Author Topic: Screaming to sleep in my arms at nap time  (Read 7 times)

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Screaming to sleep in my arms at nap time
« on: Today at 11:48:44 »
Im really struggling with naps. My daughter is 17 weeks and will now only nap while being held. She used to fall asleep in the buggy but that has stopped this week.
I have honed in on her sweet spot for falling asleep which is about 1hr 30 mins. 15 mins before we go into her room i put her down and she watches her mobile for a few mins with some music on. She starts to get upset so i pick her up and sing to her. I then rock her to sleep while shushing and patting but she screams the whole time. I would love to trt pu/pd but i want to try to phase out the rocking first but its awful she just screams herself to sleep while im holding her whether i rock her or not. Naps are then 40 mins on me. Cant put her down she just wakes straught up. Im at the end of my tether. Please comment some advice guys.
We are following EASY (without the Y at present) and baby is textbook but o feel with a hint of touchy nap wise...but she does wake up smiling! Wont take a dummy/paci