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Thank you for that link.

We've had a rough day, 20 mins in the sling post immunisations, 45mins in the prom and now after trying the nurturing position for feeding dd has been sleeping on me for 3hrs with no sign of waking... So we're massively deviating from bedtime again *sigh*.

The doctor says he sees no sign of it being reflux and did a full exam to rule out anything else. He kind of was suggesting that her waking is more emotional than physical like because I am worrying /anxious and struggling she's picking up on that and "checking up" on me every few hours. I know babies are super sensitive to your mood but I just can't relax into motherhood as I'm so worried about her lack of sleep hindering her development and growth (despite evidence of the contrary). It's a vicious circle that I need to mentally get myself out of.

Ironically, I read all this stuff when waiting for her to arrive (10 days post my due date) about my needing to relax and stop stressing about being overdue, to bring on labour and just couldn't mentally do that. Until I had a hilarious conversation with my sister, laughed SO hard and my husband brought home flowers and a sweet card (it was valentine's night) and I literally felt my mood lift and a huge lump in my throat, a couple of hours later I was in active labour.

So I guess I've answered my own question there, I need to chill and focus as you say, on her needs day by day and showing her that there's some predictability in her day that she can rely upon and relax into which in turn will help me relax. It's just so crushing when we're out and she's crying and people say 'ooo that's not a happy baby' I KNOW, I just don't know how to relax her into sleep so she'll not be overtired and upset so much.
Naps / Re: Serial Cat Napper! Please Help!
« Last post by JCN on May 22, 2017, 20:25:27 pm »
Well, today I have stuck to 3.5hrs A time and so far we are 90mins past BT and it's disastrous.

Today looked like this:

EWU 5:30
E 6:00 bottle
E 7:00 solids
S 9:00-10:15 (2 resettles from me)

E 11:00 bottle
E 12:30 solids
S 14:00-15:15 (1 resettle from me)

E 15:30 bottle
E 16:45 solids
E 18:30 bottle
BT S 18:45

It's now 20:15 and I've already been in to resettle him 3 times. Normally when he wakes he will settle relatively quickly with his dummy but tonight his eyes seem wide open and he's not trying to settle at all.

The battle continues...
Hmm, okay, got it. I'm just going to relax about the naps, I think.  Even though they are short, she is waking up happy, and she goes to sleep easily.  Maybe she just doesn't need much day sleep?  So I'll stick with shush-patting for the beginning of the nap if possible and then let her get up when she wakes up content.  Trying to resettle and failing all the time is kind of stressful.

A bedtime question: what does it mean if baby goes down easily for bedtime but wakes up 45 minutes later? I always try nursing her in the hopes she'll feed and go back to sleep like she does at her NW, but she usually requires bouncing.  Are night sleep cycles still 45 minutes?  Is there something special about the first one?

EASY from yesterday: She didn't go to sleep until late, but she woke up late too. She was fine and happy all day as long as she wasn't hungry. And this is the FIRST TIME she has ever gone to sleep at BT without an hour+ of bouncing -- she went to sleep within 5 minutes!

(Previous) BT 10:00pm
NW 2:00, 5:00, 6:30, 7:15
WU 8:45am

E 9:00
E 10:10
S 11:05-12:05 (1h, A=2:20)

E 12:10
E 1:45
S 2:15-3:15 (1h, A=2:10)

E 3:20
E 5:15
S 5:50-6:35 (45m, A=2:35)

E 6:45
E 8:00
E 9:30
S 10:00
  A(resettling) 10:45-11:20
Naps / Re: Nap problems
« Last post by creations on May 22, 2017, 19:07:59 pm »
Hello and welcome to BW forums :)

It sounds like you've made great progre4ss with sleep training before you moved house. Of course there will be set backs with any LO when there is a big change so she needs lots of support through that and you are doing the right thing, it takes time for her to adjust to the new home and new position of her bed but she will certainly get used to it.

As you are getting such a lot of resistance though I wonder if your times might not be quite right for her. It's possible that your move has coincided with her being ready for a slightly different routine and this could be contributing to her refusal to going down for her nap.  The description you have given sounds like she may be a bit UT (under tired).  Could you record and post your EAS times for us to have a look?

Meanwhile, lots of A time in her new bedroom will help. Go in when she is not tired, keep the light on, tell her you need to put laundry away or tidy up or something, play peek-a-boo with her in her cot, you do not need to leave the room, take a few toys in. This time will help her get used to the new environment and we can also look at your routine too.
Breast Feeding / Re: 3 month old can't make it to 3 hours
« Last post by annesmama on May 22, 2017, 19:01:36 pm »
@Ali, We haven't tried pumping yet, but I do have a pump. Was kinda hoping to avoid the hassle of washing/sterilizing bottles and pump equipment, but I guess I should find some time to figure out how to use it...

@deb -- no, we haven't used a pacifier.  We didn't want to deal with pacifier weaning, so we figured we'd try first and see if we can manage without it.  We've been okay so far -- she can sleep with or without nursing.
Naps / Re: I think my 9mo wants to drop to 1 nap already... what do I do?!
« Last post by creations on May 22, 2017, 19:00:22 pm »
And you're not capping that second nap are you? He's naturally waking with it short?
Would he refuse to go down for it any earlier?
Naps / Nap problems
« Last post by Mononoke on May 22, 2017, 18:02:56 pm »
I have an 11 month old baby. I used to hold her to sleep for all her naps and she has always slept at night in her crib. I also used to nurse her to sleep until she started waking up 8+ times a night to snack/comfort nurse. At about 8 months I successfully did pu/pd at night (she now still nurses once a night and I'm ok with that since she isn't using it to get back to sleep every time she wakes). I stopped nursing her for naps a couple months ago but she was still napping on me. About two weeks ago I was determined to use pu/pd to get her to nap in her crib and I was having some success. Now here is my problem - we had to move which created a lot of changes for her (eg: she used to room share with me and now she has her own room) and so her good sleeping went completely out the window. I am having to retrain her at night (not due to lack of consistency but rather because she started waking a million times a night again) and that is going well but naps I can't get back on track at all. I have been trying pu/pd and she goes into complete hysteria  (screaming, back arching, pulling me close and/or away) and nothing will calm her. After about 45min of this I gave in and nursed her because she was signing milk (she wasn't hungry because we have lunch just before nap she was looking for comfort at that point) and she passed right out.  So here I am back at square one. How do I get her to nap in her crib again? I don't like her getting that upset over Nap time and I don't want to create a fear of the crib. Anybody have any insight?
Thanks (sorry for the long post)
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: Trouble sleeping almost 4 year old
« Last post by greenlady on May 22, 2017, 17:37:24 pm »
So sorry, it is hard.  Is there's anything he's eating to keep him fired up? Does his behaviour during the day suffer as a result of him being OT?  If so, it may be worth getting a medical opinion....overactive something or another?  Be good to rule it out.  Also, just a thought,  but do you think he might do it to keep DH up - ie attention seeking? just random thoughts as I don't know what else to suggest! :(

My book idea is working so far (Paddington abroad) and keeping him outside as long as possible after school is helping too. I'm just holding on to the thought that when he's a teenager,  I won't be able to get him out of bed. ;)  Only 8 more years to go.
Hope it gets better soon.
General Sleep Issues / Figuring out my 5 week old...
« Last post by cdubs54 on May 22, 2017, 15:44:04 pm »
My 5 week old little guy is throwing me for a loop at night. I know things can still be unpredictable at this age, but just making sure I am doing right by him. He typically goes down around 7:30-8 & if he doesn't get a dream feed (because I canNOT get him to wake enough), he will go a 4-5hr stretch & wake up around 12:30. If he gets the dreamfeed (did a 30 min one last night), he is STILL waking at 1230. He then wakes at 3 & 6. I have been dreamfeeding for about a week. Anything I should be doing differently? Of note, he is hardcore fighting daytime naps now too. Fights for almost an hour, but then sleeps like a champ 1-2.5 hrs when he falls asleep. Trying hard to read hos sleepy cues, but maybe I am missing them. I remember naps being challenging at this age with my first son too.
Naps / Re: Serial Cat Napper! Please Help!
« Last post by JCN on May 22, 2017, 13:27:57 pm »
Ok. This morning was a 5:30 WU ( :-\) and am nap was at 9am for 1h 15m. Not sure I would have been able to push further as he was dead on his feet haha.
Managed to stretch pm nap to 2pm. Hoping for at least an hour (not normally more than this is afternoon naps) - then will continue 3.5hr A pattern, from his nap WU time,  to BT, to ensure not OT.
Will keep trying.
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