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Tip's on how to get your LO to take more oz's during the day
« on: March 03, 2006, 21:06:02 pm »
i was reding tracys neew book (just got it) :D and i realized that my 10 week old son, Michael, had his feedings mixed up! during the day i couldnt figure out why he would take between only 1.5 oz to 2.5 oz, and i was desperate for an answere. i looked back on the log i was keeping and found that at night he wakes up to eat like 3 times and takes 3-4 oz each time. so i looked in her book for my situation, and couldnt find one. so i thought to myself "what would tracy do?" then it came to me....
 tracy said one six mo. old would only go 2 hrs between feeds even at night, and that to handle it, she advised her not to feed him at all that night. the next day he took a full feed each time he ate, and every four hours, and slept through the next night.
that wouldnt work with my situation, because he would sleep four hours or so at night, and would go 2.5-3 hrs. between feeds in the day, so i knew he wasnt a "snacker".

my "plan" was to feed him 1.5 oz every time he ate that night instead of 3 or 4. that night i found that he woke every 2 hours when i did that  because he wasnt getting enough. so i gave him just ONE 4 oz bottle to hold him and replaced all the bottles with a pacifire after the 1.5 oz. for the first time in the morning he took 3 oz, and the second feed of the day took 4.5 oz!! hes eating better, and sleeping better.

my advice to those with my situation is to start slower than i did. i would tell you to add one oz to every feed in the day, and take 1 away from every feed at nightuntill you can take them out all together, but if your baby is like mine, he eats what he wants and nothing more. its imposible to add oz without REMOVING some first. so do it slowly if you can't do it that way. the first night take out an oz or two from 1 feed and replace with a pacifire. the rest of the feeds keep the same. in the moring feed add the oz you took away. then the next night either take away 1 or 2 oz from 2 feeds this time, and add them to 2 feeds the following day, and so on untill you run out of feeds and then try to cut them out all together- one at a time of course... or on the second night you could try to cut out the first feed that you reduced (from the first night). and go one feed at a time like that untill your baby sleeps through the night! it worked for me! good luck moms!!

[Ihave renamed this from backward feedings- my advice and make it a sticky] - Lauren
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Re: 10 Tip's on how to get your LO to take more oz's during the day.
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2006, 14:56:35 pm »
Christine (Leah's Mom) and I got together and come up with this list to help you troubleshoot the reasons why your LO is suddenly not taking as much milk as they used to.

If you have anything you want to add to the list from your own experiences please PM any of Bottle feeding Mods so we can add to the list.

Tip's on how to get your LO to take more oz's during the day.

It seems that all our LO's go through phases of either drinking milk well or really badly. We have put together a few of our tips to help you increase formula intake during the day.

This is a troubleshooting guide to help you understand why your LO’s intake may have suddenly dropped and is NOT designed to get a LO to sleep through the night if they have not done so previously, they may not be developmental ready to sleep through.

1.   Does your LO need to be using as faster teat?
If the teat you’re currently using is too slow, your LO can become bored and stop feeding as effectively. Your LO may also start fussing at the bottle, pushing it away - using a faster teat may eliminate this problem.

However, if your LO is gagging and choking on the faster teat, stop using it - at that particular time it is too fast for them. Another option is too put a small pin prick in the slower teat as a temporary solution.

2.   Does your LO drain their bottles?
If your LO is consistently draining their bottles, this usually means that they are not getting enough - try and increase the bottle by 1oz and see how you get on from there. My health visitor always advised me that when a baby has had enough they would leave about 1/2 oz in the bottom of the bottle, if they drain the bottles they need more.

3.   Clusterfeed, Dreamfeed or do both. – more information can be found here.

4.   Have you started giving solids?
What solids are you giving? Are you giving milk first? It may also be that your LO is getting too much food and has cut down on milk as a result of not being hungry. If your LO has been firmly established on solids, it is normal for their milk intake to decrease.

5.   Have you tried giving him a 5 - 10 min break then trying to feed again?
Sometime giving your LO a small break in the middle of a feed, is all they need to take another 1oz or so. If this happens all the time, it could also mean your LO has outgrown the EASY routine they are currently on and you will need to change it.

6.   Is your LO teething?
If he is teething he may pull off after a few oz's this is because the suction created from sucking on the bottle really hurts their little mouths. A tip would be to rub his gums with teething gel BEFORE you go to feed him.

Does your LO display any of the following symptoms;
* restlessness, irritability and disturbed sleep patterns
* sore, red gums
* flushed cheeks
* loss of appetite
* a slight rise in temperature (but not above 39oC, which indicates a fever)
* dribbling (which may cause a rash or sore, chapped skin on the chin)
* a sudden desire to chew anything they can lay their hands on!
* an urge to bite. This should not be perceived as a sign of aggression or anger, more of a means to ease the pain.

7.   Is your LO constipated?
If your LO is constipated, it could mean that they feel bloated and full. Therefore, not able to take their usual amount of milk.  Constipation in children can be due to the same reasons as in adults - diet, fluid intake, illness or medication.

Constipation could occur for various reasons;

•   Formula. If your baby is on formula, it's possible that something in his formula is making him constipated. Ask your baby's doctor about switching brands. (By the way, despite what you may have heard, the amount of iron in formula doesn't have any bearing on constipation.) see links here

•   A medical condition or illness. Though it's uncommon, constipation can be caused by an underlying medical condition such as hypothyroidism, some metabolic disorders, some food allergies, and botulism. If your baby passes hard, painful stools, you'll want to have his doctor check him out, just to make sure.

•   The introduction of solids. Don't be surprised if your baby becomes mildly constipated as he steps up to solid food. That's because rice cereal — usually the first choice during this transition period — is low in fiber.

•   Dehydration. If your baby isn't getting enough fluid, he will become dehydrated and his system will respond by absorbing more fluid from whatever he eats or drinks — and from the waste in his bowels, as well. The result is hard, dry bowel movements that are difficult to pass.

After about six months, or when babies start on solid of semi-solid food, bowel movements become more regular depending on the food they eat. The stools start to look, and smell, more like those of an adult.
At this point, babies may suffer from constipation as their young intestines get used to the nutrients in solid foods. Dehydration can also contribute. As stools accumulate in the intestine, they become harder and more difficult to pass. Any remaining moisture is reabsorbed into the body, making the stools even harder and causing more discomfort.
Once your baby is between four to six months old, you can start introducing more porridge and fruit or vegetable purées into their diet. These are rich in fibre and will help prevent constipation. Prune purée is particularly good for this purpose.

8.   Are you on the 'correct' EASY routine for your LO?
Is your LO wanting to drop a bottle? Usually when your LO doesn't seem that interested in either the 11am or 3pm bottle, around 7 or 8months (sometime later) try cutting to 3 bottles; move 11am bottle to around 1pm and skip the 3 pm bottle. So you give a bottle at 7am, 1pm and 7pm. (times are only a suggestion). By keeping your LO on an EASY routine that is not right for her growing needs, you may find you are trying to feed when he/she is not hungry. Follow your LO cues and not the clock.

Here is a link to sample routines for your LO age.

9.   Is your LO currently suffering from any illness or medical condition?
•   Cold/flu 
•   Reflux, wind or colic
•   Dysphagia
•   Infection/virus - ear/throat, etc

10.   Does your LO seem easily distracted when feeding?
When babies become aware of their surroundings, they often become distracted by everything in their environment. Try feeding your LO in a quiet, darkened room. You may want to try and put a piece of brightly coloured cloth over your shoulder for your LO to look at.

Never force feed your LO, there could be an underlying medical problem - you need to check out with a health professional.

Don't count out your LO may just be a 'fussy' eater.

I hope you found this useful, please PM one of us if you want to add to the list  ;)
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