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chronological EASY samples, 0-3 months
« on: January 24, 2010, 18:01:26 pm »
Sample EASY routines for 0 to 3 month olds
These samples were compiled routines that were posted over the past few years. We tried to give a few samples of the many routines that were posted, many of them were redundant. We hope you find them easier to navigate through.

Please Note: These are merely sample routines that have worked for mom's who followed EASY/BW principals and have decided to share them by posting online. If you still have questions about your individual LOs routine, feel free to post a question on the board.

0-4 weeks Sample Routines

Key notes:
*The most common mistake that is probably made at this age is expecting your newborn to do too much awake time. It is very common for them to be able to only handle the feeding, burping and a diaper change. Don't worry, there will be plenty of time to play with them later. Enjoy the sleepy newborn phase while you have it.
*Average Awake time for a Newborn 50-60 minutes
*Remember awake time is from the time they open their eyes until they are sleeping again.
*I couldn't find a single routine posted before 6 weeks. So that tells me that things tend to be unstable until about 6-8 weeks. So you may just need to give it a little more time if you are just starting out. Focus more on the EAS pattern and getting to know your baby.
* Important information for breast feeding mothers:

Awake time: 30min -1 hr.
Naps: 4 naps of 2.5 hours
Total daytime sleep: 10 hours
Total nighttime sleep: 11 hours (minus 2 feeding times).

6.30am Bottle 100mls  
7am Sleep            
9.30am Eat  
10am - Sleep  
12.30pm Eat  
1pm - Sleep both girls (DD1 for 1.5hrs)  
3.30pm Eat  
4pm - Sleep  
6.30pm - Bath both girls    
7pm Eat  
7.30pm Sleep both girls
10pm Eat (0-2weeks)
12am Bottle 100mls    

Posted by:  Mum2my2Munchkins

Awake time: 1h15m-1h30m
Naps: 1x1.5, 1x 1.75, 1x2
Total daytime sleep:  5h25m
Total nighttime sleep: 13h15m (minus the dream feed and 2 other feeds)

3 weeks old:

E 7:00
S 8:15-9:15, 9:30-10:00

E 10:00
S11:15-1 pm

E 1 pm
S 2:30-4:30

E 4:45
S 5:45-10:00pm

DF 10:00

Night Feed 1:45 am
Night Feed 5:35 am

Posted by: becky1969 on January 04, 2010

4-8 weeks Sample Routines

Key notes:  
*Average Awake time at 1 month:  60 minutes- 1 hour and 15 minutes  

Awake time: 1h-1.5 hours
Naps: 1x1.5, 2x2, 1x30min  
Total daytime sleep:  6 hours
Total nighttime sleep: 10.5-12 hours

4 weeks

E 8:00
S 9:00-10:30

E 10:30
S 11:00-1 pm

E 1 pm
S 2:00-4:00

E 4 pm
S 5:15-5:45

E 6 pm
S 7 pm

DF 10:15

NF 3:30

wake 6:30-8:00

Posted by: becky1969 on January 04, 2010

Awake time: 1 hour
Naps: 1x2, 1x1.75, 1x 1.5, 1x 45 min
Total daytime sleep:  6 hours
Total nighttime sleep: 12 hours (minus dream feed and one night feed)

Aliera has been on EASY for 2 weeks now (she's now 8 weeks old) our routine (on a good day) goes like this;

A.7.45 -8.30
S.8.30 - 10.30

A.10.45 - 11.30 sometimes 11.45
S.11.45 - 1.30

A1.45 - 2.30
S2.30 - 4

A 4.30 - 5.30
S5.30 - 6.15

bath 6.20 dress ect
A winddown 10 mins
S 7.30pm

E.dreamfeed 10.30pm
A none shes asleep  

E. anytime between 3.30 and 5am

start the day again at 7.30!

sometimes she wakes at 7 so we go 3 hr from there but last feed is always at 7 and bed at 7.30pm!

As i said this is a good day... lots of times she doesn't nap well and then we are all over the place... we just take it as it comes! now as she's getting older she sticks to this routine 85% of the time

Posted by: Katie on June 02, 2006

C) This sample is taken from , The Baby Whisperer Solves all your Problems page 25.
Many moms have found that the Awake times tend to be too long in this sample. However, I have included it because as you can see Tracy expects that some of the naps will be short, and that is a fact that escaped me when I was dealing with my young baby. We can not expect perfection. But, please do note that many moms still find that at this age their LO are still struggling with 50-60 min of A time. And the previous samples show that many LO are doing much less than 1h15m of A time at this age. Try not to get caught up in watching the clock or sticking to Awake times too much. Try to follow your baby's lead. At this age focus more on the EAS pattern.

It's on page 25 of my edition of BWSAYP

A Typical E.A.S.Y. for a 4-week-old

E 7:00 Feed
A 7:45  Diaper change; some playing and talking; watch cues for sleepiness
S 8:15 Swaddle and lay your baby in the crib.  It may take him 15-20 minutes to fall asleep for his 1st morning nap.
Y 8:30 You nap when he naps.
E 10:00 Feed
A 10:45 See 7:45 above
S  11:15 2nd morning nap.
Y  11:30 Y nap or at least relax
E 1:00 Feed.
A 1:45  See 7:45 above.
S 2:15  Afternoon nap.
Y 2:30  Y nap or at least relax.
E 4:00 Feed.
A 4:45 See 7:45 above.
S 5:15 Catnap for 40-50 minutes to give him enough rest to handle his bath.
Y 5:30 Do something nice for yourself.
E 6:00 1st cluster feed.
A 7:00  Bath, into jammies, lullaby or other bedtime ritual.
S 7:30 Another catnap.
Y 7:30 You eat dinner.
E 8:00 2nd cluster feed.
A         None
S         Put him right back to bed.
Y          Enjoy your short evening!
E 10-11  Dream feed and cross your fingers 'til morning!

Typed out by Bethany (Peek-a-boo) on January 04, 2010

8-12 weeks Sample Routines

Key notes:  
*Average Awake time at 2 months:  1 hour and 15 - 20 mins  
*This is the age that moms find that their baby's routines become a little more stable.
* There were several routines that still had an awake time of one hour. It was by far the most common awake time. However, I have tried to include a wide range of awake times. The second most common awake time was 1h15m.  

Awake time: 1 hour
Naps: 2x2, 2x1.5
Total daytime sleep:  7 hours
Total nighttime sleep: 11 hours (minus the dream feed and 1 night feed)

This was Liana's schedule from about 2 months to 3or 4 months

E - 7am
S- 8am

E - 10am
S - 11am

E - 1pm
S - 2pm

E - 3:30pm
S - 4:30

E - 6pm
E - 7:30pm
S - 8pm

E - 10:30
E - 3 or 4 (sometimes)

Posted by janelle on June 15, 2004

Awake time: 1h15m-1h45m
Naps: 2x 1.75, 1x1, 1x 45m
Total daytime sleep:  5h15m
Total nighttime sleep: 11h45m (minus the dream feed, 1 night feed, and one night waking)

Here's Emily's schedule at 8 weeks...

E:  7 - 7:30
A:  7:30 - 8:15
S:  8:15 - 10

E:  10:00 - 10:30
A:  11:15 - 11:45
S: 11:45 - 12:45

E: 1:00 -1:30
A: 1:30 - 2:15
S: 2:15 - 3:30 (Grumpy time.. usually unsettled)

E: 4:00- 4:30
A: 4:30 - 5:15
S: 5:15  - 6:00

E: 6.00 - 6.30
A: 6.30 - 6:45 Bath with Daddy
S  6:45 (settling for about 30 mins) - 11.00

DF: 11:00

Then she is waking around 3 am and we are shh patting and paci till about 5-5.30.. then a feed.

Posted by: Emilys_mum on September 05, 2005

Awake time: 1h45m - 2 hours
This is decent sample of what a routine between 3 hours and 4 hours might look like.
Naps: 2x1.75, 1x1.5
Total daytime sleep:  5 hours
Total nighttime sleep: 11.5

This was Joey's schedule at 12 weeks old:  Now I don't wake him in the morning so it could shift 1/2 hour in either direction.

E 7:30 a.m.
S 9:15-11:00

E 11:00
S 12:45-2:30

E 2:30
S 4:30

E 6:00
A Bath
E 7:30
S 8:00

Start over  :)

Posted by Carmela's Mom on August 23, 2006

To reference the routines these were compiled from use this link:
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