Author Topic: Support Thread for 2-1 Nap Transition cont'd pt 6  (Read 53302 times)

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Re: Support Thread for 2-1 Nap Transition cont'd pt 6
« Reply #450 on: November 19, 2015, 01:36:10 am »
Hugs M&E and hugs all around. The unpredictability is the worst isn't it?

Ever have that day when you can't WAIT for bedtime? Love the kiddo to pieces, but that 5:00 hour is so rough and I'm usually by myself. I wonder how I'd ever handle more than one! I'm weak sauce. Haha.

Laura... yes I think she will get used to 6. DS is doing 6 A in the morning and it was a little while for him to get comfortable. I don't know why they don't sleep longer when needed... I figure it's either developmental, discomfort, tummy troubles (poop), or the wind is blowing the wrong way really. =/  Overall sleep pressure has something to do with it, I read somewhere.

Trimbler, yay teeth and being bug free... that was a doozy of a phase for you guys. And awesome nap by Christmas!  And hey, if it doesn't work out and you have to tweek it, it's ok. I've *almost* accepted the trial and error, let go of control type of parenting. ;)

First mum, How was last night? Yeah, waiting might be worth a shot. But you know... I would say I would do something, and circumstances changed... for instance, DS would sound SO distressed and I went in immediately. I'm sure you're doing you're best for yourselves and your LO. Your instincts are better than any of our advice combined. And these past months and all the phases we're enduring... well, let's hope that the baby/kid amnesia thing is real because it's quite traumatic. Don't you think?

I can't wait for consistancy!!
Or the teeny blips of it we'll get for the rest of their lives!

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Re: Support Thread for 2-1 Nap Transition cont'd pt 6
« Reply #451 on: November 19, 2015, 06:02:14 am »
Hey Ginger, last night was good.  Down at 6:30 and not a peep till 3am.  Quite upset again so gave teething gel and seemed to help but only for short stretches.  Easy enough to leave the room and quiet for 20-30 mins.  But despite multiple resettles I brought her into bed with me at 4:15 and she slept till 6:30.

We kept her up an extra 15 mins and did crazy active play in the lounge and then quiet time unscrewing and re-screwing a chair leg  :P.  Bath was good and we have ditched the books for a bit as she is really anti them during the bedtime routine.  I also gave her half a banana when she got out of the bath.  We did pretty much the same tonight so everything crossed we get a similar result?!?!?!?

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Re: Support Thread for 2-1 Nap Transition cont'd pt 6
« Reply #452 on: November 20, 2015, 01:39:29 am »