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Re: Me again.
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2011, 07:57:32 am »
Pure sunflower spread (now in a white tub) is fine - I used it anyway! You can bake/cook with it too. I think Vitalite is dairy free too.

I find evening meals the easiest actually! (apart from the lack of cheese!) Mayonaise is dairy free (unless you get the reduced fat one which has powdered cream in it, for some reason!!! so that is good for having in sandwiches, etc

I kind of wish I had done it full on alot sooner. If it turns out it IS dairy thats bugging her then I am in for a helluva guilt ride given that its always been at the back of my mind.

Don't feel guilty - you saw how hard it was to get someone to agree with you when you were pretty sure dairy was the cause; when you weren't sure it was impossible really for you to know about the dairy as any niggles were not backed up by people agreeing.

We discovered Murray's around 6 omnths (I think) and it was only after both ears perforated and he was b/feeding so much I stopped his cows milk - the penny dropped the day after I reintroduced the milk and his nose started .... despite me thinking as a little baby something was upsetting him, and mentioning to everyone (inc my good HV) about him always having a cold - but was told by everyone that it was "just a cold".  The main thing is you ARE doing something about it (and you had to fight to get this far)

p.s. where are the bagels on your meal plan list ??? ;)
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Re: Me again.
« Reply #16 on: May 28, 2011, 16:26:46 pm »
I agree with Lucy - don't feel guilty AT ALL! I only just discovered about a month ago that my DS is highly dairy intolerant (not allergic) and he's doing SO much better now off dairy and he'll be two in a week! A friend of mine found out a few months ago that her DS is intolerant to both dairy and wheat and he's doing much better off them and he'll be 7 (!!) in July!

Hugs to you and hope you start to see improvement very soon.
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Re: Me again.
« Reply #17 on: May 29, 2011, 10:47:40 am »
Really glad you've finally got some help and advice Emma  :D

Dairy free is certainly possible - we're doing it here in an attempt to help DH's eczema and to stop me getting so snotty with hayfever! DS doesn't eat what we eat yet, we just give him dairy free (and assorted other allergen free  ::)) pouches, rice crackers, fresh fruit & veg, and rice pasta.

For our meals pasta is good as tomato based sauces are mostly dairy free. We chuck in ham and olives to make a quick meal. Fish and rice is good, stir fry is excellent (although it's worth having a large wok to make it easier to cook), and just your traditional meat and two veg type stuff, with potatoes. For dessert there's jelly and fruit, fresh fruit and oat cream (keep it in the fridge and it goes really thick and creamy  :)), and we even found a yummy dark chocolate with mint filling that's dairy free (Green & Blacks, or Asda own make which is just as good!)

All the best with the trial, really hope things improve and she takes well to the new formula  :-*