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When and how to increase solids
« on: July 22, 2013, 07:48:00 am »
Hi All,

My DS is about 5.5 months. I started solids about 2 weeks ago and then stopped for a week because he was becoming super fussy about his milk. Gave him some bananas initially and he liked it now giving organic rice cereal. He isn't yet at a 4 hour eating schedule and but more like 3-3.5 or sometimes less. I think with age he is getting more distracted and once he has 2-3 oz he realizes oh okay I have something in my belly let me play but then realize 10-15 mins later that oh wait i'm not full yet!

Here is his intake so far:

E 8am - 5 oz (will take 2-3 oz quickly then fuss)
for the last 2 days solids (1 tbsp dry rice cereal with 1-1.5 oz formula)
E 11 am - 4 oz (was previously 5 oz but giving 1 oz less b/c of formula)
E 2 pm - 6 oz (after massage & bath so is hungry & very tired, goes down for a long snooze)
E 530/6pm - 4 oz (very distracted)
E 8pm - 4-5 oz (bedtime feed)
DF 10/11 (3 oz)

How much should I give him initially of solids?
When do I increase intake? When/how do I reduce milk intake?

Would appreciate some help!


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Re: When and how to increase solids
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2013, 09:56:33 am »

DS is now 7.5 months and schedule is as follows:

WU 715/730 (never hungry first thing in the morning)
E 8 (5-6 oz formula)
Then I get ready, change him etc
Solids at 9 which is rice cereal with pureed fruit

E 11130 (3 oz formula) which sometimes he has easily sometimes a struggle

Massage & bath from 115-2
E at 2 (7-7.5 oz formula)

Solids at 5 - giving him 1 cube of fruit (tried veggies he was okay with them then was throwing them up b/c he was sick now just sticking to what he likes which is fruit)
E 6 (3 oz formula)

BT & E 830 (6-7 oz formula)

Summary: 5 bottles amounting to approx 24 oz. I know I can drop some formula but confused on how to drop a bottle

Usually at BT he is drowsy and will have 3-4 oz quickly then sleep and I will feed the rest in his sleep. He dropped the DF at 6.5 months or so because he was waking up for it. I have also started placing some finger food (bread in small pieces) on his tray table for him to grab at. He gets distracted very easily. He enjoys his fruit at 5 PM and I am now thinking of increasing that to 2 cubes of fruit (which would be 2 oz)

Now my question is should I drop the bottle at 6 pm? I am so confused about how to fit it all in. If he wants milk at 630 then he wont want it for BT or shall I reduce BT milk to 5 oz and give him 3 oz at 630? But that's more like snacking!

So very confused! Would really appreciate some insight