Author Topic: Too little breastfeeding, too much solids?  (Read 639 times)

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Too little breastfeeding, too much solids?
« on: April 15, 2013, 20:05:20 pm »
Hi all, this is my first time posting, so cheers to that!
I have an 8mth old. Trying to add a 3rd meal of solids and struggling with the timing. Here's what's we did yesterday (our first go of it).
7:30am woke and nursed
8:30- she ate about 2oz solids
9-10:30 nap (she never lasts 2 hours for first nap)
11am- solids- she ate 2tblspns cereal with about 2 oz milk and another 2-4oz solids
2pm- nursed
5pm- solids. 2tbl cereal mixed 2 oz breastmilk and another 2-4oz solids
8pm- nursed
10:30- DReamfeed that is slowly being reduced. Last night she took just 2oz and did fine.
Is this ok? I'm really only nursing 3x but she's getting another 3-4 oz of BMW with cereal that I pumped. Vast majority of days is more like 3oz.

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Re: Too little breastfeeding, too much solids?
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2013, 20:14:23 pm »
Personally I would add back in the BF after the first nap and do solids after that.
Milk is more important than solids at this ages.
Have you seen our sample routines for fitting solids and milk feeds in? Routines for Solids and Bottles/BF's 6-12months
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