Author Topic: Need a sounding board. *poop pics added  (Read 8504 times)

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Re: Need a sounding board. *poop pics added
« Reply #60 on: December 11, 2010, 07:55:40 am »
Poor little mite - it's so hard to see your LO lke this and not be sure if you can help to avoid it. Hugs :-*
My LO was intolerant to me eating egg! Being veggie, I loved eggs, but finally cut them out and the difference was immediate! She had really gassy nappies (until she started having only one nappy every 10 days! and shot up to the 95th percentile in height and weight!!) and a really itchy rash all over her head and face - it appeared first at 6wks old and she would be rubbing her little face up an down us as we were giving her a cuddle, or on her cot sheets :'( We tried various creams, and finally I listed what I was eating (quite easy for me as I was already on an ED as she couldn't tolerate onion or garlic or coffee - screamed following a BF for hours!) The only difficulty was that her rash only showed up 3 days after eating egg (even a pie crust glazing of egg would trigger the rash). We reintroduced egg to her at around 18mth old (after we had her tested before doing the MMR) and she was on the lower end of intolerant so built her up slowly and ow she is fine. Sorry for waffling, just wanted to say that sometimes things will show up later than others (ours was a 3 day period) and hugs if you go down the ED route - it's so not easy when I had to stop my fav foods!! But as Martina said, it really helped with my baby weight!!!

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Re: Need a sounding board. *poop pics added
« Reply #61 on: December 11, 2010, 09:04:00 am »
All you ladies that do ED are just awesome in my book.  :) Such a wonderful thing to do for your babies.

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Re: Need a sounding board. *poop pics added
« Reply #62 on: December 11, 2010, 13:04:34 pm »
only read the first few posts - so apologies if I am repeating anything.

Here are a couple of thoughts:
the dry skin may be too much chlorine in the water (DS had that as a baby and then it got better - recently spoke to someone from Scottish Water who said our old reservoir was being over-chlorinated for a while, before they changed it to a different one).  When we were at my parents DS's skin got a bit better, which confirmed it was our water.  We just moistured and didn't use any other products.

The spots, again DS got, are often caused by the heat of their face against your skin when feeding.  DS finally outgrew them.

You can eat eggs on a dairy free diet as they are from hens!

Also, go with your instinct. I always thought DS was bothered by some foods and probably dairy, and only now (he is almost 2!) are we confirming this.  When he was a baby noone agreed with me, until he got ear infections and I stopped his cows milk and only gave breast milk and his nose cleared completely!!  It's not as bad as I though making DS dairy-free although I know I would find it hard going without cheese :(

DS never had issues with sleeping (when I managed to get him down, once perfected BW techniques he was a different baby) but was definitely uncomfortable at times.  Baby massage helped - our local community nursery offered free classes, worth checking if Glasgow do similar ...
L x Having a bw break from 1 Feb 2012 - if you want to get in touch please send me a pm.  I may not be here but you are all in my thoughts xxxx (probably be back some time)

still happily married, just not counting!

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Re: Need a sounding board. *poop pics added
« Reply #63 on: January 04, 2011, 00:31:02 am »
I dont know what others said i skimmed through but i saw the poo pics

Thats EXACTLY what Alyssas poo is like if she has formula or I drink/eat dairy I think your looking at mpi

wind too I had milk and cheese other day and we are on day 2 of it going through her system and my god the girl is farting...

I'm on dairy free now for her (the milk and cheese was total brain fart i made lasagne ate it and THEN thought omg thats milk and cheese my excuse is baby brain) 

but if i forget and eat dairy I get sooooooo windy so if you think what she would be like iykwim (and it can be as simple as eat a bar of chocolate that small amount of milk makes my stomach bad)

The thing is you need to realise the amount of milk that passes through, if I drink a single glass of milk it goes into my milk and we get those poo's like you showed and bad faciel excema.
She also is very sick, she has reflux but it is alot worse and the sick is mucousy she was once sick after having a formula top up and it was so mucousy a bit landed on my hand and was like a blob of jelly... really grossed me out

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