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HELP, refusal of day naps and new sibling...
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:46:40 am »
My DD is 2 yrs and 5 months. We were having trouble with her sleeps for the last 2 months but were still managing to get her to sleep and her to have 1 hr and a half. Sometimes she would still sleep for 2-2.5 hrs and still sleep through the night no problems. Since the arrival of our DS were now getting complete nap refusal, she will happily go into her room, read stories and have twinkle twinkle song and then as I leave the room she starts to whinge or cry. I use to be able to reason with her,even lie with her (bad habit I know, but im tired) and none of that now works, she just throws stuff around her room or screams for me, and will not sleep at all.  Any suggestions. I know wit her brother it is probably linked to that buti really want her to keep some kind of nap time, especially as her brothers only a month old and I'm still extremely tired.

She use to wake between 6.30/7 although she is now trying to get up before 6! And i would try to put her down around 1. We never let her sleep past 3.30 and then depending on her day sleep she would go to bed between 6 (if she has had no sleep) and 7.30 (if she's had a great sleep).

Any suggestions would help as I am struggling with no day rests for me and very early mornings and night feeds etc.