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MPSI- UK foods
« on: July 22, 2011, 13:03:13 pm »
Just thought would start another thread about MPSI safe foods (ie food that is MPSI free as well as the free-from alternatives).  

Margarine - Pure sunflower; Vitalite

Milks - Oatly red carton (oat milk with added calcium - organic orange carton doesn't have the calcium)

(I use both milk and margarine in any recipes and they turn out fine!).

Other random foods that are safe:
Tesco finest bread (oat and multigrain)
Bagels (certainly the New York Bakery ones)
Mayonnaise (but not the light version - that has cream powder! ??? )
Jul Rol and Bells puff pastry
Tesco own version of Skips crisps
Really dark chocolate
Original Jammie Dodgers biscuits
Asda digestives and milk tea biscuits

Not safe:
some sliced cold meats
Light mayonnaise (see above)
Most flavoured crisps
the small packets of Jammie Dodgers biscuits (these contain milk!!!)
Most biscuits  :'(

Also - soya lecithin is okay for MPSI (can't remember why but read it somewhere!) - a lot of the allergy food labels say "contain soya" but actually just contain soya lecithin.  Apart from that the labels are nice and clear :)
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Re: MPSI- UK foods
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2011, 20:01:50 pm »
Soya lecithin is an oil product and is heavily processed so that is doesn't contain soy protein. And MSPI LO is intolerant to the protein rather than the oil  :).

In the manufacturing process there is the potential for a TEENY bit of protein to get through - but that should only be a risk to a severely allergic person (same as the manufactured in a factory that uses nuts type of thing). As soya lecithin is just an emulsifier then remember there is very little in the food to start with, so we really are talking small amounts here. Soy oil as a ingredient will also be tolerated by lots of LOs.

Biscuits - most ginger nuts are safe - Tesco own brand certainly are!

Kallo rice cakes with dark chocolate are a good snack (for a BFing mama on this diet).

They are some varieties of English Muffins that are OK as well. Can't remember if it is the Warburtons or the COOP ones.