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Projective Vomiting Formula Milk
« on: November 10, 2009, 21:38:32 pm »
DS is being Bf but, like with DD, I would like to give 1 FF a day, for the DF. I also give formula sometimes as I have never been able to express much. DS is now 3 weeks and I have tried him twice on formula, both times he slowed down his sucking after about 2 ounces, looked really uncomfortable then projective vomited an alarming amount. It seems as if he has an intolerance/allergy to it but I am scared to tell hv or m/w as they'll just demand to know why I don't want to exclusively BF. Does this sound like an intoleran :( :( ???ce to cow's milk and in which case what can I give him? Will they do any allergy tets on him? Am in the U.K.... Thanks in advance  :)

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Re: Projective Vomiting Formula Milk
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2009, 11:55:36 am »
Hi there!
I had the same happen with my DD when I tried to supplement with some formula after not being able to express enough for when I returned pt to work. DD was a bit older though, I think about 3.5 mo when I first tried it. Same thing happened to her. She also got some bad nappies and once a slight rash. I sopke to my HV and doc and they said milk/dairy intolerance and prescribed a hypo-allergenic formula (Nutramigen). Problem was that it tastes pretty bad and she wouldn't have it. In the ned I had to cut down work hrs as there was no other solution for us and the HV said babies usually take to Nutramigen and other hypo-allergenic formulas better the younger they are, so maybe your LO only being 3wks it would work?
Do you really think they will judge you? I mean it's every mother's choice how they want to feed their baby and as you're already bf for most feeds that's still amazing. They should be supportive to help you with what works best for your family.

In DD's case I then tried to introduce milk again at 7mo with her solids, didn't work as she then got really bad ecsema and rashes, tried again at 9mo with formula, and it worked. doc said they usually grow out of it.

Anyway, I hope you find a way of making it work for you.
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Re: Projective Vomiting Formula Milk
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2009, 12:06:16 pm »
I agree with Vick that I would not be so stress about what m/w and h/v say.  While the NHS promotes Bfing and there are certainly some midwives and HVs who are over the top and perhaps even a bit disrespectful about a mother's choice, I don't think that it is the rule but rather an odd exception.  I would not get panicky about it and automatically assume that is how they will be, without at least first discussing it with them.

Also, while large vomits are absolutely a sign of a milk intolerance, they are not the ONLY thing that it could be, and getting that medical advice is probably the best way to start out.   

And as Vicku says NUtramigen is horrible stuff but at your LOs young age there should not be too much of a problem getting him to take it, should your doctor want to see if it is a milk problem.

They will not do allergy testing for a milk allergy, especially not at this age. The best way to diagnose a milk allergy in a baby is clinical diagnosis....examine symptoms, remove dairy and see if the symptoms disappear. 


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Re: Projective Vomiting Formula Milk
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2009, 09:08:18 am »
Hi there

Agree with Mashi and Vick- do ask for advice, I found both times my m/w and hv to be really supportive and pro- my choice when I stopped bf.

When I moved Alex to bottle feeding at 2 weeks old, he too used to projectile vomit everywhere and was clearly uncomfortable.
My HV was fantastic and recommended Aptamil Easy Digest formula. It's specially made for babies with sensitive digestive systems, so is already part- digested to make it easier on their tummies. It is also specially thickened to stay down and prevent the sickness. It turned out Alex had some reflux and really helped those symptoms too. It made a huge difference to him.
hope this helps and again, please ask for advice from your hv

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Re: Projective Vomiting Formula Milk
« Reply #4 on: December 14, 2009, 18:25:56 pm »
Sounds like a reflux issue.  When Keira was switched to bottles from BF she started with reflux - she did it with expressed milk and also the carton of formula we gave to supplement and we assumed it was the formula.  I guess when they are taking from the breast they take slower and smaller amounts and when given in a bottle it comes faster and also they have probably had more.

It turned out that Keira also has a milk protein allergy and reflux can also be a symptom of this so don't totally rule it out.  We use Nutramigen and she took to it well enough although has started refusing it now since we were told to try her back on regular milk to confirm her allergy!  It is very bitter and smells rather like twiglets!!!

I'd see a doctor rather than the HV.  The doctor may try and give you something like gaviscon to thicken the milk to help it stay down, or you could try a thicker milk (we didn't get on with these).

Reflux is common as the sphynctus (spelling?) is often not strong enough to keep the little one down.  Try keeping im upright after feeds for half an hour and make sure he's well burped.  I would hope the HV would support your decision to change feeding - mine did although the breastfeeding mafia group were on my case for a bit and still are if i get her weighed when they are about!!!

Good luck.

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Re: Projective Vomiting Formula Milk
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2010, 14:44:22 pm »
hi it sounds like a reflux issue to me if you go see your Dr that should be able to proscribe something to help, we think my baby has silent reflux and we had been using gaviscon since yesterday and there was an instant improvement.

Hope that helps a bit
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