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Chronological EASY samples, 13+ months
« on: January 24, 2010, 18:44:52 pm »
Sample Toddler Routines

*Key Notes:

Average ‘A’ time for toddlers :
*Average A time for toddlers at this age is mostly 5 hours, some are already up to 6 hours. Several routines include slightly earlier bedtimes to make up for LO still being very tired during this very early transition period.

*After 10 months of age - average A times based on naps:

A)  20 min am nap 2h-3h20m hours A time, then PM nap
B)  30 min am nap 2h45m - 3h30m hours A time, then PM Nap
C)  45min AM nap 3h15m-4 hours A time, then PM nap
D)  60 min nap, 3h30m-4 hours A time, then PM nap

*It can take a lot of trial and error to find the right combination of awake times for your little one.

*The routines are not posted by age because toddler sleep is very much determined by the individual child and his or her sleep needs. Using what you know about your child’s sleep needs and awake time needs, determine which nap routine will work best for you both based on the options below during this time of transition!

20-30 min morning nap - long PM nap

I had transitioned Mia to one nap however I have introduced a short morning nap again and she is now on two naps a day - poor girl doesn't know if she's coming or going!!! so here's our routine

7AM - wake and breakfast
9am - nap of 20 - 30 minutes
11.45 - lunch
12.00 - 2.30 - nap
5.00 - tea
7.00 - boccie and bed.

The reason I introduced a short nap at 9am was because Mia was going to bed at 11am for her one and only nap of the day, sleeping for three hours and waking at 2pm, wolfing down a huge lunch and then refusing food for the rest of the day.  I couldn't get het to nap any later and she was too tired to eat before her nap so it was all going pear shaped.

posted by Mia & Scarlett's Mummy on September 08, 2006

Alternating 1 nap and 2 nap days:

Here is our routine at 12months (2 nap days):

W0700 ish
E 0730 - 8 - 10oz + half to full weetabix & fruit
S 1030 - wake no later than 11am
E1200 lunch + pudding + water
S 1430 - 1530 wake no later than 1530
E1600 dinner + pudding + water
E1830 milk, bath, milk    10oz approx
S 1930

Here is our routine at 12months (1 nap days):
E 0730 - 8 - 10oz + half to full weetabix & fruit
E 1115 lunch + pudding + water  (lunch before sleep, so he doesn't wake hungry)
S 1130/1200 - 1330/1400
E1600 dinner + pudding + water
E1830 milk, bath, milk    10oz approx
S 1930

Posted by Lauren on September 30, 2006

45min am nap, long PM nap

Isaac is almost 15 moths and our routing hasn't changed in the last few months:
630Am wake up (or at least that is when I hear him talking to himself) I go get him at 7am
7am Breakfast
900-945am Nap
1030 Snack
1230 Lunch
100-330 Nap (usually between 2-2.5hrs)
Small snack when he gets up
600pm dinner
715-730pm bedtime

posted by Isaac's_mom on November 29, 2006

1 hour nap Am - 1.5 hour nap PM

Dd is 13mo and here is our daily schedule:

7am wake then breakfast (cereal with cow's milk and fruit)
8am bf
9.30am - 10.30am in bed for nap (I wake her at 10.30am)

10.45am snack (cracker with water usually)
12 noon lunch (sandwiches, fruit, cheese/yogurt plus water)
1.30pm in bed for nap - 3/3.30pm (I wake her if she's not awake by 3.30pm)

3.30pm snack (as above)
5/5.30pm dinner (meat and veges and fruit plus water)
6.20pm bath, get dressed, bf, story, then in bed by

Sometimes things go funny of course!  But this has fallen into place in the last couple of weeks.  I found I had to limit her morning sleep in order for her to still have a good afternoon sleep.

Posted by: deenz  on March 09, 2005

Two - 1 hour naps

Nathan is just 13 months and this is usually how his day goes.

8 - 8.30am Wake, milk.
8.30 - 9am Breakfast
10.30am Small snack
11am Nap till about 12
12.30pm Lunch
2.00pm Small snack
3.00pm Nap till about 4pm
4.30  5pm Dinner
7pm Bed routine
8pm Milk

He's usually asleep by 8.30, if he having a night where he's still awake at 9pm (very rare) he goes in his cot anyway and usually falls asleep not long after. His naps at the moment can be different too sometimes he's staying awake longer in the morning now and his nap can fall on lunch time in which case we just adjust the times to fit.

Posted by Lisa (Nathans Mum) on September 07, 2004

Long AM nap, short PM nap

My DS is 12 months in 10 days time!

His routine is as follows

Wake at 8- 8.30 BF
9.00 brekkie
10.00 -12.00 nap
12.30 lunch
2.30 ish BF
3.30-4.00 nap
5.00 din dins
6.00 bath time
7.00 BF and bed time

He loves his sleeps and I really can't see us cutting out one of his naps in the near future.

Posted by misswibbs on August 14, 2007
*NOTE*  most little ones would have a longer AM awake time and that would push everything back a little. And that would be ok, because most LO have at least a 12 hour day, up to 13 hour days during the 2-1 transition (noted by editor-January 2010)


The most common one nap routine seen on EASY

Well, AJ's 19 months now.  It appears that we are potty trained (thanks to Tracy's Early Start Potty Training) during A times.  Here's his routine

7:00 - Wake, breakfast and milk
9:00 - small snack and water
11:00 - lunch and water/juice mix
12:00 - nap for 1.5 to 2.5 hours
3:00 - small snack and water
5:30 - dinner and milk
6:00 - bath
6:30 - quiet play or DVD
7:00 - story and cuddles
7:15 - in bed

Potty times vary now because he's telling me instead of me just taking him.

Sonja C

Posted by:AJs Mom on October 11, 2007

These are examples of successful routines for the ages between 13 and 24 months. If you would like to browse a more extensive list of routines please use the following links:

Additionally, if you are amidst the transition from two naps to one and are in need of assistance or just reassurance and hugs, please check on the Toddler Sleep board to find the current 2 to 1 support thread:
DS#1: 30 Oct 2007
DS#2 19 Feb 2010