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Support thread for moms of picky eaters - Part 3

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Continued on from here:

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Thx folks :-*

Mom to M&M:
Thanks for those recipes Sara!

DS asked for a fruit leather today and held and licked it but didn't eat it. But at least been more willing to even consider some new things. But still so picky...

I am sooo far behind, we have been so busy!  Which has made it hard to eat healthy.  :P  BUT, yesterday we were at the zoo, and I packed a lunch for us.  But of course once we were there, DH and I saw the fast food and couldn't help ourselves.   :-[  But even though we had french fries, T just kept eating the veggies I brought!  And even later that afternoon, I brought them out again for a snack, and he was just munching away on them!  He never really liked raw veggeis before, but now he seems to be all for them.  Yay!

F on the other hand, I swear could live off french fries.  What is it with those things?  They are like crack to kids.  If F sees them, he won't eat anything else.  Good thing he is the same for sweet potato friends, so I try to make those often and he will eat a ton of them.

So we are doing ok.  That really awful phase seems to have passed and hasn't been back yet (knock on wood!).  They don't always eat great, but have been eating fairly decently.  Can't complain in that department.  :)

Thanks for the recipes, Sara. Glad to hear your kids are eating well, Martina :)

Well, eating well sometimes.  They hardly ate any dinner tonight.  :P  But that could have something to do with the fact that we went strawberry picking this afternoon and they were popping back the strawberries the whole time.  ::)


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