Author Topic: 9mo MSPI and food challenge question  (Read 1097 times)

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9mo MSPI and food challenge question
« on: December 19, 2010, 21:22:25 pm »
Hi all!

Well, DD is 9mo and MSPI and last Thursday we ended up doing an accidental food trial for Soy. I had to use soy milk for me to drink (DD is EBF).  It seemed like she was doing ok, but I don't know what symptoms I should be looking for I decided.  Will she have the same type of reaction she had as a baby?  She would get a rash on her face, scream and cry, get allergic shiners,  be constipated, get eczema on her arms and bob on and off my breast.  She also would spit up, but she also has reflux and spits up randomly anyhow.

She did seem to spit up more after her first BF in the morning, but I tend to have a lot of foremilk and that is not uncommon for her.  Other than that, she really did not have other symptoms.

I also made brownies for DH's birthday last night and I could not resist a taste.  They were full of butter and the chocolate chips I put in them had milk (whey) in them as well.  So far she has nursed 3 times and she seems to be ok.  Same thing a little spit up in the am but no fussing and she has pooed about 3times today.

My ped said I could try food challenging at 9mo but did not say what to look for (I don't think she really felt there was a big problem ::) )

So WWYD?  Try yogurt or more butter?  WHat symptoms would you look for?




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Re: 9mo MSPI and food challenge question
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2010, 17:33:19 pm »
Hi Sarah,

I would typically look for similar sypmtoms to what your LO initially experienced.  Unless there are additional, very obvious ones, like hives, kwim?

The thing with butter and baked goods is that sometimes a baby can tolerate a little bit (through BM) every now and then, but if it builds up too quickly, or the gut hasn't completely healed, then the symptoms could appear later.  It could be that your baby's digestive system has healed and matured to the point that hidden dairy and soy can be tolerated (or even anything through your BM).  

If you want to move forward with challenging I would keep it to what you already had.....the soy, baked in butter, and choc chips.  Try a little every day and see how it goes, then move on to all out hidden dairy, and move forward to yogurt, cheese, etc.  Watch for the same symptoms or anything really out of the ordinary.  OR you could just go full force and go for it with all dairy soy.  At 9months I would not, BUT I was VERY cautious as DD was so sensitive to everything!

My ped said I could try food challenging at 9mo but did not say what to look for (I don't think she really felt there was a big problem ::))

Very few really seem to think it's an issue!  Which is mind blowing to me!

Good luck!  Please keep us updated on how it goes.  We'll walk with you through the challenges!!  :-*