Author Topic: Help with solids and milk for 6mo  (Read 4978 times)

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Re: Help with solids and milk for 6mo
« Reply #15 on: August 17, 2013, 21:36:20 pm »
am not of the philosophy that she needs to be on formula forever if I can get her on solid foods more

This (part of your) sentence alone was what prompted me to explain the nutritional contents of milk vs solid food as you seemed to be suggesting here that you were hoping to increase her solid food intake as much as you could.

Many new mums don't spend time researching and learning about nutritional contents of foods as they are too tired out from looking after their babies and are more used to eating food than drinking milk (as most adults do ;) ) and look at infant nutrition through an adult rather than child lens.

If it has offended you that I've contributed to your thread to clarify these issues, I apologise.
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Re: Help with solids and milk for 6mo
« Reply #16 on: August 18, 2013, 01:34:40 am »
I just want all to understand that I have done extensive research and am very carefully approaching her nutrition, and your concern and advise is not lost on me, I do understand where you are all coming from now. I just did not think it really pertained to my question. I also know her book is older and the one I have was supposed to be updated and I accounted for that.  I am still very puzzled about it being interpreted differently, but I think I will just keep doing what we have been doing and leave it be.  I just thought maybe I missed a step and wanted to still try that new routine, but I am really happy with what my daughter and I have been doing, and since I am carefully watching her nutrition I am not concerned with the giving of milk first or after. 

I also am a big believer that every baby is different and does not fit into any box really that we want to try and put them in.  Which is why I simply went with it when my daughter liked 8pm for her bedtime instead of 7:30 or 7pm. But that had a lot to do with her reflux.  And I was tickled that she was waking herself up at 7am.  SHe had been doing 8am when she was on a 3 hour feed routine, but she changed it after being on a 4 hour routine and did not seem to mind it. 

Since I was typing in a hurry and did not put much weight on being taken exactly literally or that it mattered, when I said I had just woke her at 7am, I meant I physically picked her up.  She had woken herself up just shortly before 7am.  So I am not offended, and I was open to suggestions, but they seemed farther out in left field than I had anticipated.  Now I understand why it seemed that way to me because for some reason I read the book differently than others.  And I am not pushing her on solids.  She is leading me.  I am not concerned with volume, I just wanted to get her started and it has taken a long time to get her to the volume she is taking in so she gets a lot of different nutritious foods in each meal.  I started her just shy of 5 months... I know what she reccommended and what other experts say.  It was time.  My daughter was sitting up on her own around 3 months and holding her head up.  She has done so much so early so I was simply following her lead when we began solids.  Thanks for everyone's input.  :)