 7hrs

Yes, day and night sleep are different.
Gah! Ok. So now I'm a bit confused as to what to tackle next. Whether to take another week of trying to get her to sleep as much as possible in the day in the hope that this works on the sleep debt / overtiredness overhang. That's what I did last week and it doesn't seem to have worked too well, one day she had 4hrs sleep in the day and a good ish night, today for example, she's had one 20min nap and two 30min naps since waking up at 3.30am. That was kind of the worst night ever, tbh.

We have appointments on Monday and Friday which I need to keep, but other than that her sleep can take absolute priority, so I might try do APOP (holding her) for another week and see what happens. Then, I need to look to independent sleep / teaching her how to link up her sleep cycles?

This may seem an odd question given the heat there at the moment is making news here... are you cooling her room too much and she's cold in the middle of the night?
Hmmm... I don't think so... It's still 21degrees in our bedroom and she's sleeping in her swaddle (just the arms part) to stop her from startling fully. One good thing, because it's been so hot we've had the windows open a lot and the builders are still working next door but she's really good at sleeping through the noise now, yay! Today I got her off to sleep in a really busy restaurant in the sling, but then as soon as 20mins passed she was wide awake again, sigh.
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