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Toddler Paci Weaning
« on: November 20, 2011, 19:24:43 pm »
Originally Posted by Efka:

As we know every child is different, so here are some ideas for weaning a paci from a toddler:

    Paci fairy- you leave paci with child in one place and overnight it is exchanged for a toy or something- could be used also like child picks toy in store and gives paci to you; depends on child
    Boxing the paci with child and send it to some baby
    Flying paci away with a balloon
    Simply throwing away paci, better yet, having your child to do it

It will likely be helpful to have your toddler involved in the process; later on if they ask for it you will be able to remind them of what they've done with the paci and WHY they've done that with the paci.  

Originally Posted by amheusser:

In my BW Toddler book it's pages 270-271, but might be different in other printings or editions.

Here's a summary of what she says:

- The older your child is, the harder to eliminate this habit

- Introduce a new comfort item (like a stuffed animal) before trying to get rid of them

- Gradual elimination: start by cutting down during the day - first take away once asleep at naptime, then after 3 days don't use it for naps - if he cries, comfort him another way (new comfort item, hugs, soothing words, etc); finally do the same for night - take away once asleep, working up to not using it to fall asleep

- Don't give up or feel sorry for him: you're teaching him the skill of self-soothing, which will help him for the rest of his life

- Cold turkey (not recommended under 12 mos): get them out of the house, and tell child it's gone

- Expect a few nights of crying, but it WILL get better and the result is worth the effort

My 2 cents also:
*Some people set a date (like a birthday or milestone date) and really talk up being a "big kid" as the date approaches, then go cold turkey
*Some people convince the child to exchange the paci for a toy or other reward, or send it away tied to a helium balloon for a big "goodbye"
*Don't start this until YOU are ready - it will be harder on you than on your child, because most likely there will be some sleep disturbances, and if you change your mind after 2 days it is going to make life harder
*My sister "lost" my nephew's paci on a long vacation trip, and since he knew how long a drive it was he didn't expect to go get it back - she also said it wasn't as bad as she had expected (took about 3-4 days then he forgot it)
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