Author Topic: 8 mth old - constant fussiness or crying  (Read 922 times)

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8 mth old - constant fussiness or crying
« on: March 15, 2010, 23:07:02 pm »
My 8 mth old was diagnosed with acid reflux when he was 3 weeks old.  At 5 mths, we stopped giving him prevacid because the symptoms (vomiting) seemed to disappear.  I started foods at 5 1/2 mths and now he pretty much eats everything we do.

My issue is that he is constantly crying or fussing.  He's happy about 10 minutes out of an hour and the rest is close to unbearable.  I'm not sure what to do.  Go back on the prevacid?  I talked to my doctor and he said that he could just be a fussy baby - but he wasn't like this all the time.  I talked to a nutritionist at our health food store and she mentioned that he could be having a hard time digesting food which is causing a lot of gas (colic?).  She gave me something to ease the pain.  At first, I thought it was working, but now I'm not so sure.  I believe all this started when he started solids.  He is still b/f and would like to wean him, but I'm worried that the formula might make it worse.  Anyone else have this problem? 

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Re: 8 mth old - constant fussiness or crying
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2010, 01:28:53 am »
(((hugs))) for you and your little guy :-*

TBH, it does sound like a reflux flare to me - but take that opinion FWIW as my lo does not have reflux and my knowledge is limited to what I have read on these boards.  Just because the obvious symptom of vomiting is gone does not mean that he's not still in pain, kwim?  Have you checked out the board?  There's also some very specific reflux information here:  I would go back to the doctor and get him put back on the reflux medication - if it helps then you know that was the problem, and if it doesn't (after ensuring that the dosage and medication is correct) then there's no harm done and you can stop the medication again.  You can also try some of the tips here: to see if they help.

Just to help you explore other options too, how long has the fussing been going on?  When it started, had you introduced anything new into his diet?  Do you notice increased fussing after certain foods?  Does he have any other symptoms (diarrhea, mucousy poops, skin rashes, wheezing, etc.)?  Have you tried infacol or ovol drops to help with gas in case that is the problem?
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Re: 8 mth old - constant fussiness or crying
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2010, 03:18:16 am »
((hugs)) It's hard watching them suffer. My first thought is silent reflux (as he could have reflux but be swallowing back down). What is his routine like? Does he nap well/sleep well? Have you ruled out OT for the fussiness? What are his diapers like (sorry to be gross, but diapers do tell lots)? Have you ruled out any allergies? Allergies would be somewhat harder to rule out than reflux, I would be tempted to try the reflux meds again, you'll know quickly if it's reflux. If it's an allergy (say, a milk intollerance or milk protein allergy) you'll have to change your diet if you continue bfing him (I had to do this with my dd for 18 months).

Rule out allergies before weaning and making a switch to formula! If by chance, it's an allergy than you lo might not be able to take regular formula.
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Re: 8 mth old - constant fussiness or crying
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2010, 07:20:33 am »
Hi there, for me it sounds like a potential allergy as you have said its sstarted up with introducing foods. I would do an elimination diet for yourself and for your LO, then at least if this continues you can rule this out.

I have to say I dont think its just a case of a "fussy baby" thats what Dr's say when they dont know what it is, in my opinion. also if there is an allergy or intolerance of some sort then it will flare up the reflux as well. Having an intolerance or an allergy can weaken teh immune system so an illness can follow this, anotehr reason to do an elimination diet as you certainly want to try and avoid your LO getting sick on top of that.

remember Im not a Dr though, just someone who has a refluxing, milk protein intolerance boy :) and it does sound similar :)