Author Topic: Frustrated 4 month old... ideas for A time?  (Read 4760 times)

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Frustrated 4 month old... ideas for A time?
« on: November 15, 2008, 10:36:26 am »
Hi Everyone,

Tristan has just turned 4 months old and i am find that he is getting very frustratred because he wants to crawl and sit up but isnt able to fully as of yet. He is VERY alert and quite advanced with his development so the paed says... I am looking for any differant ideas for keeping him entertained during his activity play times?
I want to keep it interesting for him! He tires quickly with the baby talk games and wants more interaction...

Things i do:

A> Run a bath. Sitting together we play with plastic toys in the bath (He LOVES this) but we cant do it all the time.

B> Tummy time play. Place him on the one side of the bed and i sit the other side and with a long multicolour catapillar stuffed toy... sing and play he then does a mixture of leopard crawling and body shifting to get to the toy.

and then we have the normal, musical soother on the cot and mobile, musical airrocker, walk in stroller outside in the garden.

My mom is Tristans caregiver while i am at work  I need some ideas for things she can do with him for A Time...

Any ideas?

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Re: Frustrated 4 month old... ideas for A time?
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2008, 20:33:38 pm »

I would suggest a bumbo seat - it helps your lo sit independently (in an ergonomic mold for them to fit into) and they have a tray that you can put on it so they can play with toys and feel independent sitting on their own.  We do that once a day with our 4.5 month old.  Exersaucers and jumparoos are also fun, but of course all of these are pricey items.  Otherwise, we read books, offer fabrics or materials with various textures to stimulate their senses.  We listen to music with him, and lay him on our laps and bounce lightly to the beat, etc.  We put him in front of the mirror, and he likes that.  Just a few ideas, I hope that helps a little...


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Re: Frustrated 4 month old... ideas for A time?
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2008, 23:17:09 pm »
Some ideas:

* is Tristan happy to sit in a sling? If so, you and he - or your mum and he - can dance together (LO in sling, carer holds hands and sways and sings...DS loves big band music ??? ???)

* walks through anywhere with trees or canopy

* rustly/crinkly soft books, the ones made out of material

* making silly noises and pretending to "eat" armpits or legs!

* nursery rhymes, songs and short stories.  We're working our way through a brightly-illustrated collection

* bouncing on knee or while held in arms in tune to the Tigger Song from whinnie the pooh   

* folded up bedspread/blanket on carpet and some soft toys with names, the toys can "talk" to Tristan.   


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Re: Frustrated 4 month old... ideas for A time?
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2008, 23:57:41 pm »

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