Author Topic: Overeating? Gas, constipation, and rash? Trouble sleeping? UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Read 1119 times)

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My DD is 6 months and 1 week today.  We have been giving her baby oatmeal for probably about a month and a half now and she has always done great with it.    A few weeks ago we started on some veggies/fruit jars of baby food, one at a time and every few days at least to look for allergies.  About a week ago we started giving her a sippy cup with water.  Several days ago she started seeming constipated so we gave her some very diluted apple juice in the sippy cup.  We were already dealing with night wakings and have been for months, but around that time (several days ago) she started crying like she was in pain during those wakings.  I also noticed that she was passing gas a lot and seemed to be straining.  The last few nights she has been waking CONSTANTLY - last night starting at maybe 3am until 7am she was probably waking at least most of the time every 10-60 minutes.  She acts like she wants to sleep but is in pain and can't.  I don't know for sure that solids and/or liquids are causing the problem but I am wondering if they might be.  It's strange though because she's been on them for a long time.  She also has a horrible, bright red diaper rash - on her genital area too.  BTW, she LOVES to eat and sometimes I worry that she eats too much because she almost never seems to want to stop!  During the day she seems constipated too - her BMs aren't super hard but they are harder than they used to be, less frequent too, and she sometimes strains and makes grunting sounds.  The gas is a problem some during the day too.  Any ideas?  Thanks so much!

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What fruit and veg have you tried? I know things like broccoli and cauliflower make my 7 month old gassy still. And with DD1 banana used to be a problem. I think some foods can cause nappy rash too, not sure which though. My DD2 has a bad nappy rash at the moment but that's from teething. Could teeth be an issue too?

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Acidicy foods like strawberries can sometimes give a arash. At 6 month it could very well be teething though.