Author Topic: 8 month old not drinking well throughout day, waking frequently at night  (Read 686 times)

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Hi! My almost 8 month old DS (16 lbs) only takes very small amounts of formula throughout the day (2-3 oz/3 times a day and that's pushing it!!) in addition to poorly BF 2x/day but has been waking rather frequently throughout the night and will only settle with a bottle. When given the bottle, he only drinks 1/2 - 2 oz at a time, could be up to 3 times a night. He also gets cereal (2-3 tbsp) mixed with approximately 2 oz of formula or breast milk (he was BF up until recently but he has self weaned as he is "too busy" to BF), and a fairly small serving (1-2 oz) of meat and/or and/or fruit and/or veggies for lunch and supper. He settles to bed at 7:00 after drinking anywhere from 4-6 oz. I am hoping to increase his formula intake during the day so as to eliminate his night wakings. Where should I start? How do I proceed with this? Thanks in advance!!!  :)

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Have you stopped BF completely?  If so, how much formula in total does he get in 24 hrs?  If not, are you wanting to stop BFing?

Given the amount he is taking overnight, he isn't waking from hunger.

I do think it's more likely a routine issue or possibly teething related.  Could you post your typical day in EAS format?

Like this:

E 7am
S 10-12pm