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BW Vision Statement
« on: October 14, 2007, 00:26:15 am »
Welcome to the Babywhisperer website, affectionately known as BW.  We strive to provide a non-threatening climate for parents where they can find the help and support they seek.  Here, Tracy Hogg's teachings are our center focus.  We are a community with a wealth of information on raising babies and toddlers using Tracy's approach of listening to and respecting babies and children.  Our whispering advice discourages use of crying it out (CIO) as Tracy believed strongly in always preserving the bonds of trust between child and parent.  Similarly, Tracy was against any corporal punishment and topics of spanking are not explored on this website.  Our core forums include EAT, SLEEP, and ACTIVITY, the crux of Tracy's work.  These forums are our priority and administrative decisions are made with these forums in mind.  Please consider that the BW site cannot meet all the needs of every member and we purposely narrow our scope to celebrate Tracy Hogg, the Babywhisperer's teachings.

Please visit our Community Guidelines here.

Please note that this website is not-for-profit, and is run by volunteers, all of whom are well-versed in Babywhisperer methodology.  You may visit the Administrative/Moderating Team Introductions here.
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