Author Topic: DS always in pain trying to push poop.. not constipated.. could it be lactose ?  (Read 1692 times)

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Hi everyone

My DS is now 3.5 months..
Ever since he was born he would cry and scrunch up his face in pain and scream like a banshee - when he was a few weeks it would be maybe 1-2 hours after feeding.. He wasnt always gassy, but sometimes was. I used ovol for about 2 weeks and no real change so I figured that it wasnt gas alone. I burped before I fe, during and after to try and make sure he was not swallowing air.
At 3 weeks my DH started doing the DF which was EBM, as he got older and could take more at DF it was 50/50 EMB and Formula

I spoke to my DR at the 2 month checkup and he didnt think it was anything to worry about - (then again its not him having to try and calm the screaming baby in pain)

LAst night he woke at 3am in pain this has happened a couple of times before (has been pretty much sleeping through the night for 3 weeks)

Just wondering if there is anyone else out there that had this kind of thing?? Could it be lactose sensitivity? I had tried not eating milk products, greens like broccoli, garlic, peanute butter etc.. to no change.



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Hi there,

(((hugs)))  So sorry your LO is in pain.   :(

It could be a sensitivity to milk/lactose.  Or gassy veggies.  But if you take milk out of your BF diet and are still giving formula for the DF you won't see any results, kwim?  

How long did you take the foods out of your diet?  It can take a couple of weeks for it to be fully out of your BM, and then another couple of weeks to be fully out of your LOs system.  However, you would usually notice a positive difference in the first 48-72 hrs.

Have you seen any other symptoms?  For my DD2 is was very painful for her to have a bowel movement, and same thing, she wasn't constipated, but the stools were very muscousy and at times had blood in them as well which is a huge indicator of milk protein allergy. 

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