Author Topic: Crying going to playgroup but then loving it - what to do?  (Read 1087 times)

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Crying going to playgroup but then loving it - what to do?
« on: January 25, 2013, 11:07:30 am »
DS is a social but sensitive boy. He has been going to a childminder since he was 9 months old (now just over 3) with pretty much no separation problems at all.

The last few months he had been getting a bit bored at the childminders as his peers were going part time to the local pre school and he was left with younger children (one his sister). He plays best when with kids a little older than him.

So we decided for him to go 3 mornings a week to the preschool where a couple of the other kids go to. He was sooooo excited and ran in the first week without giving us a chance to even get his coat off!

The 2nd week he clung to me and said he needed me. I took him out for half hour then took him back and he looked grumpy but didn't cry. After playing by himself for 5 minutes he settled into it all and was full of beans when I picked him up. When my childminder took him that week he ran straight in no problems.

This week he cried when I took him and gripped onto me. I told him I would be back after lunch and left. He settled after 5 minutes and again chatted away about what he had been doing when I picked him up. But this week he also cried when my childminder took him. Again he settled relatively quickly but was saying all the way there that he didn't want to go.

He has made a special bond with one of the assistants there and she has said she will do everything she can to settle him.

I have read comments online about how they will settle and keep persevering. And the fact he is excited about it when he comes out shows me that he does like it there and is more stimulated than before. But I wanted to hear some advice from you trusted babywhisperers about whether this is normal and if I am doing the right thing!

DS 3 years
DD 18 months

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Re: Crying going to playgroup but then loving it - what to do?
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 14:17:49 pm »
Have you tried discussing the morning drop off on the way home, while he's in the happy moments?  Will he give you any information as to why he doesn't want to go or what he's feeling?

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