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Night Wakings / Re: 4 month sleep regression
« Last post by Gabiascher on March 13, 2018, 17:21:08 pm »
So for example today until now...
Yes he is 19 weeks. 20 on weekend.

So maybe my A time is too short ... How does it change so fast ?:) So in 3 weeks about 15-30 min extra A time?

WU i think he woke up at 630/645 but heard him at 7
E 7 (doesn't want to eat that much
730 try to eat more again
A 745
E 830 now wants to eat full meal
S because of 830 falls asleep on me straight after feeding 9-1030
A 1030
E 1130
S 1240-13:25 woke up from bowel movements couldnt fall back asleep after changing dirty diaper
A till 15
E 15-1530
S 1530 fell asleep on me because of feeding
E+A 1730 woke him up , feed
 tummy time to get gas out bath feed cuddles singing massage tummy
BT awake in bed at 1920

The thing is that he wants to eat a full meal too close to the morning hours and he will only eqt full feedings every 4 hours. So if he ate at 430 a good feeding he wont eat in the morn plus that feeding makes  his diaper dirty and then i change it and it totally wakes him up. is there anyway i can change the hour of the early feeding somehow make it earlier? I know he is able to not have it if he sleeps on me because it has happened many times before by accident.

You also mentioned not having a first A time long enough but he gets so tired because of the wake up. Usually when he babbles i try o feed him and get him back to sleep and nothing works. If i do feed he of course gets his diaper dirty and if he doesnt eat he babbles till hes really hungry .
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 17 month old still not sleeping through the night
« Last post by Haribo2012 on March 13, 2018, 16:25:04 pm »
Hi there you are heading into a huge sleep regression around 18 months so things could be off for a little while yet.

Has she ever fallen asleep independently? Do the NW vary depending on nap length?
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 14 month old early waking
« Last post by CbabyJ on March 13, 2018, 14:53:33 pm »
I don't have any advice - just words of support... I am in the same boat with my 13 month old.  He skips his afternoon nap for us if he has a morning one (around 1030).  At daycare she gets two naps in somehow but the last one ends by 2pm....We cannot get his schedule right.  Randomly he wakes at 615 on the very odd occasion and is super happy.  Most of the time he wakes between 515-545 and is very sad.  Although he perks up as soon as I let him leave his room - I try not to get him out before 6am.  We even had the clocks change at the weekend - this produced one sweet morning of a 630 wake up....back to 515am today :(.  Plus he was unsettled between 930-1130PM last night and hardly slept despite a good nap day.

I wish there was a magic answer!!!  My first was a dream compared to this!!  even when he skipped his naps he would sleep 12-13 hours a night - and still does at 3.5 years old!
Naps / Re: 10m still struggling with naps!
« Last post by Melian Gray on March 13, 2018, 14:20:23 pm »
Thank you, this is great, practical advice! I've just been dealing with LO still being sick, hence the delay...

Some questions to start, seeing as he is only on one nap would I do the same for BT and nap? Some places I've read suggest just starting with BT.
OK, so as you really want to stop the feeding as part of the wind down how about you make sure the proper feed is on wake up (or at least during wide awake A time) rather than close to the nap time and then you know he is properly fed. 
His nap is just after lunch (lunch 10.45 - 11.15, nap 12 ish). I would think that he's not hungry before his nap then, but he still takes a full feed before going down, perhaps out of habit/because he leaves some space for the feed at lunch. I'll try to make sure he gets a good lunch, perhaps a bit closer to his nap.

I love what you've said - I'm going to give it a go as soon as DS is reasonably better and can breathe normally.

Not sure if I have asked about a lovey?  Does he have one?  Have you tried to introduce one or does he seem to have a preference for an item to give comfort?  I love lovies, they give LO a real comfort boost.
Yes!! I have been trying and trying to get him to take a lovey because it would make such a difference! He has a soft toy and a little taglet blanket, but he usually just 'throws' them away from him whenever I give them to him. I've tried to have the blanket with us while he's feeding as he's come closer to taking the blanket than the bunny, but he still doesn't take it. I would LOVE for him to take a lovey....
Sleeping For Toddlers / Re: 14 month old early waking
« Last post by Fisher001 on March 13, 2018, 13:56:34 pm »
Oh dear, we've had a mad few days.  We had three days of waking after 6am and now we're back to 5am wakes.  Yesterday she woke at 5.05am and our nanny put her down at 11am for a nap.  She only napped 1.5 hours and when I got home and tried to put her down for an early night, we had a meltdown like I've never experienced before.  I felt so sad and sorry for her.  She woke early again this morning but we managed to settle her back to sleep until 6.05am.  Nanny put her down at 11.30 and she slept 1.5 hours.  Any idea on why she is all of a sudden shortening her lunch nap?  She's 14 1/2 months.

Maybe I dropped the morning nap too early.  She was resisting the lunch nap though.  And when we introduced the morning nap again she'd resist the lunch nap and we'd put her down at about 3pm!!
Naps / Re: 6m naps all over the place!
« Last post by helspells on March 13, 2018, 13:50:10 pm »
Just to give an idea of today’s crazy schedule so far

0630 wake and bottle (she usually wakes at 7 or 7.30)
0900 fell Asleep in car on school run transferred to cot then
0945 woke and bottle
1230 nap
1340 woke and bottle

Rest of day tbc but would imagine a third nap or catnap may not happen! Unless she dozed off on school run at 3.30. So will have to plough on til bedtime and she will probably go through but wake at 4/4.30 am then will resettle her which usually works but can take 30 minutes....


Naps / Re: 6m naps all over the place!
« Last post by helspells on March 13, 2018, 10:36:21 am »
Still struggling with this... have extended to 2 h 30 A time and she seems fine but now she only naps for one sleep cycle then won’t resettle - is she UT do you think?  Should I extend to 2h 45A time? Also I’m wondering if she does wake after one cycle then won’t resettle should I reduce her next A time to prevent gettingOT and if so by how much?
Sleeping For Toddlers / 17 month old still not sleeping through the night
« Last post by trishr on March 13, 2018, 08:29:35 am »
Since about 4 months old my daughter has had sleep problems at night for various reasons. BW techniques for the most part work with her with sometimes just a little modification. At 17 months old we’ve had very few nights of sleeping through and saying we are exhausted doesn’t begin to describe our state of mind. This is truly impacting our whole life negatively in every aspect to go so many months without proper sleep. Both husband and I work full time& in October my daughter started at a daycare where she immediately caught every cold and flu around. So legitimately she has been sick for 5 months and the nighttime stuff made sense. We most of the time had to comfort vs stick to any techniques as she was pretty miserable night and day. So of course some habits and expectations have formed. Over this time the  wakings have been so sporadic but here is the last 6 week’s version that I am requesting help with. (Dr just verified today she is not at all sick so we need to do something as there is no reason for waking.) she wakes up anshere from 1 hour to 3 hour increments throughout the night crying. The moment we come in she lays down to sleep. Just wants you to put her blanket on her. Some nights like tonight that just don’t do and she don’t settle back asleep and cries for you to be in the room all night. I can’t try pu/pd as she stops crying when I enter and lays down. She knows to do that much from prior pu/pd sessions.  Her daytime routine is consistent. Eat at 8, snack at 9:39 (daycare timing) lunch at 11,39, nap at noon, snack at 3, bed st 7:20. Her naps range from 1-2.5 hours. These occur st daycare so I have little control over trying to work in this area. Any advice is appreciated!!!!
Can they try putting her down at 12:30 when the others are still asleep? DYT she'd keep sleeping as they got up?

Either way, I'd be doing an earlier BT of 6:30 or even 6 if she's really struggling just because daycare will be more stimulating all day and she'll be tired.
Breast Feeding / Antibiotics and pumping to freeze
« Last post by eva026 on March 13, 2018, 06:36:06 am »
I’m on amoxicillin for tonsillitis for the next 7 days. I’ve been pumping to build up my freezer stash for when I go back to work, now that I know I have to scald the milk. Had to throw out a ton of frozen milk before because DD2 wouldn’t touch it.
Anyway, can I pump and freeze or better to wait till later as she’d be getting the antibiotics in the frozen milk unnecessarily later?
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