Author Topic: Hives with various foods- need some advice please!  (Read 3917 times)

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Re: Hives with various foods- need some advice please!
« Reply #30 on: July 31, 2010, 19:00:27 pm »
OK we got our appt, he didn't have tests because I've already pinpointed the problem foods. Got to avoid egg and sesame til hes 12months and be v careful introducing new foods, testing on arm, face, lips etc.
Got some aptamil pepti which he seems to be ok with so far but I'm still BFing and using up my frozen milk for now.

The doctor said that because he had tolerated small amounts of normal aptamil (but reacted to real milk) I should give him a small amount of milk once a month because apparently the latest research says this is the best approach and they grow out of it quicker than total avoidance. He said just give <5 mls and if he's ok then try 10mls etc but not to go mad and give him loads. Next appointment in 3 months and he's refering me back to our local hospital but to someone else he said is really good. Phew.