Author Topic: how to handle day sleeps during transition to bgb? (27mth old)  (Read 654 times)

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I recently posted about some ideas on how to transition my DD to a big girls bed and got some great advice and links to read through. I started yesterday and I am starting off with the gradual transition, just day sleeps in big bed and cot at night until she gets used to the big bed.
First day was fine, had to go in about 3 times and then she went to sleep in big bed. We were very proud, no trouble at night (very rare). Today has been a different story and I am not sure how to deal with it? There are days when DD does not sleep but before I started the transition she usually lays quietly in cot and has a rest for 1-2 hours. I can't force her to sleep so as long as she is having a rest then thats ok, I just put her to bed an hour earlier..anyway back to day sleep today (or lack thereof  ::)).
I had to go in 3 times to put her back in, moderate crying and yelling at the door (The door is closed). Then after that I went in and did not speak to her or give eye contact, just put her back in bed and walked out. I did this about 5 times with no luck, then she figured out how to open the door (will have to go and buy something to stop that!). So yes put her back but then after a few tears I just heard her playing in there and then after she opened the door again I gave up. This was over 1.5 hours.
I know I can't force the sleep but do I just keep putting her back in bed when I hear her out of it or do I just leave her be and let her sleep if she wants? Am I confusing her by keeping the cot in there? SO many questions....

I would love to hear anyone's thoughts!  :)

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Re: how to handle day sleeps during transition to bgb? (27mth old)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2009, 20:34:51 pm »
What's her routine?

I'm wondering if perhaps she'd appreciate a couple of picture books in there with her, and maybe if she's not feeling sleepy, you can tell her she can flick through them instead. This is a pretty calming exercise, I wonder if it would help her relax, and maybe even drop off to sleep?
Caroline :)

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