Author Topic: How long do I do PU/PD?  (Read 7236 times)

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How long do I do PU/PD?
« on: May 05, 2011, 13:25:30 pm »
For nighttime and night wakings you would do pu/pd till they go to sleep and stay asleep

To start a nap the general rule is you try for 40 minutes and if they never sleep you take a 5-10 min break outside the nursery and then continue trying again.  You would keep doing pu/pd until feed time arrives.

To extend a short nap you would do pu/pd for 40 minutes, take a break and try again until feed time arrives

If you never managed to get a good nap and have gotten your baby up to feed, watch you baby for tired cues and put your baby down when you see the cues.  If they never show cues, try for a nap in 45 minutes since they should be getting tired since they didn't have a good nap.

**This information from, "Sleep A Q&A Interview with Tracy Hogg, June, 2002."