Author Topic: Help me make a decision about keeping DS gluten free!  (Read 1927 times)

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Re: Help me make a decision about keeping DS gluten free!
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2009, 19:08:22 pm »
Oh yes, I did up the famous sausages and used millet in place of the bread crumbs as you suggested and they were great!  DH and I loved them, DS did pretty well considering he had a hard time getting them into his mouth (still just learning that he has to LET GO of the food in order to eat it!) but I guess I should add chicken is a bit of a problem for us as well!  Just ONE of those little sausages (I made them up about 3/4 " wide, 1/4" thick and about 1.5" long - lets say the size of my thumb) constipated him for DAYS.  Turned his poop very dark green and confirmed my suspicion that chicken is really bunging him up as well. It can only be the iron, but I just can't comprehend that such a small amount of chicken can be THAT hard to digest? Is it possible?

We have been doing sweet potatoes, they were a first food, and he gets on well with them. I just bake them, skin on, and then scoop out the potato and mash. Sooooo yummy!  I introduced eggs about 2 or 3 weeks ago, yolks only, and they haven't caused him any problems.  I mix two yolks with some of his milk (Nutramigen) and scramble them in a tiny bit of vegetable oil. I often mix a bit of red bell pepper puree into it and he likes it, and sometimes some cooked quinoa as well.   

Millet porridge he absolutely HATED and the quinoa....hmmmm, he takes it or leaves it, depending on his mood.

He won't do veg as finger foods, I think he just finds it to be too difficult for the amount of satisfaction he gets from them! Pears, on the other hand, he will chase around his tray and pick off of his t-shirt.  ::)

Maybe I will try millet pancakes. I have a huge bag of millet now that DS won't eat (and DH is fuming after it took him an hour to find it, convincing everyone in the supermarket that it WASN'T to feed the birds with.... ::) )

Bethany do you know what I am talking about in my post above, with the possibility that celiac can lie dormant in your body and only when it first is presented with gluten would it react? Have you ever heard this? I'm trying to find someone who can tell me they have heard/read the same thing so that I feel like I am not being stupid! Are you going to introduce gluten when she's a year?

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Re: Help me make a decision about keeping DS gluten free!
« Reply #16 on: April 23, 2009, 19:28:56 pm »
I haven't heard that specifically.  :-\  I've just read lots of general negative stuff about gluten.  I am planning to introduce gluten a week before she turns one. 

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Re: Help me make a decision about keeping DS gluten free!
« Reply #17 on: April 24, 2009, 02:08:49 am »
I have a similar issue with not being able to feed my MSPI 13 month old very many foods (not so much because we have to avoid dairy and soy but because we ahve other issues with chronic nappy rash caused by other foods). We have kept her gluten free as well because we don't need any more factors to sift through.
She can only eat:
sweet potato

That's it. So no advice here, but I understand! If I were you, I'd continue to keep him gluten free for the first year if that's what your gut tells you. We've managed on 6 foods till over a year, so it's do-able. While I'd love to feed my dd more foods, she is actually fine with the limited variety. I think it bothers me more than her so we just keep going. Don't worry so much about what to offer him. If you've got some standard things that work, just repeat, repeat, repeat! You can also add variety by doing different combinations
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