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Refusing milk
« on: January 04, 2013, 17:30:29 pm »
Hi there, I wonder if anyone can advise me about DD's feeding schedule. Aishi on the naps board has been really helpful at getting her sleeping pattern under control, so I think we're looking at a longer nap from about 11am-1pm and a catnap around 4pm. So I'm wondering how to fit in feeds and meals...

She is just coming up to 8mo, I am bf and we are BLW, but she eats a LOT! She will pretty much put away whatever we put in front of her (unless it is dropped, of course). My worry is that she is definitely taking less milk these days. We do 4 feeds a day, no DF, always an hour or so before food, but as her naps have got later, so have her feeds and a few times now she has refused the bedtime feed. Is it to early to move to 3 feeds, do you think? If so, should I offer a feed before putting her down for a nap? (Not sure she would take it at 10.45, mind you, as she has a big breakfast... Unless I restrict her solids?)

I know most of her nutrition should come from her milk, but she has taken to solids so well. What do people think - too soon?

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Re: Refusing milk
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2013, 19:13:06 pm »
Hi there :) I will lock this as I think you will get more appropriate help over on the breast feeding board.

Please offer any advice and support here Refusing milk
Catherine x